BBQ News: Barbeques Galore Buyout

Bankrupt Barbeques Galore has been purchased by Taiwanese Gas Grill manufacturer Grand Hall. The newly formed Grand Home Holdings division of Grand Hall will continue operation of at least 42 of the Barbeques Galore stores in Texas, California and Arizona. Barbeques Galore which declared bankruptcy on August 15th was forced to sell off all assets to cover the nearly $40 million dollars in debt the company had acquired in recent months.

Grand Hall has spent $15 million dollars to purchase most of the remaining assets of the company. While Barbeques Galore has blamed the housing crises for its faltering business, Grand Hall has expressed optimising that it can turn the company around and make the remaining stores into an outlet for its Gas Grills. Grand Hall has been a supplier of many of the Barbeques Galore brand grills including the large Grand Turbo Grills. Grand Hall is also the maker of grills available in Sears, Sam's Club and Fortunoff stores with brand names like Kenmore, Perfect Flame, The Source, and Strathwood.

Australian Barbeque's Galore originally came to the United States on a franchising business model but began buying back many independently owned franchises several years ago. The remaining independent franchises that are still in business have been asked to change their names so if your local store suddenly has a new name you know that it is an independent store.

The future product lines of Barbeques Galore stores are still unknown but with Grand Hall being their primary supplier of store brand products I doubt much will change in that direction. The new company promises to be leaner after many of the money-losing stores have already been shut down.

If you have questions about service or support for the grill you bought from a Barbeques Galore store I suggest you contact them at: 1-800-752-3085