49 Gorgeous Beach Bedroom Decor Ideas

Peaceful beach bedroom
Chango & Co.

Even if you live far away from the ocean, the lure of the beach is undeniable. It's casual and carefree, and yet a majestically impressive display of nature, all at the same time. It's no wonder that bringing the coast indoors, in the form of beach-inspired decor, is a popular choice for primary bedrooms as well as children's rooms and even nurseries.

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    Beach Vibes

    Sophisticated beach bedroom
    Gordon James Design

    A beachy bedroom doesn't have to be over-the-top or even have obvious beach motifs. What really counts is the spirit of the coast: casual feel, cool and breezy colors, worn finishes, and an overall serene vibe, as in this bedroom from Gordon James Design.

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    Distressed Wood Belongs in the Beach Bedroom

    Distressed furniture beach bedroom
    Jenny Keenan Interior Design

    Wood with a distressed finish, as if it might have spent time in the waves, is a must-have in the beach bedroom. No overly shiny or perfect finishes here. Nor do you need a matching set of furniture, as proven so beautifully in this beach-inspired room from Jenny Keenan Interior Design.

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    Get Natural

    Blue and white beach bedroom
    Tracery Interiors

    The spirit of the sea is a natural one, so it makes sense that you'll find plenty of natural elements, such as wood, bamboo, seagrass, and rattan in a beach-inspired room. Here, Tracery Interiors used a weathered bed, as well as sea life artwork, to bring the beach vibe into the space.

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    Add Color in a Child's Beach Bedroom

    Colorful beach bedroom
    Chango & Co.

    Many children love the beach, so this is a popular theme for a kid's bedroom. As shown in this fun space from Chango & Company, it's okay to go a little brighter and more colorful when decorating a child's room with a beach theme than you would in a sea-inspired primary bedroom.

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    Sea Life in the Beach Bedroom

    Octopus artwork in bedroom
    Tracery Interiors

    While fish, seashells, coral, and sea horses are common motifs in an ocean-inspired room, there's no reason you can't go deeper, as Tracery Interiors did here. An octopus is a fun and unusual design for an above-bed painting.

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    DIY Oyster Shell Mirror

    DIY oyster shell mirror
    Nourish and Nestle

    Looking for a DIY beach accent for your bedroom? Then why not make this wonderful oyster shell-adorned mirror? It's not very difficult or expensive, although it is a bit time-consuming. You'll find the complete directions at Nourish and Nestle.

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    Red or Coral Accents

    Coral printed bedding
    Ideal Home

    Touches of coral and red work well as accents in a beach cottage bedroom, as shown here in this room from Ideal Home. Bedding with a coral pattern is perfectly set off by the striped sheets. 

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    Wall Color in a Beach Bedroom

    Fish wallpaper in bedroom
    Nancy Hill Interiors

    While you'll most often find white or soft-colored walls in a beach bedroom, there's no law that says you can't go dark if you want to. And if you want to really have fun, why not surround yourself with fish-adorned wallpaper, as in this wonderful bedroom from Nancy Hill Interiors?

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    Beach Bedroom Color Schemes

    Pretty beach cottage bedroom
    Whitten Architects

    The typical palette of an ocean or beach bedroom is reminiscent of beach glass: watery blues, soft turquoise, greenish-blue, and seafoam, all mixed with plenty of white or sandy tan. This gorgeous bedroom from Whitten Architects shows off the perfect beach-bedroom color scheme.

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    Beach Bedroom for a Teen Boy

    teen boy beach bedroom
    Jennifer Pacca Interiors

    A beach bedroom, especially if it has an edgy, surfer vibe, is a great choice for a teen or preteen boy. Here, Jennifer Pacca Interiors shows off a surfer and shark-adorned bedroom that just about any teen boy would love.

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    Sea Life Motifs

    Kids beach bedroom
    Caroline Burke Designs

    Sea life is a common motif in the beach bedroom, and one that can range from subtle—just a few shells or a wave-patterned throw pillow—to in-your-face, as with the terrific bedroom from Caroline Burke Designs shown here. Fish wallpaper is a totally unexpected and yet wonderfully whimsical way to add a huge dose of interest and pattern to a very small bedroom.

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    Gallery Wall in the Bedroom

    Gallery wall in beach bedroom

    If you'd like to add a powerful punch of the beach to a bedroom without losing a contemporary edge, then why not design a gallery wall dedicated to ocean life? Here, the artwork sticks with a starfish theme, but you could frame your favorite sea creature or a medley of sea life.

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    One Statement Piece

    Picture of dog surfing
    Beach Bliss Living

    Sometimes, all it takes is one major statement to set the tone of an entire room, as in this bedroom from Beach Bliss Living. The framed, oversized photo of the surfer dog is certainly not the usual bedroom artwork, but it sure adds major personality and fun to the space.

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    DIY Beach Dresser

    Dresser with seashell pulls

    Want to add a touch of the beach to your bedroom but don't have a lot of money to spend? Then give a small nightstand or dresser a makeover. Using furniture you already own or you pick up secondhand, start with a rough coat of seafoam blue or another beachy color, and add seashells and rope in place of drawer pulls and knobs. Easy and adorable!

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    Light Blue Beach Bedroom

    Peaceful beach bedroom
    Chango & Co.

    While there are no hard-and-fast rules, in general, beach design means a casual and peaceful vibe, plenty of colors of the coast, furnishings that look a bit timeworn, and motifs that suit the theme, including ocean life, waves, beachfront fun, and sports played in the sea. Notice the sea life artwork in this serene bedroom from Chango & Company.

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    Ocean-Themed Child's Room

    Ocean themed bedroom

    If you have a child who dreams of one day becoming an oceanographer, or just really loves the beach, why not take a tip from Studio80 Interior Design and show off not just shells and ocean pictures but a wonderfully realistic faux fish in place of more usual artwork? What fun!

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    Beach Cottage Bedroom

    Cute beach bedroom
    Brittney Nielsen Interior Design

    If you're decorating a guest bedroom in a beach cottage, take a tip from decorator Brittney Nielsen and liven up the space with shots of color and ocean-inspired pattern. Notice the seashell-covered bedside table. Wonderful.

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    Beach Bedroom Style

    Beach cottage bedroom
    Ideal Home

    This beach cottage bedroom, found on Ideal Home, is a perfect example of beach style. The blue and white palette, the shiplap walls, the casual vibe, and the use of seashells and other ocean life as accents are all hallmarks of this easy, breezy style. Perfect.

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    Shabby Chic Goes Coastal

    Shabby chic bedroom
    The Ragged Wren

    Many decorating styles happily accept a touch of the coast. Shabby chic is an especially good match, as it relies on casual style, well-worn furniture, and a taste for mixing and matching. In this adorable bedroom from blog The Ragged Wren, a shabby chic space shows off a cute wooden whale and a couple of starfish decorations.

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    Sophisticated Beach Nursery

    Beach theme nursery
    Little Crown Interiors

    A beach theme is an excellent choice for a nursery. While some parents might like to go cutesy in their baby's space, an alternative look can also be quite sophisticated, as in this nursery from Little Crown Interiors. The coral and seafoam color scheme is quite gender-neutral as well.

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    Neutral Palette in a Beach Bedroom

    Neutral beach cottage bedroom
    Ideal Home

    While most beach bedrooms have lots of blue—or at least a touch—it's entirely possible to create a shoreline feel with nothing but sandy tan, creamy white and the softest gray. Want to see proof? Just check out this lovely bedroom from Ideal Home.

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    Fishing Nets

    Fishing nets decor ideas
    Comfy Dwelling

    Want to add an inexpensive beach vibe to a guest bedroom? Hang up some netting—either purchase it blue or dye it to your favorite shade—and then attach a couple of shells and starfish to complete the look. So cute.

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    Dark Furniture in a Beach Bedroom

    Sophisticated beach bedroom
    Comfy Dwelling

    While typically you'll find white or light furniture with a distressed finish in a beach-themed bedroom, that's not written in stone. As you can see in the featured room here, dark furniture set off with just a few ocean motifs creates a more contemporary, sophisticated effect.

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    Vacation Sand Memory Bottles

    Beach sand memory jar
    Over the Big Moon

    Bringing the beach into your room is even better when it's a beach you've actually visited. Decorate your dresser top or nightstand with a small bottle—or more, if you travel frequently—containing a bit of the sand from each beach you visit. Use a ribbon to attach a note identifying the location of the beach, and perhaps the date you visited. The pretty bottle here is from blog Over the Big Moon.

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    Gray in the Beach Bedroom

    Gray and blue bedroom
    Ideal Home

    Not every day at the beach is bright and sunny; occasionally, the clouds roll in and the ocean takes on a gray hue. The resulting vibe is subdued yet calming, not gloomy. Go for the same feel in your bedroom with gray walls and artwork, as in this bedroom from Ideal Home.

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    Seagrass in the Bedroom

    Beachy bedroom

    Seagrass, which grows entirely underneath the ocean water, is a common material in the beach bedroom. Whether it's used to weave a headboard, window blind, decorative basket, or even an area rug, this sturdy grass can add a beautiful touch of natural texture in your room.

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    Wooden Paneling in a Beach Bedroom

    soft green walls in beach bedroom

    One classic beach bedroom treatment is wood panel or shiplap walls. The paneling might be white or, as shown here, a soft ocean-green, or perhaps a watery blue or foggy gray. Whatever color you choose, it's the wood panel that provides the casual style. If all four walls are a bit more paneling than you'd like, just go with one accent wall at the head of the bed.

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    Charming Beach Cottage Bedroom

    Beach bedroom
    Marie's Manor

    If you love cottage style as much as you love the beach, combine the two, as in this room from Marie's Manor. A few seashells add the spirit of the ocean to a charming cottage bedroom.

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    Romantic Touches in the Beach Bedroom

    Dip-dyed canopy around bed
    Ideal Home

    The beach bedroom goes romantic when the bed is surrounded by a dip-dyed canopy, as in this space from Ideal Home. You can easily do this yourself with a box of dye and sheer white fabric.

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    Seashell Shadow Box

    DIY seashell shadow box
    Jeanne Guinn

    Shadow boxes are a great way to show off any type of treasure while adding a ton of interest to your walls. You can show off a collection of favorite seashells and decorate your bedroom walls by creating a display in a shadowbox, as in the one shown here from Jeanne Guinn.

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    Beach Bedroom for a Preteen Boy

    Boy's beach bedroom
    JS Home Design

    If you're looking for a great decorating theme for a preteen boy, consider the beach. For this age, you won't want anything cutesy or even too much in the way of sea life. Instead, take a tip from JS Home Design and decorate with foggy gray, a simple ocean photo, and plenty of texture in the accents, such as with throw pillows.

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    Beachy Artwork

    Bedroom with crab artwork

    If you want to give an otherwise basic bedroom a taste of the ocean, you don't need much more than a couple of eye-catching pieces of artwork, such as the large crab pictures in this bedroom from Pat O'Neal Interiors.

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    Just a Hint of the Beach

    Contemporary beach bedroom
    Tracery Interiors

    While most beach bedrooms are decorated in ocean colors of blue, gray, green, and sandy tan, there's no hard-and-fast rule that you can't use any other color you like. Nor do you have to show off typical beach motifs or artwork. Instead, you can just show off a few accents with stylized ocean life or bedding with a coral-themed design, as in this room from Tracery Interiors

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    Girl's Beach Bedroom Ideas

    Girl's beach bedroom ideas
    Marie's Manor

    If you've got a young surfer girl on your hands, give her a bedroom that reflects her passion for the beach. In the room shown here, from Marie's Manor, a simple wall mural sets the pace, while a few colorful pictures complete the scene. So cute.

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    Beach Bedroom Bedding

    Beautiful beach cottage bedroom
    Bedroom Design Catalog

    One of the easiest ways to give a bedroom a beach or ocean theme is with bedding. You'll find many comforters, sheet sets, quilts, and duvet covers to match this theme. Shells, waves, coral, sea horses, starfish, or fish are popular motifs.

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    Inexpensive Beach Decor

    Blue and white beach cottage bedroom
    Ideal Home

    If you want to bring the ocean into your home without spending a fortune, consider this easy idea from Ideal Home: Use wooden clips to hold ocean-life-themed postcards or pictures on the wall.

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    Eclectic Beach Bedroom

    Contemporary beach bedroom
    Bedroom Design Catalog

    An eclectic bedroom easily accepts a few touches of the beach in the form of ocean-inspired artwork, real shells or coral, beach glass, fishing nets, glass fishing weights, or even a driftwood sculpture.

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    DIY Seashell Drawer Pulls

    DIY seashell drawer pulls
    Engineer Your Space

    Why not give your dresser or nightstand drawers a taste of the beach? Adding new drawer pulls or handles is one of the easiest ways to give furniture a makeover, and if you like the ocean, you can turn pretty seashells into your very own beachy hardware, like these DIY pulls from Engineer Your Space.

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    Seashell Furniture

    Seashell covered nightstand

    While it might be too much for some, if you want to add a bit of over-the-top beach style to your room, consider a piece of furniture entirely encrusted with seashells, like the bedside table shown here. It's a little bit kitsch, a whole lot wonderful.

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    Beach-Themed Guest Room

    Neutral beach bedroom
    Modern Decoration

    A beach theme works well in a guest bedroom or shared room. Shell-strewn sheets, ocean life artwork, and a sandy color scheme are all it takes for a casual, welcoming vibe.

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    Tropical Beach Bedroom Ideas

    Tropical beach bedroom
    Modern Decoration

    Lots of beaches are found in tropical locations, so if you like a brighter palette, liven up your space with the turquoises, lime greens, corals, and reds of the hot zone. This adorable bedroom gets it right with a nautilus-shell throw pillow, seafoam paneling, and mermaid bookends. 

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    Simple Beach Bedroom

    Beach cottage bedroom
    Clark Collins

    In this bedroom from Clark Collins, bedside lamps the color of sea glass set off a painting of an ocean scene. That's really all that's needed to set the beachy scene in this space.

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    Seashells in the Bedroom

    cute beach cottage bedroom

    Decorate your beach cottage bedroom with plenty of seashell designs, such as the throw pillows, bedside lamp, and artwork shown here.

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    Driftwood Display

    Drift wood decor
    DIY Enthusiasts

    What could be easier than decorating your dresser top or nightstand with a "bouquet" of driftwood found on your favorite beach? This simple idea is from DIY Enthusiasts.

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    Soft Color in the Beach Bedroom

    Shabby chic beach bedroom
    Modern Decoration

    A palette of creamy white, the barest hint of blue, and a touch of weathered turquoise brings to mind the beach in the early morning. What a peaceful, relaxed, and easy color scheme.

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    Shared Children's Beach Bedroom

    Shared bedroom
    Living Spaces

    Many young children love the beach, even if they live far away from the coast. Indulge that love by decorating a shared children's bedroom with a colorful beach theme.

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    Blue Bedroom Walls

    Lovely beach bedroom
    Living Spaces

    Blue walls with the slightest hint of gray bring to mind the ocean on an overcast day, and make the perfect backdrop for a sand dollar triptych.

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    Beach Cottage Guest Bedroom

    Beach shared bedroom
    Country Living

    You can capture the spirit of the beach without any obvious beach motifs by sticking to a blue and white palette, using worn wooden furniture, paneling the walls, and setting out a glass lamp the very color of sea glass, as in this wonderful attic guest room from Country Living.

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    Preteen Girl's Beach Bedroom

    Beach theme teen bedroom
    Full Nest Inc.

    It's hard to imagine any preteen girl wouldn't love this colorful bedroom from Full Nest Inc. The crashing wave mural is so much fun, you might be tempted to add one to the primary bedroom as well.