30 Ideas for a Beach-Inspired Bedroom

Beach-inspired bedroom with light colored linens on bed and red coral print above

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There's something super calming about living near the beach. Escaping to dip your toes in the water and walk along the sand is so rejuvenating and peaceful. However, many of us only get to set foot at the beach once or twice a year, if that. And that's where a little bit of creativity and imagination comes in handy. If you love the beach, why not use it as a launchpad when designing your bedroom? Beach themed primary bedrooms are so peaceful and welcoming, after all. Whether you're looking to incorporate literal beach elements into your home or are more so drawn to white, blue, and tan hues for a subtle nod to the ocean, you'll want to take a look at the 30 spaces below, which will inspire you as you design your beach-like sleep space.

What Is a Primary Bedroom?

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    Pick a Cane Bed

    beach bedrooms

    @designsbyimaginethat / Instagram

    Cane furniture looks right at home in any beach-themed bedroom. Pair it with blue and white bedding reminiscent of the ocean and sky, and you're extra golden.

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    Showcase Lots of Blues

    beach bedrooms

    @katieraineydesign / Instagram

    If you don't want to get overly into beachy motifs but are looking to subtly add some ocean-themed pieces to your space, have fun with different shades of blue. Try one blue hue on the wall, another on your furniture pieces, and opt for a third when it comes to your headboard.

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    Paint Your Shiplap

    beach bedrooms

    @donnaelledesign / Instagram

    What's more beachy than shiplap walls? Blue painted shiplap walls, if you ask us! A weathered bed frame also adds a majorly coastal touch to this sleep space.

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    Style a Wicker Headboard

    beach bedrooms

    @coastalhomelove / Instagram

    A wicker headboard and some beachy prints bring coastal simplicity to this bedroom. Whether you paint your own beach-themed art or go thrifting in search of pieces that make you smile, you can't go wrong.

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    Hang Some Sweet Prints

    beach bedrooms

    @coastinteriors_ / Instagram

    One fish, two fish! This shareable sleep space is too cute. There's nothing wrong with keeping a bedroom nice and serene, especially if it's primarily used for guests.

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    Say Yes to Shadowboxes

    beach bedrooms

    @candacefriesdesign / Instagram

    Shadowboxes can be fun to create on your own using finds from the beach (or just the craft store!). Bring on the chic shells and starfish.

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    Combine Coastal Elements

    beach bedrooms

    @lori_levine_interiors / Instagram

    Shell-themed bedding, an oversized wicker chair, and a little mermaid art piece...what more could you want in a beach themed bedroom?

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    Try a Moody Wall Covering

    beach bedrooms

    @my_home_solution / Instagram

    Treat your walls to a total makeover with some bold wallpaper like this design that features moody palm trees. If traditional blues and whites aren't for you, this is an excellent alternative as you create your beach-inspired space.

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    Jazz Up Your Headboard

    beach bedrooms

    @alleycat2301 / Instagram

    Hanging a triptych takes care of that pesky over-bed space and makes a room feel more luxe. To jazz up your sleep area even further, consider attaching a garland of shells or starfish to your headboard, as seen here.

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    Display a Peppy Pillow

    beach bedrooms

    @steetley_beach_house / Instagram

    Vitamin SEA is all you need! A cheeky, beach-themed pillow pops in this adorably coastal reading nook.

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    Frame Some Calming Photos

    beach bedrooms

    @steetley_beach_house / Instagram

    Choose furniture pieces that mimic the beach or the ocean—this storage cabinet reminds us of waves. Framed photographs of yoga on the beach are calming and on-theme.

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    Embrace Ocean-Like Elements

    beach bedrooms

    @its_always_sunny_in_corolla / Instagram

    Rippled blue wallpaper, as paired with other beach looking accents, also resembles waves and adds a calming feel to a sleep space. Just imagine that you're drifting off under a beach umbrella!

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    Ride the Waves

    beach bedrooms

    @meant_to_bee_home / Instagram

    Gone surfing! Why opt for regular wall art when you can hang a tapestry that makes you really feel as though you're about to catch those waves?

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    Celebrate a Favorite Beach

    beach bedrooms

    @kateelleninteriors / Instagram

    Hang a print of your favorite beach location (like this Cape Cod piece seen here) to pay a subtle nod to the ocean. A coral hue is always a great choice to pair alongside blue and white.

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    Place an Oversized Print Front and Center

    beach bedrooms

    @thelma_joan_australia / Instagram

    Wake up every morning with a smile on your face by placing an oversized beach print right next to your bed. It will remind you to always look on the sunny side!

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    Don't Forget a Palm Frond

    beach bedrooms

    @megansmithinteriors / Instagram

    Placing a large palm frond in the corner of a room makes a major impact and introduces welcome texture to any space. Why not bring the outdoors in when you can?

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    Incorporate Cheerful Artwork

    beach bedrooms

    @gilstrapedwardsinteriordesign / Instagram

    Don't underestimate the power of art in its ability to tell a story in your space. This pelican print is too cute and on theme.

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    Play With Pattern

    beach bedrooms

    @barbarastraubinteriors / Instagram

    Boats, whales, and wicker, oh my! This beachy bedroom has it all and is perfectly kid-friendly thanks to the whimsical prints used.

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    Set Up Some Bunks

    beach bedrooms

    @bbrosnaninteriors / Instagram

    The more bunks, the merrier! This type of setup is great for a beach house shared by relatives; all of the kids can hang out together easily. A jute rug and white and blue color palette brings beachy calm into this space for young ones.

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    Frame a Fave Photo

    beach bedrooms

    @hudsonhome / Instagram

    Printing out a favorite coastal photograph and framing it is a great, affordable way to fill empty space above your bed.

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    Make Your Board and Batten Beachy

    beach bedrooms

    @dreah.home / Instagram

    Paint your board and batten in a beachy shade and it will feel as though you have brought the ocean indoors. Finish off the look with a coral accent, framed beach photo, and wicker storage bins.

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    Go Abstract

    beach bedrooms

    @simplycarolineharvey / Instagram

    An abstract ocean print also looks great in any beach themed bedroom. Abstract art is easy to DIY if you feel inclined to create something similar looking on your own!

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    Try This Nightstand Trick

    beach bedrooms

    @kylieredden / Instagram

    We love the idea of placing a garden stool next to the bed in lieu of a traditional bulky nightstand. Paired with beachy decor, it almost feels as though you're relaxing on the front porch gazing at the ocean in the distance.

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    Celebrate Play

    beach bedrooms

    @barbarastraubinteriors / Instagram

    Make your space playful by hanging a print celebrating your favorite beach sport—boating, surfing, volleyball, you name it.

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    Anchor Down

    beach bedrooms

    @verovddinteriordesign / Instagram

    Make it nautical! Anchor patterns are the absolute cutest and shine on these adorable throw pillows.

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    Choose Coral

    beach bedrooms

    @claire_ismail / Instagram

    Make your functional pieces fun—here, a coral shaped bedside lamp is perfect for cozy nights curled up reading, while a wooden side table also helps bring the outdoors in.

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    Deck Those Walls

    beach bedrooms

    @vbhomedesigngroup / Instagram

    Palm fronds steal the show in this bedroom thanks to the peppy wallpaper chosen. Don't be afraid to opt for something patterned, it will really work wonders in livening up any sleep space.

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    Implement Some Jute

    beach bedrooms

    Implement Some Jute

    When selecting furniture, look to pieces that feature textures inspired by the beach and natural materials. This nightstand is comprised of beautiful jute that works wonderfully in a coastal bedroom.

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    Try This Art Approach

    beach bedrooms

    Desiree Burns

    A shadowbox filled with a palm frond is eye-catching and textural. Hang one piece like this one its own or group several together to create a gallery wall.

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    Add Palm Leaf

    beach bedrooms

    Desiree Burns

    Nothing is more tropical and fun than some palm leaf! Use fabric in this pattern for a headboard or throw pillows and throw it back to the Hollywood Regency era.