Beach Crafts

Crafts to Make For Your Family's Trips to the Beach

Are you going on vacation to the beach or only wish you were? The thought of a beach makes one think of sand squishing between your toes, ocean waves crashing on the beach, and colorful fish swimming around. Whether your trip to the beach is real or imaginary, you might want to pick up supplies for one or more of these related craft projects to add a little creativity to your travels.

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    Beach Beaded Safety Pin Patterns

    Beach Beaded Safety Pin Patterns
    Beach Beaded Safety Pin Patterns.

    Use these free beach-related patterns to make beaded safety pin jewelry that you can wear yourself, or you can give them as gifts.

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    Beach Coloring Pages

    Beach Coloring Pages and Crafts
    Beach Coloring Pages.

    You can download one or several of these free beach related coloring pages and use them to create a coloring book or even as patterns for other projects.

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    CD Fish Beach Craft

    You can craft a variety of fish that you can use to decorate a room or bulletin board. They are made using unwanted CDs and some simple craft supplies.

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    Sea Creature Beach Crafts
    Egg Carton Sea Creatures.

    Find directions to make a variety of sea creatures including a crab, a jellyfish, a starfish, and oyster, and much more.

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    Make a Personalized Beach Towel
    Personalized Beach Towel.

    Learn how you can use Simply Spray fabric dye to personalize towels to use at a beach or anywhere.

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    Star Fish Beach Craft
    Paper Mache Star Fish.

    Sharon Ferry shared this paper mache project. Check out how she used paper mache techniques to create a unique starfish.

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    Pool Pillow Craft

    This how-to video will teach you the basics of making a pillow you can use at the pool or the beach.

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    Re-Made Diffuser Bottle

    Re-Made Diffuser Bottle Craft
    Re-Made Diffuser Bottle.

    Use the directions shared here to cover a bottle using treasures you find lying on the beach.

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    Sand casting Beach Craft
    Sand Casting Craft.

    You can make this project while you are at the beach, or you can take a bucket full of sand home with you and make it there.

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    Sand Castle Craft
    Sand Castle Craft.

    Discover how a visitor named Carol Ann built this sand castle using household boxes, sand, and glue.

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    Sea Monster Glove Puppet

    Sea Monster Beach Craft
    Sea Monster Glove Puppet.

    Follow these directions and learn how you can create a fun beach related puppet using an orphaned glove.

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    Seashell Candle

    Sea Shell Candle Craft
    Sea Shell Candle.

    If you find some clam-style shells on the beach, use them to make one or more of these unique candles.

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    Sea Shell Vase Magnet Craft
    Sea Shell Vase Magnet.

    All you need to make this cute magnet is one spiral seashell. It is a fun way to keep a beach treasure on display.

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    Shell Memory Game
    Shell Memory Game.

    If you are lucky enough to find several shells on the beach, use them to create this fun memory game shared by Patricia.