25 Beach-Themed Nurseries with Coastal Charm

Boho-inspired beach-themed nursery with graphic ocean mural

Project Nursery / Instagram​

Your little one will see a world of wonders as they grow, but for many there will be no wonder as soothing as the sea. The ocean, as they say, is good for the soul. Tranquil and yet full of vivacious energy, it never fails to make us breath a little easier.

Craving a little vitamin sea? Why not bring the beach to you with a beautiful coastal-themed nursery! Whether you prefer vintage California cool, Palm Beach glam, or rustic New England charm, these gorgeous beach-themed nursery rooms are practically guaranteed to inspire your designs and delight your future beach baby.

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    Coastal Charm

    Neutral coastal-themed nursery in charcoal and light grey
    Table and Hearth

    A wood-planked accent wall in stormy shade of slate provides contrast and definition in this beautiful, beach-themed nursery space by Table and Hearth. Worn wood flooring and furnishings layered with rich, organic textures complete the look, giving the space its cozy coastal charm.

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    Surf’s Up

    Hawaiian-themed beach nursery
    Project Nursery

    Clean and simple, this adorable Hawaiian-themed space, featured on Project Nursery, offers a vintage, beachy vibe in a modern minimalist package.

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    California Cool

    Boho-inspired beach-themed nursery with graphic palm tree mural

    JacquelynKazaz / Instagram

    In this stylishly cool nursery space spotted on Instagram, natural woods and textures set against a graphic mural featuring blue sky and sun-drenched palms create a dynamic balance that’s both laidback and chic. 

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    Good Vibes

    Boho-inspired, beach-themed nursery

    JessDWorkin / Instagram

    With its whitewashed wood accent wall, weather-worn floors, and natural, coastal-inspired charm, this fresh and inviting nursery from Instagram promises nothing but blue skies and beachy vibes.

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    Blue Swells

    Boho beach-themed nursery
    Inspired By This

    Bright swells of ocean-inspired indigo bring a wave of energy to this otherwise all-white nursery from Inspired By This. Full of rich, natural textures, this minimalist space establishes a clear theme and visceral aesthetic through mere suggestion.  

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    Coastal Chic

    Contemporary nautical nursery in Nave and white
    Project Nursery

    Spotted on Project Nursery, this coastal-themed, contemporary space uses patterned elements, such as the beautiful blue wallpaper print and rough-woven striped rug, to capture the movement and color of the ocean. Driftwood drawer pulls, beachy accessories, and organic wicker baskets full of undersea friends help to establish the theme, transforming the room's more subtle design elements into something entirely new. 

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    Pastel Paradise

    Pastel-drenched beach-themed nursery with ombre effect walls
    AE Designs

    An Ombre-effect wall treatment in soothing aqua puts one in mind of fresh tides and sunny skies in this charmingly simple coastal nursery created by AE Designs.

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    Minimalist nursery with nautical touches
    Baby Chick

    This modern minimalist space from Baby Chick relies on a few understated yet carefully chosen elements, such as soft blue accents and subtle, coastal-themed accessories, to express a bright beachy theme while maintaining a sophisticated, no-nonsense appeal.

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    Calm Seas

    Gender-neutral, coastal-themed nursery
    A Touch of Pink

    Bright and airy, this nautical-inspired nursery room from A Touch of Pink offers a sweet and soothing retreat for any beach lover, boy or girl.

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    Sand and Surf

    Beach-themed nursery with navy accent wall

    ProjectNursery / Instagram

    Awash with subtle beachy elements, this richly appointed, texture heavy Instagramgem features a dramatic chevron wall treatment set against a navy blue and sandy beige palette, reminding us of happy days spent in sand and surf.

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    The Ocean is Calling

    Contemporary beach nursery
    August Lace

    When paired with a few mood-setting accessories, a swoon-worthy wallpaper print in a bevy of blues and grays transform an accent wall into an ocean scene in this simple coastal contemporary space from August Lace.

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    Sunset Beach

    Beach-themed nursery in coral and aqua
    Project Nursery

    Turquoise waters meet sunset pinks in this sweet ocean-themed girl’s room featured on Project Nursery. A worn, wood-planked focal piece surrounds the crib, complimenting the nursery’s handmade driftwood mobile and adding a warm, rustic touch to this cozy space. 

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    Palm Beach Princess

    Palm Beach-themed nursery
    Luxe Report Designs

    This gorgeous Palm Beach-inspired nursery, created by Luxe Report Designs, couldn’t be more glam if it tried! Oversized palms silhouetted against bright coral walls and accentuated with touches of gold and crystal give this lux space a high-end beach vibe that’s all girl!

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    Beach Cruiser

    Rustic industrial beach nursery
    Project Nursery

    With its beachy feel and chic industrial accents, this one-of-a-kind nursery space designed for actors Alexa and Carlos PenaVega and featured by Project Nursery reminds us of a sunny summer afternoon cruise down A1A. 

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    Sunset Retreat

    Rustic beach-themed nursery
    Collective Gen

    Dripping with sunset-inspired color and rustic, beachy charm, this adorable nursery space from Collective Gen is the perfect hideaway for a little beachcomber. Simple accessories, like seashells, lanterns, and wicker accents, are more than enough to transport the onlooker from a suburban nursery to soothing seaside retreat. 

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    Boardwalk Cutie

    Beach nursery with boardwalk theme

    Spotted on Instagram, this adorable “boardwalk-themed” beach nursery offers a fresh take on the theme, blending coastal décor with vintage photos and whimsical accessories inspired by a stroll down the boardwalk. 

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    Catch the Wave

    Vintage Hawaiian-themed beach nursery with wave mural

    ProjectNursery / Instagram

    With its show-stopping wallpaper mural wall and vintage mid-century charm, this sweet,  detail-filled nursery spotted on Instagram has us yearning for a Hawaiian vacation! 

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    Peaceful Impressions

    Modern, coastal-themed nursery
    Project Nursery

    This California beach-house gem, featured on Project Nursery, combines traditional wood paneling with an ocean-inspired palette of weathered grays, dusty blues, and subtle greens, creating an artistic impression of the world outside without the use of themed accessories.

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    Modern Wave

    Beach-themed nursery with wave wallpaper print

    SaltyOakHome / Instagram

    A dramatic wallpaper print makes waves in this clean-cut and contemporary beach nursery seen on Instagram

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    Hampton Hideaway

    Nautical nursery with coastal charm
    Duo Ventures

    Inspired by family vacations to the Hamptons, this bright coastal-themed nursery, featured on Duo Ventures, offers contemporary sophistication with traditional nautical flair.

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    Surf Shack

    Beach/surfer themed nursery
    Fab Fatale

    Laidback and beachy, this surfing-themed nursery from Fab Fatale is a charming ocean oasis in the suburbs. The subtle wave-top wall treatment, together with the gorgeous wall-mounted surfboard, are the foundation of a theme that could easily take this little tyke from toddler to teenager. 

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    Decal Details

    Beach-themed nursery with wave decals

    The_bohobeachblog / Instagram

    Simple wave decals add trendy graphic charm to this stylish Instagram find, bringing this minimalistic, surfer’s dream nursery to life.

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    Soft and Serene

    Beach-themed nursery in coral and white
    Bungalowblue Interiors

    Floor-to-ceiling board and batten and a sunset-glow ceiling in warm coral create a cozy coastal vibe in this sweet and girly beach nursery spotted on Bungalowblue Interiors

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    Bird’s Eye View

    Boho-inspired beach-themed nursery with graphic ocean mural

    Project Nursery / Instagram​

    A gorgeous graphic mural offers an almost impressionistic bird’s eye view of the coast, making a theme-setting statement in this relaxed and airy space from Instagram.

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    Ombre Oasis

    Beachy, surfer-themed nursery with Ombre accent wall
    Project Nursery

    A beautiful Ombre accent wall sets the scene for adventure in this surfer-themed baby room featured by Project Nursery. The deep blues and bold yellow accents give the space a sunny, energetic vibe—a perfect reminder of a day on the waves.