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Eco-Friendly Modern Farmhouse in Graton Sebastopol / Airbnb
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    Back in the day, it used to be that you picked your dates, got yourself a standard hotel room, and jetted off to your destination. It pretty much goes the same way today, except many travelers are changing up the middle part—they’re opting for Airbnb accommodations hosted by people around the world.

    Airbnb stays can take place in a variety of locations—vacation rentals, condos, apartments, cottages, bungalows and large-scale homes, offering a change of pace to those who have tired of one-size-fits-all hotel rooms. These are the travelers who are searching for that home away from home, with cozy amenities that help to soften the impact of being in an unfamiliar city or country. Hosts just don’t provide a place to stay—they create holistic experiences that go way beyond everyday accommodations.

    And the best part of many Airbnbs? They’re decorated in styles and trends that are usually only witnessed on the pages of design magazines. Hosts pay careful attention to the surroundings of their Airbnbs, whether it’s farmhouse styling that would make Joanna Gaines proud, al fresco terraces draped in flowers or luxurious beds to sink into after a long day of sightseeing. The majority of Airbnb spaces are Instagram-worthy, lending plenty of décor inspiration for you to take home with you.

    We’ve compiled eight particularly-gorgeous Airbnbs that caught our eye, and will no doubt leave you entranced as well. Go ahead. Take a mental (or a real!) vacation.

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    A Modern Farmhouse Masterpiece in Sonoma

    After a day spent in Wine Country, come back and put your feet up at a truly stunning Airbnb filled with farmhouse charm. The accommodations are impeccably decorated, featuring light and bright furnishings, rattan touches, a fireplace and a bathroom that hides behind a large barn door. Throw in a pool, tiki bar and locally-made sprays and soaps, and you’ll achieve peak relaxation.


    Eco-Friendly Modern Farmhouse in Graton Sebastopol / Airbnb

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    A Tropical Hideaway in Bali

    Nestled in the foothills of a volcano, you’ll find this blissful, bohemian house that may have appeared in a dream you’ve had. All those triangle-shaped windows? They open, allowing the tropical air to drift in. It’s off the grid, so you won’t be tempted to look at your smartphone, and you can dine outside as you look at the nearby river. We foresee endless lazy afternoons spent in a hammock that hangs in an open-air room.


    HIDEOUT BALI - Eco Bamboo Home / Airbnb

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    A Classic Americana Bungalow in Nashville

    It doesn’t get much more Nashville than a sweet, 1920’s bungalow decorated in vintage goodness and nods to historic Americana. It’s within walking distance of some of the hippest places in town, and afterwards, you can come home and admire the reclaimed furniture and antique paintings. Finish the day with a shower in the outdoor, galvanized metal bath and go to sleep in a space that looks like an upscale version of a fort you made as a kid.


    Heart of East Nashville Bungalow / Airbnb

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    A Brightly-Lit Apartment in Budapest

    Budapest is a place marked by history and striking old buildings, but you won’t find that historical feel in this lovely, modern apartment. Airy, yet anchored in substantial pieces like an Oriental rug and leather chair, it’s a space that has a distinctly European look, with décor details not often seen in the States. We especially love the graphic black lines that frame the bed.


    Hunyadi Apartment - Air Conditioned / Airbnb

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    A Seaside Paradise in Miami

    Can you imagine waking up, looking out your window and seeing turquoise ocean waves crashing against the shore? That fantasy can come to life in this serene Airbnb, soaked in soothing colors, incredible views and fresh, white walls and accents. If all those watery vistas have you longing to jump in, just head out to the pool or to the ocean for some snorkeling.


    Oceanfront 14th Floor Brand New Beachfront Flat / Airbnb

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    A Secret Garden in the Center of London

    Wandering the gardens of London is a beloved pastime among visitors, and you can bring one of those gardens to you in this Airbnb with British flair. It resides in a 19th-century Victorian house, and you can eat your meals in your very own private garden. The design details throughout are equally dramatic—slate walls, unique artwork and hanging plants everywhere you look.


    Highbury Garden House: King Room / Airbnb

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    A Minimalist’s Dream Home in Charleston

    Charleston is a delightful city, one known for its Southern comforts and historic sites. But if you’re a minimalist at heart, look no further than this fresh Airbnb that makes the most of little accents—artfully-displayed palm fronds, clean artwork and subtle hues. Plus, the on-trend concrete floors are sure to keep rooms cool.


    Modern and Bright 2 Bedroom Condo With Pool / Airbnb

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    A Romantic Terrace in Florence

    Whether you’re on a honeymoon or taking yourself on a restful, yet memorable, trip, Florence has it all, including this Airbnb with a breathtaking terrace. Flowers? Views of the neighboring, enchanting buildings? White rooms awash in light? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more perfect, authentically-Italian place to stay.



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    A Sunlit Loft in Lisbon

    For a genuinely restful vacation, spend your time in this laid-back loft in Lisbon, Portugal, complete with a neutral palette, furniture and décor pieces rendered in natural materials and a chic patio, ideal for breathing in warm breezes and beautiful views.


    Chiado Loft 7 with Patio / Airbnb

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    A Vintage-Inspired Cabin in Big Bear Lake

    The Foxes Den BB / Airbnb

    In the mountains of Big Bear Lake, California, you’ll find a sweet retreat called The Foxes Den that presents plenty of photo-ready décor and details. There’s the comfy couch next to the black painted fireplace, the apropos wallpaper festooned with foxes and did we mention the adorable galley kitchen? All snugly-appointed in a cabin surrounded by pine trees.


    The Foxes Den BB / Airbnb