50 Beautiful Bathrooms

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    50 Beautiful Bathrooms to Inspire You

    Beautiful bathroom ideas
    Arch Studio via Houzz

    Looking for inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling, or simply want to look at beautiful spaces? We have fifty beautiful bathrooms for you.

    Let these beautiful bathrooms fuel your home decor dreams and renovation plans!

    Master bath by Arch Studio via Houzz

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    Colonial Bathroom

    bathroom white colonial
    Tabberson Architects via Home Bunch

    Soak in peace in this white colonial bathroom. Featuring bold lighting, gorgeous marble tile, and clever storage space, this is somewhere we can all imagine ourselves relaxing after a long, hard day.

    Colonial bungalow family home by Tabberson Architects via Home Bunch

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    Gray Vanity

    bathroom gray vanity
    Madison Taylor via Decor Pad

    This white and gray bathroom is classy and elegant. The gray vanity makes all the difference, and brings out the gray and white mosaic tile in the bath area.

    Gray Vanity by Madison Taylor Design via DecorPad

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    Textured Wall

    bathroom contemporary freestanding tub
    Allard & Roberts Interior Design via Houzz

    A textured wall reminds of the mountain environment of this gorgeous master bathroom. A contemporary freestanding tub in an unusual shape adds to the luxury. 

    Mountain Contemporary Custom Home-Master Tub by Allard & Roberts Interior Design via Houzz

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    Elegant And Feminine Bathroom

    bathroom white feminine
    Robin Gannon Interiors via Decor Pad

    Indulge in your feminine side in this all-white bathroom, with just a touch of rose. The warm faucet finish and mosaic marble tile add to the elegance.

    Elegant Bathtub with Glass Top Round Directoire Accent Table by Robin Gannon via DecorPad

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    Cool Farmhouse Bathroom

    bathroom farmhouse traditional
    Bless'er House

    Fresh and rustic, this farmhouse-style bathroom is great if you like a rougher, cooler style. The ruffled shower curtain, the wooden shelves and the tin water can are the right accessories for this inspired bathroom.

    Modern Farmhouse Bathroom by Bless'er House

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    Gray, Black and White Bathroom

    bathroom long gray modern
    Change Your Bathroom via Houzz

    Although black and white appear throughout this long bathroom, the major impression you keep from it is a cool, neutral gray. Putting the tub in the shower area is a great technique for managing small spaces


    Contemporary Bathroom by Change Your Bathroom, via Houzz

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    Sweet and Rustic Bathroom

    bathroom barn wood rustic
    Richardson Architect via Decor Pad

    Barn boards are recycled into a vanity in this rustic bathroom. Add some retro faucets over an oversized sink for a communal farmhouse style.

    Barn Board Washstand with Trough Sink by Richardson Architects, via Decor Pad

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    Bright And Minimal White and Gray Bathroom

    bathroom white light traditional
    Jeff Mindel via 100 Layer Cake

    This sleek and bright bathroom, accessorized by Crate and Barrel, is a great example of a minimal yet functional style. Note the straight lines of the vanity and the organic touch that the plants bring.

    Photo by Jeff Mindel for 100 Layer Cake

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    Refurbished Bathroom

    bathroom retro wood traditional
    Interior Therapy via Houzz

    This retro bathroom is the perfect example of how refurbishing an old space can work for you. Polish an original hardwood floor, add some tile, install a walk-in shower, put up some retro posters, and voilà!

    Traditional Bathroom by Interior Therapy, via Houzz

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    Sunburst Mirror and Pattern Bathroom

    bathroom mirror pattern wall
    IBB Design via Decor Pad

    When deciding on a theme, sometimes it pays to commit. This gold-themed bathroom features a fashionable sunburst mirror as well as as a patterned wallpaper and gold faucets. It's bold, but not overwhelming.

    Brown Bath Vanity with Gold Suburst Mirror by IBB Design, via Decor Pad

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    Rustic Stone And Wood Bathroom

    bathroom rustic wood stone
    Land's End Development via Home BNC

    Work with the natural colors of nature by using natural stone and reclaimed wood. The modern faucets in the shower and sink bring a fashionable contrast to the warm, rustic style of this bathroom.

    Rustic bathroom by Land's End Development via Home BNC

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    Bubble Chandelier Bathroom

    bathroom round white
    Tiffany McInzie Interior Design via Houzz

    What's special about this bathroom isn't its color: it's its choice of shape. Everything, from the bold chandelier to the round freestanding tub to the oval-shaped side table reminds you of bubbles. All that it's missing is actual bubbles in the bath!

    Transitional bathroom by Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design, via Houzz

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    Large and Spacious Master Bathroom

    bathroom master large gold
    OXA Architecture via Decor Pad

    Live large in this spacious master bathroom featuring a bold dark brown vanity with gold accents, a sand armchair, and a modern freestanding tub. There's probably enough space to do your yoga routine too!

    Black Washstand with Gold Hardware and Black and Gold Mirror by IBB Design, via Decor Pad

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    Beautiful Beige Bathroom

    bathroom beige plant stone
    Fedorova via Decoholic

    Beige doesn't have to be boring: this beautiful contemporary bathroom is the proof. A freestanding tub set on smooth stones, green plants and natural wood shades make this space as welcoming as it is chic.

    Contemporary elegant apartment by Fedorova, via Decoholic

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    Contemporary Shower

    bathroom walkin shower stone
    ART Design Build via Houzz

    Who said the desert had no water? This walk-in shower uses soft desert colors and a rainfall feature on the ceiling to make you forget about all the heat outside. The color choice makes this enclosed shower light and bright!

    Contemporary bathroom by ART Design Build, via Houzz

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    Asian Bathroom

    bathroom kids asia bamboo
    OXA Architecture via DecorPad

    You don't need to be in China to bring a touch of Asia to your bathroom. These stunning bamboo mirror have just the right effect on this otherwise neutral, contemporary bathroom to bring a subtle Asian influence.

    Green Washstand with Red Bamboo Mirror by IBB Design, via Decor Pad

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    Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom

    bathroom farmhouse gray
    Ashley Truman/Cherished Bliss

    Industrial doesn't have to be cold. Add a little farmhouse touch, and you have something that's both trendy and homey. Keep the industrial touches light and add some greenery for some organic warmth.

    Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom by Ashley Truman

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    Bathroom With Tiles And Textures

    bathroom gray tile wood
    Tracy Lynn Studio via Houzz. Tracy Lynn Studio via Houzz

    Sometimes it's not the color that makes the bathroom, but the textures. This neutral gray bathroom uses tiles and patterns to bring interesting textures and movement across the space: in the shower, around the mirror, and even on the floor. 

    Transitional bathroom by Tracy Lynn Studio, via Houzz

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    Moroccan Style Tile Powder Room

    bathroom moroccan texture wallpaper
    OXA Architecture via Decor Pad. OXA Architecture via Decor Pad

    This delightful powder room gets its interest via the Moroccan-style tile and mirror on the wall. An earthy mix of gold and brown with retro-style faucets work together to bring a little exotic charm to this space.

    Moroccan Style Powder Room with Brown Mosaic Tiles by OXA Architecture, via Decor Pad

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    Subway Tile Bathroom

    bathroom subway tile white
    Kate Lester Interiors via Home Bunch. Kate Lester Interiors via Home Bunch

    ?The simplicity of subway tile is one of the reasons why it's so popular these days. This classic bathroom decor is simple, clean, practical, and welcoming. It's the perfect style for a guest bathroom, or a bathroom used by the whole family.

    Bathroom with octagon and dot flooring by Kate Lester Interiors, via Home Bunch

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    Small Bathroom With Soaking Tub

    bathroom small beach
    Toronto Interior Design Group via Houzz

    Small space doesn't mean you can't get the luxuries of a well-appointed bathroom. This small but practical bathroom features a small soaking tub, a rainfall shower, and a clever glass panel to replace the shower curtain.

    Contemporary bathroom by Toronto Interior Design Group, via Houzz

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    Mediterranean Bathroom With Gold Tile

    bathroom mediterranean gold tile
    Oxa Architecture via Decor Pad

    The Old World style of this Mediterranean bathroom comes from its gorgeous floor and wall tiles, and large framed mirror. With a touch of contemporary inspiration from the feathered pendant light and the simple, clean vanity, this bathroom has a unique style all its own.

    Mediterranean Style Bathroom with Oval Silver Mirror by OXA Architecture via Decor Pad

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    Rustic Bathroom With Barrel Sink

    bathroom rustic barrel sink

    Give your bathroom a bit of a Wild West style with a sink embedded in a barrel. The rest of the room--pebble floor, stressed wood accessories, brushed bronze--all work together to make this rustic bathroom something to remember.

    Rustic bathroom on Mecraftsman

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    Eclectic Bathroom With Antique Rug

    bathroom rug eclectic
    Mike Kelley via Houzz

    What really pulls this bathroom together? If you say "the rug", you're right. Without it, the bathroom would have a streamlined modern look. With it, it has a personal and eclectic quality that brings it a step above.

    Bath with antique rug by Mike Kelley via Houzz

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    Modern Bathroom With Reclaimed Wood Mirror

    bathroom reclaimed mirror chandelier
    OXA Architecture via Decor Pad

    Soften the edges of an ultra-modern bathroom with something old: for example, this wonderful large mirror framed with reclaimed wood. The pendant light adds to the effect and brings warmth to what would otherwise look rather clinical and sterile.

    Modern Bathtub with Reclaimed Wood Mirror by OXA Architecture, via Decor Pad

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    Baby Blue Bathroom

    bathroom traditional blue
    12 Oaks Blog

    This beachy baby blue bathroom uses soft neutrals to bring a sense of calm and peace... just as if you were lying on the beach. The patterned shower curtain and little beach-inspired details just bring the room together.

    Beach-style bathroom by 12 Oaks Blog 

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    Dark Stone Walk-In Shower

    bathroom dark black tile
    Jordan Iverson Signature Homes via Houzz

    Not all bathrooms need to be white and bright. This dark walk-in shower uses black pebbles and dark gray tile to bring a sense of intimacy and comfort. The large window provides the needed light to avoid a claustrophobic space.

    Contemporary bathroom by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes via Houzz

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    White Bathroom With Large Mirrors

    bathroom white mirror marble
    Either Orr via Decorpad

    When you have an all-white bathroom, it's good to have something that pops up. In this case, large mirrors add some nice movement and flow to this classically decorated bathroom.

    Bungalow 5 Monarch Mirrors with Vendome Double Sconces by Either Orr, via Decor Pad

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    Bathroom With Bold Floor Tile

    bathroom tile floor mosaic
    Jessica Silversaga via The Fox and She

    Sometimes all you need is a bold floor tile to make a statement in an otherwise clean and simple white bathroom. This complex patterned tile contrasts beautifully with the simple white rectangles on the wall, and the clean look of a straight white shower curtain.

    Bathroom by Jessica Silversaga via The Fox and She

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    Minimal Modern Bathroom

    bathroom modern clean grey
    Storybook Interiors via Houzz

    Simple geometric shapes, neutral colors and a focus on practicality make this minimal bathroom a wonderful example of modern design. No fuss, no muss: just cool, practical simplicity.

    Minimal Modern Spa Bathroom by Storybook Interiors via Houzz

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    bathroom wallpaper vanity
    Either Orr via Decor Pad

    The Moroccan trellis wallpaper might be stunning, but it's not the most interesting feature of this bathroom. Instead, what really catches the eye is the exposed plumbing under a classic marble countertop. A clever industrial touch to an otherwise elegant bathroom.

    Gray Moroccan Trellis Wallpaper with Marble Washstand by Either Orr, via Decor Pad

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    Attic Bathroom With Koi Wallpaper

    bathroom wallpaper small gold
    Susie Lowe, The Pink House

    A touch of Japanese style makes all the difference in this small attic bathroom. A few pieces of koi wallpaper bring a sense of peace and calm, and inspire the other gold accessories in the room.

    Attic bathroom by Susie Lowe of The Pink House

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    Eclectic Bathroom With Walk-In Shower

    bathroom walkin shower eclectic gold
    Uncredited photo, Houzz

    This eclectic bathroom mixes industrial, modern and traditional styles for a space that's like nothing else. The walk-in bathroom is especially well-designed, with an interesting dark frame that makes it pop out against the white background. Touches of natural wood warm up the whole.

    Eclectic bathroom via Houzz

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    Luxury Master Bath With Marble Tile

    bathroom marble feminine
    Krista Watteworth Design Studio via Decor Pad

    Who wouldn't want to take a long bubble bath in this luxury bathroom? The all-over marble tile with sparkly glass accents are the perfect contrast to the sheepskin stool. The glass walk-in shower keep the whole open and bright.

    Gray Marble Shower with Gray Glass Border Tiles by Krista Watterworth Design Studio, via Decor Pad

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    Bathroom With Bright Blue Patterned Tile

    bathroom blue tile
    Studio LS via Apartment Therapy

    The seamlessness of this bathroom is brought to you by a clear glass-enclosed walk-in shower and a continuous blue tile that bridges the shower and sink areas. If you want to give the illusion of space, don't break up the wall in small pieces!

    Small bathroom by LS Studio, via Apartment Therapy

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    Traditional Master Bathroom

    bathroom traditional tile
    Artistic Tile & Stone via Houzz

    Celebrate the traditional style with ideas from this master bathroom. Is it the glass cabinet for the towels, the herringbone floor tile or the column-like stools that make it work? The globe-like pendant is a masterful touch to this unconventional yet traditional space.

    Traditional bathroom by Artistic Tile & Stone, via Houzz

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    Green Kids Bathroom

    bathroom kids green white
    D2 Interieurs via Decor Pad

    This cheery kids' bathroom uses green as its only color, combined with white and marble. Note the stools of two different heights for each kid, and the walk-in shower/bath combination around the corner. This bathroom has a wonderful simplicity yet is appropriate for children.

    White and Green Boys Bathroom Design by D2 Interieurs, via Decor Pad

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    Small Bathroom With Walk-In Shower

    bathroom small walk in shower
    Pierre-Jean Verger via Apartment 34

    This Parisian bathroom might be tiny, but it packs a punch when it comes to function. An alcove walk-in shower sits behind the sink for maximum space usage, and the notes of wicker and wood make the whole warm and welcoming.

    Parisian apartment bathroom by Pierre-Jean Verger, via Apartment 34

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    Laundry Closet In Contemporary Bathroom

    bathroom laundry tub
    NORTHBOURNE Architecture & Design via Houzz

    If you don't have a lot of space for laundry, stick to the washer only and use a rod and shelves for drying. Set a small, modern clawfoot tub with a simple wooden bench for the full, contemporary look.

    Contemporary bathroom by NORTHBOURNE Architecture + Design, via Houzz

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    Bathroom With Gold Ikat Wallpaper

    bathroom gold wallpaper clawfoot
    D2 Interieurs via Decor Pad

    Feel like royalty in this gilded bathroom. Golden ikat wallpaper, retro clawfoot tub with gold hardware, and a gold polkadot window treatment will make you feel golden all day long!

    White and Gold Bathroom with Vintage Claw Foot Bathtub by D2 Interieurs, via Decor Pad

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    Small And Practical Bathroom

    bathroom small clawfoot
    Kate LaVie

    Small doesn't mean it can't work, as this tiny but practical bathroom shows. The sideways placement of the tub, good use of wall space, and the bath caddy all help provide all the space that's needed to take a shower without feeling cramped.

    Bathroom makeover by Kate LaVie

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    Bathroom With Diamond Pattern Wallpaper

    bathroom wallpaper small
    Justin Bernhaut via My Domaine

    The large mirror and bold pattern wallpaper make this small bathroom seem bigger than it really is. Why think that a small space means nothing fun? This bathroom shows that you can have big style in even the smallest area.

    Small bathroom by Justin Bernhaut, via My Domaine

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    Rustic Ski Lodge Bathroom

    bathroom rustic lodge wood
    High Camp Home via Houzz

    This rustic bathroom definitely seems inspired by a ski lodge. Warm up after a long day on the slopes with the warmth of natural wood and a pebbled walk-in shower.

    Rustic bathroom by High Camp Home, via Houzz

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    Comfortable Master Bedroom

    bathroom master couch grey mirror
    Matt Morrison Development via Decor Pad

    This large his & hers master bathroom has everything you need for a comfortable time, including a small settee under the window. With plenty of space for both members of the couple with each their own vanity, there's no need to fight over who gets the mirror first.

    Bathroom Settee Facing Bathtub by Matt Morrison Development, via Decor Pad

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    Psychedelic Southern Bathroom

    bathroom small wallpaper eclectic
    Scout Designs via My Domaine

    This bathroom speaks for itself: trippy marble pattern wallpaper and an animal skull beg for all the attention. It takes a bold mind to dare this, but dare we say it actually works?

    Small bathroom by Scout Design, via My Domaine

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    Walk-In Shower With Ladder Shelf

    bathroom small walk in shower
    Big Bean Construction via Houzz

    With limited space in this bathroom, a ladder shelf makes use of the floor area but leaves plenty of space for the upper part of the body, which gives you the impression of a larger room. A simple glass-walled walk-in shower and continuous wall also keep the space's proportions manageable.

    Contemporary bathroom by Big Bean Construction, via Houzz

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    Art Decor Bathroom

    bathroom gold wallpaper
    Coats Home via Decor Pad

    The thick marble washstand, beveled mirror and decorated gilded stand for the sink give this bathroom an undeniable Art Deco air. The marriage of marble and gold definitely brings you back to the Roaring Twenties.

    Brass Washstand with Thick Marble Sink by Coats Home, via Decor Pad

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    Invisible Walk-In Shower

    bathroom walk in shower tile
    Inside Out via Apartment Therapy

    If you want to make your bathroom seem larger, turning your walk-in shower into an invisible feature will definitely help with that. Using a clear glass wall, minimal shower hardware,  and the same tile all over the floor and walls, this design makes the shower pretty much disappear in the background.

    Stylish small bathroom from Inside Out, via Apartment Therapy

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    Feminine Master Bathroom

    bathroom large vanity traditional
    Uncredited photo, via Houzz

    This master bathroom has all the features of traditional decor with a few feminine touches. The neutral tile and colors and the white vanities contrast with the patterned fabric bench and the fur rug. Other feminine touches include fresh flowers and powder blue towels.

    Traditional bathroom via Houzz

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    Patterned Tile Floor In Contemporary Bathroom

    bathroom subway floor tile brass
    Coats Home via Decor Pad

    Bring a little spring to your step with this multicolor, hexagonal floor tile. The beveled subway tiles add texture to what would otherwise be just another boring white wall, and the vintage brass hardware adds just the right touch of retro style.

    Blue and Gray Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tiles by Coats Home, via Decor Pad