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10 Beautiful Bathrooms With Pedestal Sinks

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    Beautiful Pedestal Sinks

    Bathroom with a pedestal sink
    SteveAmaki/ Twenty20

    As a bathroom style statement, pedestal sinks can go a long way. From classic Victorian to sleek and ultra-modern, pedestal sinks have long been used in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms to save space, without skimping on allure.

    Pedestal sinks are best in small bathrooms, where they open up wall space and where a vanity would look too bulky. But they also work in bathrooms where storage space is not a concern, such as guest bathrooms and powder rooms. 

    Let's have a look at some beautiful...MORE bathrooms featuring a pedestal sink.

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    Two Pedestal Sinks in a Master Bathroom

    double pedestal sink master bathroom
    Echelon Custom Homes

    This pretty, feminine master bathroom shows how you can combine pedestal sinks and a small cabinet to have storage space AND a more open area. This bathroom by Echelon Custom Homes, via Houzz, features a feminine powder blue (Balmy by Sherwin-Williams) his and hers sink, and enough open area so this small corner of the bathroom doesn't seem cluttered. Lots of natural light via the large windows also help.

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    Cottage-Style Bathroom With Pedestal Sink

    vintage bathroom pedestal sink
    Anne+Coyle Interiors

    This small cottage-style bathroom would look cramped if it wasn't for the double-legged pedestal sink, which opens up plenty of space and makes the bathroom look larger. A basket serves as a storage space for towels and paper.

    This bathroom by Anne+Coyle Interiors is all white, but not boring, thanks to a variety of textures and a feature golden-framed mirror.

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    Gorgeous Bathroom With Marble And Pedestal Sink

    beautiful pedestal bathroom
    Frances Herrera Interior Design

    There's a lot to love about this feminine bathroom, not least the modern pedestal sink. With clean lines and just a little bit of decorative features, this pedestal sink suits the general feel very well. 

    This design by Frances Herrera Interior Design, via LifeAsMama, shows you how to make the best of a small space by using lots of white, clean lines, and understated brushed nickel hardware.

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    Large Pedestal Sink in a Craftsman Bathroom

    This spacious bathroom, found on The Wow Decor, features a large, double-legged pedestal sink with exposed golden plumbing under, as well as exposed plumbing for the tub. 

    This bathroom balances the craftsman style, with its exposed structure, and a more traditional decor with its use of white, striped paint, and classic black and white floor tile.

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    Master Bath With a Corner Pedestal Sink

    corner pedestal sink
    Deep River Partners

    Empty corners are usually a great place to put a large tub. But in this design by Deep River Partners, via Houzz, a pedestal sink stands there instead, opening up lots of space on both sides and yet giving the corner a sense of privacy, thanks to the two cabinets flanking it. This unusual choice works great for making more space, especially if the bathroom has a shower rather than a tub.

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    Minimal Pedestal Sink in a Yellow Bathroom

    This quirky yellow bathroom by Martha O'Hara Interiors features a clean, minimal pedestal sink to keep the visual punch from the wallpaper and mirror at their max.

    The sink hardware has simple, clean lines that fit those of the sink perfectly: right angles and curved sides balance each other and bring the contemporary style to life.

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    Bathroom With a Massive Pedestal Sink

    Pedestal sinks don't all have to be wispy and minimal. This bathroom, found on A Beautiful Mess, features a more massive pedestal sink with some weight a heft to it. The large pedestal contrasts with the light texture of the shower curtain and the thin window frame. Quite a good choice for a balance of volume in this quirky yet classic bathroom.

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    An Artistic Bathroom With a Pedestal Sink

    art mosaic bathroom pedestal sink
    Anthony Lindsey Photography

    While a statement bathroom might not work for every home, we're in love with this fabulously creative and colorful bathroom, photographed by Anthony Lindsey, which features a unique pedestal sink. The classic birdbath column, the cracked paint and the copper hardware give this sink almost a steampunk feel, even though the overall effect here is supposedly "submarine". 

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    Bathroom With Original Tile and Pedestal Sink

    The tile in this surprising bathroom by Laura Tutun Interiors looks like pieces of cut wood, put together like mismatched puzzle pieces. In this space, the classic pedestal sink stands out, while the long sconce lights virtually disappear against the background. 

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    Shell-Shaped Vintage Pedestal Sink

    The shell-shaped back of this pedestal sink suits the vintage feel of this bathroom perfectly. Vintage Junky shows us that vintage doesn't have to look broken or old; you can mix old and new, such as the mirror and the sink, to keep things personal yet current.