15 Beautiful Bedroom Color Combos

Bedroom with black walls and gray bedding

devon_grace_interiors / Instagram

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, one of the first decisions you need to make is what color scheme you want. Whether you decide to decorate in neutrals or something a little bolder, the right color scheme can set the stage for the rest of your space.

If you're ready to bring some color into your bedroom, here are some great color combos to inspire you. These fresh color palettes are perfect for any decor scheme and any style.

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    Black and White

    Bedroom with black accent wall

    houseofhanesinteriors / Instagram

    Black and white, as seen in this bedroom from houseofhanesinteriors, is a timeless combo that never goes out of style. This color scheme can totally transform a room depending on which color you use as your lead hue. By leading with black and keeping accents and accessories white, you can create a moody, sensual space that has a trendy allure.

    Consider an accent wall in a sharp shade, such as Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258, to really elevate your bedroom.

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    Pink and Muted Green

    bedroom with olive walls and pink accents

    end_of_the_row / Instagram 

    When done correctly, pink and green can lend a vintage, timeless feel to a bedroom like in this space from end_of_the_row. Opt for muted shades of green (think sage or olive) and barely-there pinks (like blush or rose) to keep the color scheme classic and adult. Go too vivid and you risk creating a space that feels overly childlike.

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    Orange and Neutrals

    Bedroom with burnt orange bedspread

    its_all_about_the_house / Instagram 

    Burnt orange is really having a moment right now, and it's clear why. If you've never considered using orange in the bedroom, this bedroom from its_all_about_the_house may make you reconsider. An understated orange with brown undertones pairs beautifully with neutrals such as white or tan. Opt for a neutral with warm undertones to play the best with the brown shades in the orange.

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    Green and White

    Bedroom with green accent wall

    renovating_number_16 / Instagram

    Green is a tranquil color that we love using in the bedroom, especially when paired with neutrals such as crisp white. This hunter green bedroom from renovating_number_16 is the perfect inspiration for a white and green color scheme. Green and white is a great choice for mid-century modern or moody bedroom themes.

    Try a color like Farrow & Ball's Duck Green No.W55 which evokes a strong sense of nature and timelessness.

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    Pink, Orange and White

    Bedroom with pink walls and orange bedspread

    helloimaubs / Instagram

    If you are looking for a happy, mood-lifting color scheme, consider pairing pink, orange, and white like in this bedroom from helloimaubs. Pink and orange are so close together on the color wheel, but when you add in white it helps break up the two vivid shades and keeps the combo restrained and classic.

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    Red, White, and Blue

    Bedroom with blue and red accents

    Studio Peake

    Is there any color combo as traditional and timeless as red, white, and blue? While it's possible to go over the top with a red, white, and blue color scheme, this bedroom from Studio Peake proves it can also feel understated and subtle. Allow the blues and whites in your room to take center stage and weave in red accessories throughout the space. Because red is such a fiery, bold color, it's best to keep it subtle to maintain a tranquil, calming space.

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    Peach, Brown, and Tan

    Bedroom with peach walls

    classycasita / Instagram

    Peach is a subtle hue, but when you pair it with shades such as tan and brown, it really becomes the focal point and can appear brighter and more vivid. This bedroom from classycasita is giving us major boho vibes, and the color scheme is perfect for the theme. We love Benjamin Moore's Peach Parfait 2175-70 because it's just peachy enough to add a pop of color, but still incredibly understated and subtle.

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    Maroon and Gold

    Bedroom with pink and gold details

    maritfolland / Instagram

    For a color combo that's a little bit glam, consider a deep maroon paired with gold accents, as seen in this bedroom from maritfolland. Maroon is a moody shady that works well as an accent wall or in a rug or bedding, and is strong enough to compete with other bold shades like gold. We love the mustard velvet throw pillows here, which contrast beautifully with the deep reddish maroon.

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    Navy and White

    Bedroom with a dark blue wall

    jennifer.paro / Instagram

    Looking for a timeless color scheme? Navy and crisp white will always be one of our favorite pairings, and this bedroom from jennifer.paro is proof why. Navy is a classic hue that lends a depth to any room, but when paired with a contrasting bright white, it feels sleek and stylish. This classic combo works well in a coastal theme or a modern bedroom.

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    Green, White, and Gray

    spa like bedroom with green cover

    Anne Sage

    Green, white, and gray is a lovely neutral color scheme that provides a bit of color while still maintaining an understated, minimalist feel. We love this sleek bedroom from Anne Sage. The soft, muted denim blues and washed-out greens give the space a vintage, timeless feel while the white walls keep the too-cool colors from taking over.

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    White and Wood

    Bedroom with lots of plants and white bedding

    Black and Blooms

    We love an all-white bedroom as much as the next home decorator, but white and natural wood is one of our favorite looks. This Scandi-inspired bedroom from Black and Blooms features a simple white bedroom with natural wood accents that give it a natural, Swedish vibe. A natural blonde wood pairs best with light neutrals like cool whites or grays.

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    Black and Gray

    Bedroom with black walls and gray bedding

    devon_grace_interiors / Instagram

    If moody is your thing, this bedroom from devon_grace_interiors is the perfect color scheme inspiration. Black paint is one of the bolder color choices you can make in a bedroom, but when it's paired with lighter hues like grays and whites, you avoid making your bedroom feel too dark.

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    Tan and White

    Bedroom with tan color scheme

    Hannah Tyler Designs

    If a super neutral look and feel is more up your alley, a tan and white color scheme like this one from Hannah Tyler Designs is a great alternative to an all-white bedroom. The pairing of the two neutral shades gives the space a little more visual interest and depth without taking away from the simple look and feel of the space.

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    Olive, White, and Mustard

    Bedroom with olive walls

    House 9 Interiors

    This olive, white, and mustard color scheme from House 9 Interiors is a beautiful, unique combination that's perfect for bedrooms with a vintage flair. Olive is a subdued, relaxed hue that feels as calming as it does trendy. When paired with a bolder color like mustard, you create a comforting, rich color scheme.

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    Red and Brown

    Bedroom with leather headboard and red pillow

    Jessica Nelson Design

    Though this bedroom from Jessica Nelson Design is mostly white, it also features two colors we love pairing together: red and brown. Brown can be a difficult color to work with, especially in the bedroom, but when you sprinkle it in in the form of natural deep leather or wood, it creates a warmth in the space.

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