25 Black Living Rooms That Will Inspire You To Paint Yours

black, white, and gold living room

Christian Garibaldi for Karen B. Wolf Interiors

If you love the look of a black living room but are worried that the hue will overwhelm your space and make it difficult for your furniture and accessories to shine, we have good news. It's 100 percent possible to incorporate black paint into your space without it taking over entirely.

If you're unable to paint or just don't want to commit to coating your walls, you can still have lots of fun with the color black. Black wallpaper—or bold black furnishings—will also add a welcome moodiness to your living room. No matter what approach you choose, you won't want to shy away from the color for much longer after taking a peek at the following 25 spaces.

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    Embrace Orange

    rust tones paired with black walls

    Haneen Matt

    We think of black walls most commonly being paired with white accents, but if you love color, don't shy away from bolder hues. Make like blogger Haneen Matt and weave warm rust tones into a living space with black walls—they'll provide plenty of warmth while keeping a room looking nice and moody. Better yet, earthy tones such as these are having a major moment right now, too.

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    Opt for Moderation

    black walls and white windows

    Jessica Alexander for Black Lacquer Design

    Keep window trims and bookends white while coating the walls in black can help maintain a room's open, airy look while still having fun with color. This space by Black Lacquer Design is filled with playful, neutral accents like a geometric rug and mod leather accent chair.

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    Lay Down A Jute

    black all behind fireplace


    Jute rugs are incredibly versatile and shine in a number of styles of rooms. In Instagrammer Teala's space, opting for lighter colored flooring allows for an open, airy look, while a black wall behind the fireplace helps camouflage her television.

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    Go Glossy

    black mantel

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    Add some glossy paint to the mantel for a bit of glamour that doesn't involve coating all four walls in a dark hue. Don't forget to finish off the setup with a few chic accents, as was the case in this space by Brexton Cole Interiors.

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    Pick Out Panels

    black fireplace makeover

    Becky Grunwald

    Blogger Becky Grunwald also took on a fireplace makeover, only she placed wood panels over the existing brick facade and painted these in a bold black. Keeping her furniture neutral allows Becky to have fun with black and white accessories, which add a cozy touch to her space.

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    Flip The Switch

    black living room with sculptural lighting

    Convey Studios for Urbanology Designs

    Black walls pair wonderfully with beams in a more rustic style space like this one by Urbanology Designs. Have fun with lighting and choose a bold fixture that complements the wall color—this one is eye-catching and doubles as a work of art.

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    Coat Those Built-Ins

    black built in shelves

    Christian Garibaldi for Karen B. Wolf Interiors

    If you're hesitant to commit to painting all four walls in a bold black, opt to coat the back of your built-ins instead, as Karen B. Wolf Interiors did here. Then let the hue really pop by sourcing decor featuring brass and white tones—they'll instantly make the setup look ultra sophisticated.

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    Go for Grasscloth

    black grasscloth wallpaper

    Cate Black for Etch Design Group

    Not as into paint? There are plenty of styles of black wallpaper on the market, such as this one that is reminiscent of grasscloth, selected by Etch Design Group. There's no need to fill walls with artwork if you're drawn to a more simplistic look. If you're a renter, you can search for removable papers that will be easy to take down once your lease ends.

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    Bring on the Plants

    black living room with plants


    Even if you love black, don't hesitate to go green! Instagrammer Ulli kept her living room feeling bright despite decorating in dark hues—all thanks to the addition of some plant friends.

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    Mix It Up

    black leather sofa glam

    Donice / Instagram

    Pair a classic black leather sofa with modern, glam furnishings like Instagrammer Donice and you'll have created the best of both worlds. A black leather sofa will never go out of style and provides a perfect contrast to the sleek silver coffee table.

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    Incorporate Abstracts

    black walls with abstract art


    Be selective with artwork if you want your walls to do the talking. Instagrammer Roxanne chose to hang two small, abstract pieces atop her black living room walls, and we truly believe that sometimes, less is more. You can even DIY your own artwork if you can't find something online or at a flea market that speaks to you.

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    Say Hello to Vibrant Artwork

    black living room blue features

    Erin Comerford Miller

    Just because you paint your walls black doesn't mean you have to avoid more vibrant artwork at all costs. Rather, pastel colored pieces add lots of charm to a moodier room and prevent a black space from feeling gloomy, as we see here in this space by Caroline Brackett.

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    Say Bye to Plain Brick

    black brick fireplace

    Dana Tucker

    Exposed brick is certainly a special interior feature—but sometimes, it's time for a change. Have a brick fireplace in your living room that could use a bit of an update? Take a cue from blogger Dana Tucker and paint it a bold black. This upgrade will bring plenty of new life into your living space and is simple enough to complete over the course of a weekend.

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    Be Boho

    leather couch dark walls

    Shelli / Instagram

    Feeling boho? Incorporate accents such as a Moroccan pouf and mid-century modern leather sofa into your space, but give the room a sleek, modern twist by going for black walls. Instagrammer Shelli shows us that mixing styles has never looked better.

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    Choose Contrast

    black living room accent wall with sconces


    Blogger Kate's black accent wall provides plenty of contrast in her mostly neutral space and pops against her tiled floors. Abstract art and gold sconces make for chic accent pieces that keep her setup looking contemporary and chic.

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    Try A Traditional Twist

    traditional living room black walls

    Donna / Instagram

    There's no reason that traditionalists have to shy away from black walls. As much as we love classic blue and white spaces, sometimes you just need to do something different. Instagrammer Donna decorated her black living room with must haves such as ginger jars and pops of animal print. Black is a versatile enough color to mesh well with any style.

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    Make Over Your Molding

    black walls

    Henna / Instagram

    We see a lot of plain white walls with molding, particularly in European homes, but don't hesitate to paint yours—you'll still be able to enjoy this fab architectural feature, even with a coat of color added on top. Instagrammer Henna covered her walls with a deep black but decorated the rest of her space with lighter blues and grays that add instant calm to the room.

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    Stay Subtle

    black modern living room

    Mansa / Instagram

    If you have a black furniture piece that you want to be the star of the show, opt for more subtle accent pieces—like this minimalistic C table that Instagrammer Mansa worked into her living room. It takes up such little visual space and allows the sofa to shine. An acrylic table is also a winning solution.

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    Try a DIY

    wainscotting dark living room

    Chris and Julia Marcum

    Wainscoting can turn a so-so living room wall into a work of art—and all the more so when it's painted a bold color. Chris and Julia Marcum made over their living room by DIYing a brand new wall that they painted black, and the results are magical!

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    Keep It Cozy

    black room farmhouse accents

    El Peterson / Instagram

    For a laid back look, make like El Peterson and opt for farmhouse-inspired accents in your black living room. Wooden benches, stoneware, and vases are all winning choices.

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    Go For Marble

    black marble fireplace

    Nathan Shroder for Maestri Studio

    Black marble is always an eye-catching delight. This room by Maestri Studio features a stunning marble fireplace that brings timeless beauty to the space and is bound to please for years to come.

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    Get Funky

    dramatic accents in black living room

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    Turquoise sofas with orange pillows, alongside a vase filled with bright feathery accents? Yes, please! Maestri Studio took a cue from this room's moody black walls and brought the drama. This room is giving us major '70s design vibes.

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    Play With Purple

    purple and black living room

    Greg Riegler for In Detail Interiors

    We don't often see black paired with purple, but that doesn't mean there's any reason to steer clear of this color combo—it looks lovely in this space by In Detail Interiors. Velvet purple curtains add a regal touch to the eclectic space.

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    Get Natural

    rustic glam room

    Travis J. Photography for House of Jade

    Bring a cabin-like touch to an all-black room by incorporating natural touches, such as wooden logs, as well as branches. This space by House of Jade is a rustic glam retreat.

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    Add An Accent Wall

    black accent wall

    Carlos / Instagram

    Instagrammer Carlos's living room features a black fireplace and bookshelf, but by keeping the remaining part of the wall white, the look is unique and not overwhelming. A blanket ladder adds intrigue to the remaining portion of the wall and reinforces the space's color scheme.