Beautiful Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Photo: The Jungalow
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    Decorating in Boho Style

    Purple and silver boho bedroom.
    Photo: Decoist

    Whether you call it boho, bohemian, or gypsy, this eclectic decorating style is a colorful blend of patterns, fabrics, styles and eras, livened up with a big dose of artistic free spirit and an attitude of “Anything goes as long as I love it.” If that sounds like the decorating style for you, read on to learn tips and tricks about boho décor from the 24 rooms featured here.

    Boho style typically means a flair for global influences, like the Moroccan touches in the room shown here. And while...MORE there’s plenty of excitement in this exotically beautiful bedroom, notice that the palette is limited to purple, gray, and chartreuse. While a rainbow of color is quite common with this style, it’s not required; remember, this is a decorating theme without much regard for “rules.”

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    Boho Shifts Into Neutral

    Think of the bohemian decorating style, and you most likely imagine a room filled with a riot of bright color. And in fact, that is the most common look for this theme. But as has been stated already, boho is a style without rigid rules. There’s no law stating you can’t do a wonderfully bohemian look entirely in neutrals. And as proof, take a look at the room shown here, from Blissfully Eclectic. It’s filled with everything that makes boho so wonderful: lots of pattern, many different types of...MORE textiles, global influence, tons of personality. The neutral palette takes the excitement down a notch, however, proving that even boho style can be peaceful and serene when it wants to be.

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    Show Off Your Books

    Bohemian bedroom with tall bookcases
    Photo: Casa Chaucha

    Even books can become art when arranged on towering bookcases near the bed, as in this colorful and exuberant bedroom from Casa Chaucha. Another fun touch: overlapped, propped-up artwork in place of a headboard. 

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    Flea Market Artwork

    Thrift shop artwork in bedroom
    Photo: The Decorista

    If you're on the hunt for artwork to hang on your bedroom walls, check out your local thrift stores, flea markets, or antique malls. You'll find lots of intriguing paintings, drawings and photos just waiting to liven up your boho bedroom, just like this space from The Decorista

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    Decorate the Bohemian Bedroom with Screens

    Vintage wicker screen in bedroom
    Photo: The Jungalow

    Whether it's wood, fabric, or wicker (like the gorgeous vintage screen shown here), your boho bedroom needs a screen or two. Use one as a headboard the way Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow does here, or prop one in a corner, use a screen to provide privacy or mark off a sitting area. 

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    Paper Lanterns in a Boho Bedroom

    A string of colorful paper lantern lights is a very inexpensive and fun way to add light to your boho bedroom. This cute room is from That Bohemian Girl

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    Flowers in the Bedroom

    Every bedroom deserves fresh flowers; why not add their wonderful color and fragrance to your own sleeping space? And check out the fantastic lighting fixture in this colorful bohemian bedroom found on Design Addict Mom. So pretty. 

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    Lots of Plants

    Boho bedroom with lots of plants.
    Photo: Fotosearch/Getty Images

    While every bedroom should have at least one or two houseplants – they help purify the air, improve your mood, and add a touch of natural beauty hard to match with manmade décor – a veritable jungle of houseplants isn’t at all uncommon in a bohemian space. Choose easy-to-grow greenery like snake plant, pothos, dracaena and Chinese evergreen, and you’ll liven up your room, even if your thumb isn’t very green.

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    Don't Forget the Ceiling

    Colorful fabric ceiling
    Photo: Abode/Getty Images

    Textiles, and lots of them, are a hallmark of bohemian décor, and when those textiles are soft and billowing, so much the better. Want to give your bedroom the cozy feel of a gypsy caravan? Then tack a stretch of patterned fabric over the ceiling, letting the material billow and drape slightly in the center and at the edges. So pretty and romantic.

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    Make a Cozy Bed

    Boho bedroom with colorful bedding.
    Photo: DigsDigs

    No matter what the decorating scheme, the bed is the star of the bedroom. Because of the emphasis on textiles, a bed piled high with cozy, lavish bedding is a natural for bohemian style. Layer quilts on top of bedspreads, add multiple throw blankets, mix a variety of shams and throw pillows: it’s hard to go too far with this decorating theme.

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    Plenty of Mixed Patterns

    Boho bedroom with colorful quilt.
    Photo: The Jungalow

    If there is any decorating “rule” that’s rarely broken when it comes to bohemian décor, it’s lots of mixed patterns, especially on the bed. The looks-like-something-Grandma-might-have-crocheted bedspread adds a wonderful blast of vintage fun to this bedroom decorated by The Jungalow, but why stop there? The southwestern area rug, mismatched throw pillows, fabric-draped light fixture, and tapestry instead of headboard all work together to add excitement and personality to this room.

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    Hang Up Some String Lights

    String lights in bedroom
    Photo: One kindesign

    String lights are a boho staple, and for good reason. They add a little touch of magic to a space, and provide just enough light for romantic encounters, if that’s on your agenda for the evening. String them around the headboard, use them to outline your windows, or just loosely drape them from the ceiling, as in the bedroom shown here (but be careful not to let the lights hang low enough to catch around you as you walk.)

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    Simply Bohemian

    Love boho style, but crave a little more order in your life? Well, you can still give your bedroom a touch of bohemian flair, yet keep the look under control. For inspiration, check out the bedroom from The Transcontinental Affair shown here. 

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    Shake Up Traditional Style

    Bohemian style often takes traditional or vintage furnishings and then gives them a whole new look by adding in blasts of color, pattern and global spice. For example, the chaise lounge couch and turned-post bed in this room designed by Kathryn Ireland are traditional designs, but wow, with a dizzying array of pattern and bright color, they are anything but old-fashioned.

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    Decorate the Walls

    Boho bedroom with lots of artwork on walls.
    Photo: Fernando Bengoechea/Getty Images

    Bohemian style equals artistic style, so it’s no surprise that a mishmash of treasured artwork is a favorite way to decorate the walls in this look. Frame your favorite paintings, fabric scraps, photographs, old maps or botanical etchings, a collection of feathers, vintage handkerchiefs: whatever strikes your fancy.

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    Try Ceiling Hangings

    If you want a quick and easy way to add boho flair to your bedroom, just try tacking up several lengths of colorful or lacy cloth, as in this bedroom found on Apartment Therapy. Such a pretty and inexpensive way to decorate your space!

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    Boho Grows Up

    Glamorous brown and purple bedroom.
    Photo: DigsDigs

    Bohemian style can be quite grownup and glamorous when it wants to be. This purple, gold, and brown bedroom is full of sensuous textiles: the drapes, the headboard, the bedding, and the throw pillows. There’s just enough pattern here to keep things hopping, but not so much that it’s overwhelming or juvenile. Proof that boho isn’t just a look for college kids or teens; it’s also perfectly at home in a sophisticated master bedroom when done right.

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    Culture Clash

    Colorful boho bedroom.
    Photo: Fotosearch/Getty Images

    Global influence is a big part of the bohemian look – and the reason why it’s sometimes referred to as gypsy style – so feel free to mix and match your cultures. Here, a wonderfully intricate Indian wooden room divider provides a bit of privacy around a bed adorned with warm Mexican design on the throw blanket and pillow.

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    Antiques in a Boho Bedroom

    Gorgeous antique bed
    Photo: The Decorista

    Who wouldn't feel like a queen sleeping in an antique bed as fantastic as this one? Feel free to add antiques and vintage pieces to your boho digs, as in this wonderful bedroom from The Decorista

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    Teen Boy's Boho Bedroom

    Teen boy's boho bedroom
    Photo: Woohome

    While there's no question teenage girls love boho style, it's a look that also works very well in a teen boy's bedroom. There might be less bright color and less floral exuberance, but the basic idea remains the same: a mishmash of well-loved items and a ton of personality. 

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    Easy, Breezy Boho

    “Bohemian” is sometimes used as a synonym (or perhaps an excuse) for a very cluttered – even messy – look. And while a boho room is typically decorated with plenty of well-loved collectibles, artwork and furnishings, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Case in point: the room shown here --- it’s from Amber Interior Design - is quite airy and simple (by boho standards) and yet it’s still full of color, pattern, fun vintage flair (that rattan bed!) and a comfortable yet whimsical overall vibe.

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    Hang a Quilt

    No headboard? No problem! Just tack up a gorgeous quilt or tapestry, as in this bedroom found on Bohemian Pages. And it's so easy to switch if you get tired of the pattern, or find something you like better.  

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    Boho Child's Bedroom

    Child's boho bedroom
    Photo: The Jungalow

    Cute, colorful, full of fun and personality: boho style is perfect for a child's bedroom. Just check out the adorable room here from The Jungalow; what's not to love about this happy space? As a bonus, your child might even be eager for bedtime when her room is this inviting!

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    Lots of Toss Pillows

    Boho bedroom decorating ideas
    Photo: Woohome

    While an overload of toss pillows is a no-no in most decorating styles, feel free to break the rules in your boho sleeping space. Instead, pile your bed high with a colorful collection of throw pillows from around the globe.