Beautiful Brown Paint Colors for the Bedroom

You'll never go wrong with brown on your walls

Brown and white bedroom.
Photo: Phoebe Howard

Brown isn’t overly enthusiastic, dramatic or demanding of the spotlight. Instead, it’s the color of the rich earth, the shade of growth and life, the tone of an owl’s wing or a leaf crunching underfoot. It has a depth and sense of calm that makes it an excellent choice for bedroom walls. Don’t make the mistake of thinking brown is boring – rather, it has an understated elegance and presence that stands out without shouting.

There is a shade of brown for every preference and decorating theme,...MORE whether you love the weathered look of country décor or the sleek and clean contemporary style. But choosing the right shade of brown can be tough. Visit any home improvement center, and you are sure to be overwhelmed by the thousands of available colors. To make your decision a bit easier, here are 12 shades of brown in tints ranging from light to dark. All are beautiful colors that will bring a sense of tranquility and a look of cozy warmth to your bedroom walls.

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    Autumn Dusk from Pratt & Lambert
    Photo courtesy of Pratt & Lambert

    A deep brown with a touch of earthy green-gray undertone, Autumn Dusk from Pratt & Lambert brings to mind mushrooms or tea leaves. This is a brown with personality, and will hold its own against other strong colors like deep green, dark blue, mustard, burnt orange, barn red, black, or metallic tones.

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    Bar Harbor from Benjamin Moore
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Here's a mid-tone beige with a slightly cool undertone. Bar Harbor Beige from Benjamin Moore is strong enough to give a definite presence on your walls, but will not monopolize the room. It's cool undertones work perfectly with blues, greens, gray, black, silver and even purple or deep pink.

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    Buff from Farrow & Ball
    Photo courtesy of Farrow & Ball

    Buff from Farrow & Ball might well be the perfect neutral. It has more character than beige or tan, but it doesn't demand attention the way darker browns might. It plays well with just about any other color, and complements pretty much every decorating style. What a great choice if you want a neutral that isn't bland or chilly.


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    Chocolate Truffle from Benjamin Moore
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Sweet and strong like its candy namesake, Chocolate Truffle from Benjamin Moore is a deep, warm chocolate brown. As comfortable as a hug, it's a color that brings coziness to your room, yet is deep enough to look sophisticated and contemporary. Use it with a palette of neutrals, or combine it with other strong colors like green, blue, eggplant, or mustard.

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    Dove's Tail from Farrow & Ball
    Photo courtesy of Farrow & Ball

    Depending on the light in your bedroom, Dove's Tail from Farrow & Ball can appear cool and even slightly gray, or warm and cozy. That makes it a very versatile brown indeed, ready to play with just about any accent color you choose. It's a great choice to spice up creamy neutrals, or add a soothing touch to a room with a lot of bright accessories. 

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    Manchester Tan from Benjamin Moore
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Here's a warm tan that is right in the mid-tones -- it's not too light and it's definitely not too dark. Benjamin Moore's Manchester Tan is a great color to mix with bolder hues of blue, red, orange, or green, or use it to add a bit of cozy warmth to a black-and-white color scheme.

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    Mink from Benjamin Moore
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    As silky and sleek as its namesake animal, Mink from Benjamin Moore is a sultry dark brown that serves to soothe the spirits while adding a definitely sophisticated vibe to the bedroom. The slightly warm undertone means that Mink works very well with a wide range of colors. Picture it with creamy white trim, or accents of soft blue or sage green.

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    Natural Linen

    Natural Linen from Glidden
    Photo courtesy of Glidden

    Natural Linen from Glidden is a soft tan with no undertones of other shades -- no pink, no yellow, no blue or green. This simplicity and pureness of color makes it a perfect neutral, suitable for mixing with any other color you fancy. It gives your bedroom a whisper of color without being obtrusive in any way.

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    Night Horizon Benjamin Moore Brown
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    If you love the moody and dramatic look of black paint on bedroom walls, but you're afraid of taking the plunge into goth darkness, consider Night Horizon from Benjamin Moore. It's a brown just shy of black, so you'll get the drama you crave without fear of chill or gloom. Just a deep, warm hug of the darkest brown.


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    Rustic Taupe paint Behr
    Photo courtesy of Behr.

    Is it gray, or is it brown? It's Rustic Taupe from Behr, and depending on the light, it appears as the softest wash of warm gray or cool brown. That means it's as neutral as any paint you'll find; versatile enough to work with any accent color, soothing in mood, mild in character. An especially nice choice for a contemporary bedroom.


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    Valley Forge Brown from Benjamin Moore
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Valley Forge Brown from Benjamin Moore is a mid-tone, golden brown with a lively and warm feel. It's a great choice for a Mediterranean style room filled with reds, oranges, and yellows, or try it in a contemporary setting with black, gray, and muted greens. Or combine it with mid-tone greens and blues for a country-themed bedroom.

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    Warm Caramel

    Warm Caramel from Glidden
    Photo courtesy of Glidden

    The name says it all. As rich, warm, and comfortable as a delicious candy, Warm Caramel from Glidden is dark enough to make a statement on your walls, but not so dark that it overwhelms the space. It's a great color to mix with earthy oranges, golden yellows, deeper shades of brown, strong greens and warm reds.