7 Beautiful Celebrity Bedrooms with Bad Feng Shui

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    Can beautiful bedrooms have bad feng shui? Yes, they can.


    The celebrity bedrooms we chose for this feng shui gallery are all beautifully designed and quite a pleasure to look at.  Although beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, more often than not we all agree at least on some degree of the "attractiveness factor" of any specific person, place or thing.

    With feng shui energy, though, there is really not that much leeway - the space either has good feng shui or not. Of course there are many levels to feng shui, and sometimes it takes a deeper look to see why a place that looks so attractive would be considered bad feng shui. 

    Let's have a look at several beautiful celebrity bedrooms with bad feng shui.

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    Courtney Cox's Bedroom


    Courtney Cox's bedroom looks quite attractive. I love the look of the selenite crystal bedside tables, the crispness of the black and white color scheme, the paneled ceiling and a few other details. However, it does not take too deep of a look to see the bad feng shui features. In fact, they are right in your face, the most obvious one being the positioning of the bed.

    Having a headboard positioned against the hallway (why on earth?), as well as another door, is one of the worst feng shui bed positioning I have ever seen (and I have seen many, many, oh so many different bed placements).  

    In fact, it is hard to think of a worse bed placement, and I much hope Courtney Cox's bedroom has changed since this photo was taken. The material of the headboard (zinc), even though it has an interesting look - is also bad feng shui. Metal beds in general are bad feng shui.

    An ideal feng shui bed placement is with the headboard against the solid wall, which creates the energy of security, safety and strength (both inner and outer qualities). A bed that is positioned in the opposite way will in time greatly contribute to the weakness of these qualities.

    Another obvious bad feng shui feature is the beam above the bed, accentuated by its black color. Beams above the bed are bad feng shui because they create a heavy, pressing energy in the area right below them, as well as its vicinity. This can, in time, escalate health issues. In case of a couple's bed, a beam above the bed, especially if it is right above the center of the bed, can also contribute to marital discord.

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    Sarah Jessica Parker's Master Bedroom


    Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's bedroom is sure beautiful and airy. The space has an overall uplifting feeling and a gentle freshness to it. The choice of colors is soothing and calming in a happy sort of way. Is this a good feng shui bedroom, though? No, it isn't.

    A bed under the window is bad feng shui, even though this situation is made much better with a beautiful yellow color upholstered headboard.

    Two more bad feng shui features in this bedroom - the fan and the beam above the bed. It's double trouble bad feng shui when you see these two together above the bed. I  much hope the couple does not spend much time in this bedroom or have either sold or redefined the purpose of this otherwise beautiful space.

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    Hilary Swank's Master Bedroom


    The most striking bad feng shui feature in Hilary Swank's bedroom is the low ceiling above the head of the bed. This might seem visually like a cozy nook that is tastefully created (and the silk wall covering behind the bed is sure beautiful), but what this arrangement actually does it creates oppressing energy for the bed. Feng shui-wise, this can create the energy of headaches, confusion, anger and other negative, constricting emotions.

    Adding to this bad feng shui setup is a very low bed with almost no room for Chi, or energy to circulate and refresh the space in and around the bed. The big focal point art in black color, as well as the off center black and white photo only add to the potentially negative energy in this bedroom (even though visually they make the space look more crisp).

    As with other celebrity bedroom examples, I hope Hilary Swank does not spend too much time in this bed, or has since rearranged her bedroom.

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    Meg Ryan's Bedroom


    Meg Ryan's bedroom looks airy and uplifting due to the abundance of natural light and high ceilings. It has beautiful furniture pieces and soothing colors. Of course, because this bedroom is included in our list of bad feng shui celebrity bedrooms, you are waiting for me to point the bad feng shui features here. However, can you easily spot the first one yourself?

    Yes, it is the mirror reflecting the bed, a definite No in good feng shui bedroom design. The next one is the beautiful light fixture above the bed. No matter how beautiful, you do not want anything hanging above your bed (other than a canopy).

    The bed placement is not ideal either - it is always best to avoid a bed placed too close to the door. The barn style door, though, is awesome, and so is the trunk at the end of the bed.

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    Cameron Diaz's Bedroom


    There is something off, energy wise, about this bedroom, and it is easy to see why. If I were to use quick words to express its energy - and this can be very helpful when you try to define the energy in any given space -  it would be something along the lines of fake glamour, constricted, a bit oppressive, pretentious, restricting, stagnant. 

    Now let's define it in feng shui terms. The low bed has very little or no space underneath it, which restricts or even blocks the flow of Chi, or Universal energy. This creates a potentially big pool of stagnant space (energy-wise).

    The ceiling looks menacing and heavy as compared to the actual fragile energy of the top of the bed. (The linens are beautiful and so are their colors but they do not really feel "up to the task" in this space). By fragile energy I mean the bed is very exposed as compared to the heaviness of the ceiling and the dark color furniture piece facing the bed.

    In feng shui, the bed is the main feature in the bedroom and is always the piece that has to have the most strength and power, energy-wise. The opposite of what is needed for good feng shui is happening in this bedroom. The bad feng shui of the black beams above the bed, as well as the light fixture, is obvious.

    The amount of fabrics, wall covering, window covering, high pile rug and chair fur, all in a small space, makes me wonder about the quality of air. Even though the designer has done a great job with attracting more light into the space, this bedroom still has bad feng shui.

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    Roberto Cavalli's Bedroom


    The bedroom of Roberto Cavalli has to be a grand statement. You would not expect anything less from this fashion mogul, would you? It is actually excellent feng shui when the bedroom fully expresses the energy of the owner, and this bedroom is sure quite stunning. So, is this a good feng shui bedroom, then? No, it isn't.

    The worst feng shui feature in this bedroom is also its most bold and beautiful statement. Yes, it's this absolutely gorgeous, unique and very beautiful mirror placed in a bad feng shui way. Mirrors in the bedroom are a big feng shui No, unless you are crafty enough to position them so that they do not reflect the bed, an open doorway or the bedroom door (or any other door in your bedroom).

    A mirror behind the bed is really bad feng shui because it brings the energy of the water feng shui element, and water behind your back when you sleep can contribute to many undesirable effects - lack of sleep, turbulent or superficial sleep, lack of energy, etc. The list of the negative effects can be long as it all depends on the energy of the person who sleeps there most often.

    It also looks like there is a doorway reflected in the mirror - which guess what - only doubles the active energy of the door-way (movement, lack of rest, transition). It's the opposite of what one wants in the bedroom in order to create good feng shui.

    There is no headboard; the mirror is supposed to serve as a headboard, I guess, and this actually makes it worse than having no headboard at all. Another bad feng shui detail is the big projector (I assume it's a projector) above the right side of the bed. Really bad feng shui. The placement of the bed (in line with the doorway) is also promoting a weak quality of energy in this bedroom.

    Well, I hope this isn't one of Roberto Cavalli's go-to bedrooms!

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    Jennifer Aniston's Bedroom

    My understanding is that Jennifer Aniston sold this house, so good for her!  Sleeping well (or maintaining a close intimate relationship) in this bedroom is sure a huge task. As huge as those two lamps are in comparison to the intimate, warm lighting that is best for a good feng shui bedroom (I mean the sensual candlelight).

    The only word that consistently comes to mind when I see this bedroom photo is mausoleum. I know this is a heavy word to use, so please forgive me if it offends your senses. We are dealing with energy terms here so I am speaking of the state of energy in this bedroom.

    There are so many feng shui details and elements that make this bedroom a bedroom to avoid, and they all can be summed up in one sentence - this is a bedroom that makes a human and his or her intimate relationships insignificant and cold/distant. It's a visual statement of some illusory grandeur that can be quite appropriate for a boardroom, but not for the bedroom.

    Good it's sold, and hopefully the new owner makes it sensual and beautiful -  as a bedroom is intended to be for healthy, happy humans.

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    Create A Good Feng Shui Bedroom

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    This concludes our tour of beautiful celebrity bedrooms with bad feng shui. I will add more photos to this gallery as I find them, so feel free to check this gallery often. For now, though, why not discover what makes a good feng shui bedroom?

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