These 15 Paint Colors for Girls Rooms Depart From Classic Pink

See the hues that work with various age ranges, styles, and preferences

White teepee set up in kids bedroom next to light green chair and lamp with white walls surrounding

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When it comes to little girls’ rooms, color is everything. But picking the perfect paint color can be a tricky process. Show up at your local home improvement store unprepared, and you’ll quickly find yourself drowning in a sea of paper paint chips. Even when you’ve done your homework and collected your inspiration images, finding a paint color that matches your photo can be a real uphill battle. One thing's for sure, girls' rooms aren't just pink anymore.

  • Color Family: Colors preferences reflect nearly every hue from pastel pinks, blues, greens, purples; rich, deep shades, including navy, berry, and teal; and neutrals like greige, ivory, and silver
  • Complementary Colors: Depending on the color you select, there are usually a couple of colors that can make your color stand out
  • Pairs Well With: If you select a muted or bright color for the wall, pair it with a light, neutral-colored trim
  • Mood: Youthful and clean
  • Where to Use: These colors are cheerful choices for a child's bedroom, nursery, or playroom

Here are the top 15 paint colors that'll make your little girl's bedroom the prettiest on the block.

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    Blush Pink: Intimate White by Sherwin-Williams

    Blush Pink: Intimate paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    Although this paint hue is called "Intimate White," it is a far cry from white. This subtle shade of rosy blush gives this beautiful nursery space from Maison de Pax a touch of sophistication, creating a classic look. "I knew I wanted mostly neutrals with lots of texture," says room designer Rachel Paxton. The perfect combination of sweet and chic, this understated beauty can take your daughter from her nursery days well into her teens, able to effortlessly support a boho style, French provincial, or contemporary feel. Copper accents bring the refinement level up a notch.

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    Lilac: New Age by Benjamin Moore

    Lilac: New Age paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    Purple can be a real soul-soother, but it is also a notoriously difficult color to work with. Choose the right shade, and you end up with a sweet space like this lovely room spotted on Recently. However, it is easy to go wrong with purple, turning your daughter’s into a room that's gloomy. “New Age” by Benjamin Moore is a light and airy shade of lilac that boasts all the soothing powers of blue with just enough pink to keep things feeling cheerful. 

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    Aqua: Embellished Blue by Sherwin-Williams

    Aqua: Embellished paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    Aqua walls and bold yellow accents give this bright and sunny nursery room from Lay Baby Lay a fresh and energetic feel. "We painted the walls Embellished Blue by Sherwin Williams, which is a great shade for a neutral nursery, and added pops of yellow. The crisp white of the crib also looks so great against that perfect blue hue," says home designer Joni Lay. Create your own sunny days in your child's room with this light-colored hue that's saturated with color, bringing the space to life.

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    Muted Aqua: Rainwashed by Sherwin-Williams

    Muted Aqua: Rainwashed paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    Looking for something a little more understated? Tone things down with this more subtle shade like that featured in this lovely room design from Homes by Heidi. A touch more green than blue, “Rainwashed” by Sherwin-Williams is a calming neutral that pairs well with almost any accent. "I decided to keep the purple and turquoise theme. I was able to save a lot of money by reusing most everything I originally bought for the nursery, but still ended up with a room that feels new as well as elegant and magical."


    Installing easy-to-clean wainscotting with a glossy paint finish is a smart idea for the lower half of a child's room, where scuffs, spills, and crayon marks are an inevitability.

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    Mint: Benjamin Moore's Lido Green

    Mint: Lido Green paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    With its soft minty walls and rich navy accents, this adorably eclectic space spotted on Lay Baby Lay is a refreshing mint green paired with other pastel accents. Cool, soothing, and fairly neutral, it’s a versatile color with plenty of staying power. This hue freshens up any room instantly and can work well with light or dark flooring and dark wood or white-colored furniture.

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    Turquoise: Spa by Sherwin-Williams

    Turquoise: Spa paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    This bright and clean girls’ room by Lil’ Luna boasts beautiful turquoise walls and a rainbow of colorful accents. Incredibly versatile, you really can't go wrong with this popular color. It looks as beautiful with bold shades of red and yellow as it does with soft pastel hues.


    Kids want to love their rooms, too, so get their input when planning. If they're old enough, present them with a few options; they can help pick the colors they will live with for a while.

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    Navy: Naval by Sherwin-Williams

    Navy: Naval paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    A bold shade of navy is another excellent way to amp up the drama in your little one’s space. "I’m an artist, and I love high contrast—that’s why I paired the navy with the pale shades of pink," says home designer Jackie Konczol. "I’m calling the theme “midnight garden.” This adorable girl’s room, featured on Project Nursery, pairs Sherwin William’s dramatic Naval with pale pink accents and clean white furnishings, providing plenty of contrast to emphasize the room’s rich hue.

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    Coral: Pink Canopy by Benjamin Moore

    Coral: Pink Canopy paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    Vivacious coral brings life and energy to any space, combining pink with the refreshing vitality of orange. This playful girl’s room by Charlotte Love Interiors features minimalist mountain peaks in Benjamin Moore’s sunset-inspired shade Pink Canopy with an explosive collage of pastels.

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    Beige: Malted Milk by Behr

    Beige: Malted Milk paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    Milk-chocolate walls, creamy white, and strawberry pink accents, evokes Neopolitan ice cream in this twin girl's room. Copper or brass cribs fit fabulously in this color scheme with dark wood or white accents. This beige, a muted light brown shade, can work almost anywhere,

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    Ivory: Crisp Linen by Benjamin Moore

    Ivory: Crisp Linen paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    Yellow is a cheery color for a little girl’s room, but a touch of this sunny shade can go a long way. Instead of choosing a pastel yellow, opt for soft, butter-colored ivory, like the shade featured in this sweet room from Project Nursery. Pair it with clean white accents to bring out this subtle shade’s creamy goodness.

    "I love to mix styles! I mixed in some modern pieces with classic, french and vintage pieces," says interior designer Tanya Ng. "My inspiration was creating a light and airy dreamland" for this white, gold, and pink room.

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    Berry: Razzle Dazzle by Benjamin Moore

    Berry: Razzle Dazzle paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    A deliciously bold berry-stain pink makes this otherwise neutral space stand out on One Kings Lane. “Pink makes everything pop,” says Katie Tarses, who landed on Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle for the back of the shelves in her 4-year-old daughter's room. “Now everything we put up there—whether it’s one of her art projects, a doll, or a tea set—stands out so much.”

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    Greige: Benjamin Moore's Rodeo

    Greige: Rodeo paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    Greige—a subtle combination of brown and grey—may not seem like the most obvious color choice for a child's bedroom, but this versatile neutral offers the perfect backdrop for colorful accents. Pink is the star of this Project Nursery room with Benjamin Moore's Rodeo as a backdrop. In a few years, if the young girl wants a color change, it's quicker and easier to swap out curtains and bedding for a new color than it is to repaint all the walls.

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    Peach: Soft Shell by Benjamin Moore

    Peach: Soft Shell paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    With its soft peach walls, sherbet-inspired accents, and clean white furnishings, this charming vintage girl’s room from Arielle Elise is a nursery dream! Often overlooked, peach is one of the most flattering and versatile shades of pink. It can pair with white, cream, aqua, lavender, or other pastels. Warm and comforting, this pretty hue never fails to create a cozy space.

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    Silver: Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore

    Silver: Stonington Gray paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    Soft peach accents and silver-gray walls make for a lovely palette in this beautiful yet straightforward nursery from 12th & White. Pair a clean, neutral shade like Benjamin Moore's “Stonington Gray” with almost any pastel accent for a look that’s easy to upgrade as your little lady grows.

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    Rose: Cool Lava by Benjamin Moore

    Rose: Cool Lave paint swatch for little girls' room

    The Spruce

    The rich and rosy shade of pink featured in this gorgeous, vintage-inspired girl’s room from 100 Layer Cake-Let is perfect if you want to inject a little color. It’s a bold shade with subtle muted overtones that keep it from overpowering the space. It plays well with creamy white accents. 

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