17 Beautiful Garden Fence Ideas

bamboo garden fence
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    Add Privacy and Beauty

    A garden fence is a practical way to keep critters away from your precious flowers and add structure to your yard or garden. It gives you a way to clearly delineate your garden from the rest of your yard while adding a bit of personality and style to your outdoor space. 

    And while some ideas, like this beautiful layout from Brooke Giannetti, take a little more effort, others can be easily DIY'd in a day or two. This fence uses wood and chicken wire to separate the garden from the rest of the yard, and adds a focal point with an inviting breakfast table among the garden beds. 

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    Garden Fences

    This easy-to-install iron fence spotted on ironcraftfences' Instagram can be placed in an afternoon, and is a sturdy way to keep unwanted guests out of your garden. Because this fence puts practicality over aesthetics, we recommended it in a backyard or vegetable garden over the front yard. 

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    Modern Fence

    From rustic to Tuscan-inspired, the look of your garden fence sets the tone for the rest of the yard. We love the modern, contemporary feel this geometric wooden fence from Blog Lovin' adds to the garden. It's open and airy, so the garden beds still feel like they're a cohesive part of the yard, but the embedded wire effectively keeps pests out.  

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    Wood Slat Fence

    If you want a way to secure your yard and garden while also offering a little privacy, this modern wooden fence from Bower Power is a great choice. It's tall enough to keep both animals and nosey neighbors out, but beautiful and stylish enough to add curb appeal to your home. Decorate with a few hanging plants on the perimeter to really take this look to the next level. 

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    Rustic Fences

    Here's another garden fence that clearly segments the beds out from the rest of the yard.  This fence was DIY'd by blogger Merry Pad, and offers a sturdy and stylish way to partition off a veggie garden. The wood lends a rustic, country feel without feeling too vintage or cottage-y.

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    Tall Backyard Fences

    We can't get enough of this luxurious little garden from One Kings Lane. The black wood slatted fence is simultaneously practical and welcoming, and creates a wonderful nook for peaceful Sunday morning coffee as well as tending to tomato plants. The lattice panels are a great way to incorporate vine-y plants and add even more greenery to the space. 

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    Wooden Posts and Chicken Wire Fence

    This garden fence from Decor It Darling adds a bit of rustic charm while working to keep the plants safe and sound. This option has a lot more height than some of the others, but because it's still open it doesn't feel boxed in or overwhelming. 

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    Repurpose Pallets

    If there's one DIY material that is useful in nearly every area of your home, it's the wooden pallet. Whether you're lucky enough to score a bundle of these for free or you cut a deal with the local hardware store, pallets are both a little rustic and a little modern—and very versatile. This fence from Backyard Boss adds a modern and sophisticated feel to the backyard landscaping by using wooden pallets. Paint the pallets white to create a more traditional look. 

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    Traditional Picket Fence

    If you want to keep things classic, you can't go wrong with a white picket fence, like this one from Homebunch. This fence adds a big dose of curb appeal to your home, especially when surrounded by bright pops of colorful flowers. If you want an even more hands-off fence that can withstand the elements, consider vinyl instead of wood.

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    Railway Sleepers as a Fence

    railway sleeper around garden
    Keven Shipley

    Railway sleepers are a common material used in landscaping, and they lend a unique, vintage feel to any yard. We love this rustic garden from Keven Shipley, which is framed with old railway sleepers because it segments the space from the rest of the yard while also elevating it. 

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    White Fences

    This beautiful garden fence from Designs Northwest Architects features a stunning white picket fence and arbor to invite guests and add loads of curb appeal. An arbor adds a focal point to your yard and shelter to your entryway. Though the white picket fence style is typically considered more homey and traditional, this arbor feels modern and updated.   

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    Living Fences

    For a big wow factor, tend your garden to grow around your fence, as seen in this yard from  ggardenman. This perimeter fence is perfect for a large garden or yard. The roses help blend the materials in with the rest of area, creating a unified and seamless look. 

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    Painted Fences

    We love this privacy garden fence from The Garden Glove because it's not only easy to DIY, but the simple mural is the perfect way to add a pop of sunshine—even in the middle of winter. By keeping the wooden slats wide-set, the fence feels airy and allows pops of greenery to peek through from the garden. 

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    Bamboo Fence

    Bamboo is another popular material for outdoor landscaping, and this cute garden from Garden Lovers Club is ample evidence why. The large stalks of bamboo feel like they're one with the rest of the yard, while still segmenting the garden from the rest of the space.  

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    Durable and Attractive Option

    chicken wire and metal fence
    Instagram / rachelevolve

    If pests and animals in your garden are your biggest concern, this metal and wire fence from rachelevolve serves as one great approach. This garden fence uses heavy duty metal and wire to contain the garden and is tall enough to keep deer away from your precious veggies. 

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    Rustic Split Rail Fence

     Want to give your garden a lived-in look? Take a cue from this extra-rustic fence from thecountrylane, which uses old, distressed wood to make it look as if it's been there for decades. It also does a great job of setting off what's inside, contrasting the roughness of the wood with the bright colors of the flowers.

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    Lighting On Fences

    Will string lights ever go out of style? We hope not—we still love the whimsical touch they add to outdoor spaces, and gardens are no different. This white wooden fence from miumari_74 is made even more enchanting with the string of cafe lights and the simple white daisies cast down the slats.