23 Ideas for Beautiful Gray Bathrooms

gray bathroom

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Gray is often considered a bland, boring shade for decorating. With the right approach, though, gray can work in a beautiful, elegant, or even quirky bathroom. After all, gray is the ultimate neutral color, the one shade that literally goes with everything.

These beautiful gray bathrooms should renew your love of this timeless, classic shade.

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    Soft Beach-Style

    Shower and bath in modern bathroom
    Robert Daly / Getty Images

    If you are looking for a soft and understated look with a traditional, beachy feel for your bathroom, pale gray is the perfect shade. You can match it with windswept beiges, navy blues, and soft gold.

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    Sexy Gray Primary Bathroom

    Gray, black and gold bathroom
    Ange / The Blooming Hydrangea

    This smaller but still comfortable bathroom comes to us from Ange of The Blooming Hydrangea and is a perfect example of how gray can be sexy and adult, too. The marble-imitation porcelain floors are from Sovereign Stone, and the wall color is Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams.

    The choice of wall art is the perfect finishing touch to this gender-neutral and comfortable gray bathroom (perfect for couples).

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    Minimalist Gray With Freestanding Tub

    Gray, black and blue modern bathroom
    Susan Teare / Houzz

    If you are a lover of contemporary, minimalist design, gray is a shade of choice when it comes to contrasting elements in your space. This sleek bathroom photographed by Susan Teare features Benjamin Moore's Coventry Gray, a soft, light gray that works well in well-lit spaces, contrasted against much darker grays (the stone tile) and white. Also note the gray cover on the freestanding tub, which helps to blend this feature into the rest of the bathroom.

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    Gray Marble in a Traditional Bathroom

    Gray and white bathroom

    The tile inset feature in bathrooms is really popular these days, and here's another great example of that trend. In this refined bathroom created by DesignYYZ, the small marble tile inserted within a large slate tile floor lengthens the space and provides a nice focal point.

    This traditional bathroom features a light gray-green wall at the back for contrast with the white ceiling and vanity wall. The boat and Roman shade give the whole a slightly nautical feel, suitable for a cabin on the beach.

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    Gray Subway Tile

    Gray and beige bathroom
    Shelter Interiors LLC / Houzz

    Add contrast to white walls with a gray subway tile with lots of variations—as in this trendy example from Shelter Interiors. Of particular interest is how the tile was extended around the mirror for extra visual punch.

    The whole looks classic and elegant, with a quartz countertop that matches the backsplash tile really well. Brushed-nickel hardware finish the look and soften up the design.

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    All-Gray Feminine Primary Bathroom

    Gray, silver and white bathroom
    Arq-A Interior Designs / Houzz

    Gray doesn't need to feel stark or bland. Add a whimsical wallpaper, and you can change the whole look in one swoop. In this grayscale bathroom by Arq-A Interiors, a wet room-style shower with a clear wall make the room look larger, and the clever stool adds some modern flair to an otherwise traditional look. The narrow sink with side faucet also saves a ton of space.

    Note the patterned Roman shade—it shows that you can juxtapose patterns without them clashing.

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    Sweet Gray Guest Bath

    Gray and white bathroom
    Virginia / LiveLoveDIY

    This DIY bathroom remodel from LiveLoveDIY is just the sweetest thing, and it's gray! More precisely, the owner here used Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray, an elegant and understated gray that avoids being too heavy.

    The touches of color via the wall art and flowers add some joy and flair. But nothing compares to that beautiful filigreed frame mirror, which is really the centerpiece here. In a room that's otherwise pretty minimal, the bathroom mirror adds all the visual interest and decorative spark you'll ever need.

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    Modern Dark Gray

    Modern bathroom with dark accents
    Michael Abrams

    Gray isn't all about light and fluffy. You can also use it for darker, moodier, more modern styles. In this moody bathroom by Michael Abrams, the charcoal gray cabinet and back wall (seen in the mirror) add a sense of intimacy and modernity to this primary bathroom.

    The whole room is lightened up with marble floors and countertops, a frameless mirror, and modern sconce lighting. Seems like the perfect space for a relaxing evening after a long week.

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    Contemporary Gray With Cathedral Windows

    Gray, white bathroom with freestanding pedestal tub
    Dy Lynne Décor / Houzz

    It seems like this bathroom space, created by Dy Lynne Decor, was meant for a freestanding tub right under the cathedral-style windows. Add some contrasting tile to mark the tub area (and what a beautiful choice it is), and you have a beautiful contemporary bathroom.

    The wall color is Sherwin Williams' Mindful Gray, a soft warm gray that brings up the veins in the marble floor. Note the beautiful candelabra-style lighting fixtures, which add to the whole "cathedral" effect.

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    Tiny Dark-Gray Bathroom

    Gray and white bathroom
    Christi-Anne Plough / Pinterest

    This dark-gray bathroom by Christi-Ann Plough shows that darker shades can still work in smaller spaces. By keeping the bottom half white, this bathroom's owner avoids the claustrophobic look that dark colors can bring to smaller rooms.

    Rock Gray by Benjamin Moore is a classic and elegant neutral gray wall color with no warmth or coolness to it—just pure gray. It works great to highlight the different shades of the tile floor.

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    Contemporary Gray With Glass Tile Wall

    Gray, silver and white bathroom
    Aidan Design / Houzz

    Everything about this bright bathroom by Aidan Design screams "contemporary." From the stark geometric shapes to the minimal hardware and lack of flourish in the decor, this is really all about lines and simplicity.

    But one thing that adds a bit of transparency and fun is the glass tile mosaic, which is full of energy and movement. The round wall light fixture and round product bottles also help soften the whole.

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    Gray Bathroom With Marble Backsplash

    Gray, white and brown bathroom
    Charlie & Co Design / Houzz

    Traditional, elegant, and timeless: this is what the combination of marble countertop and backsplash, tile floor, and gray wall provide, as seen in this bathroom created by Charlie & Co Design.

    This particular bathroom, featuring Benjamin Moore's warm Rockport Gray, as well as a custom vanity, is perfect for traditionalists at heart. A dark wicker basket and a traditional rug add texture and softness to the whole, contrasting with the sometimes cold look of marble.

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    Gray With Honeycomb Backsplash

    Bathroom with gray hexagon backspash
    Kylie M Interiors

    This gorgeous vanity space by Kylie M Interiors features a unique look: the honeycomb backsplash marble tile. The mid-gray cabinets contrast with the veined quartz countertop and marble backsplash, whose lighter shade lights up the room. Notice how the square features—sinks, mirrors, and light fixtures—balance with the round cabinet hardware.

    Overall, this is a lovely gray bathroom with lots of movement created from the shape and size of the backsplash tile wall, which serves as a great focal point.

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    Cool Traditional Gray

    Gray and white bathroom
    AM Dolce Vita / Houzz

    This refreshing bathroom from AM Dolce Vita is all light and open. There is enough space for a double vanity topped by a marble counter and large, minimalistic marble tiles on the floor. The light fixture adds soft curves to the mostly square-shaped decor.

    The wall color is Benjamin Moore's Pigeon Gray, a nice saturated cool gray that works as a neutral with pretty much anything. In this case, the designer decided to keep it as the main color and to use white, yellow, and dark gray as contrasts.

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    Neutral Accents

    Bathroom with wainscoating
    AM Dolce Vita / Houzz

    In this serene bathroom from AM Dolce Vita, we see how neutral accents work particularly well when a bathroom is dominated by white and gray. The wall features Valspar Paints' Polar Star color, categorized as "cool white" but still on the gray side.

    But what really makes the look here is the medium tone wood stool (by Eames) which adds softness and warmth to the cool surroundings.

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    Large Gray Primary Bathroom

    Gray and blue bathroom
    Kelly / The Lilypad Cottage

    This beautiful primary bathroom remodel by Kelly of The Lilypad Cottage shows a predominance of gray. The gray walls pick up hints of blue during daylight hours. The shade of color in the vanity is replicated on the stone surrounding the tub and all the marble everywhere. This is how you make gray work—by playing with different shades and providing both white and dark gray to contrast.

    Small touches of color appear everywhere: Fuchsia, green, blue, and yellow all make appearances to spruce up the look. 

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    Elegant and Warm Primary Bathroom

    Gray and Taupe bathroom with wainscoating
    Noble Johnson Architects / Houzz

    This beautiful example from Noble Johnson Architects uses Benjamin Moore's warm Rockport Gray in an elegant primary bathroom. The beige tile and countertop bring out the warmth of the paint, and the slanted placement of the freestanding tub is a clever way to make this space more energetic and visually interesting. Note how the outside doors' warm wood tone fits perfectly with the lighter colors in the bathroom.

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    Custom Gray Cabinet

    Gray and silver bathroom
    Courtenay / The Creek Line House

    This bathroom's main feature is the large, custom-made cabinet, painted in a neutral, mid-shade gray with traditional silver hardware. Made for Courteney from The Creekline House, this cabinet is meant for a large, organized family.

    Note the wonderful marble tile installed on the bias as a backsplash, which adds lots of movement and energy to the space. Top it off with a granite countertop, and your elegant family bathroom is complete.

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    Gray Bathroom With Vibrant Tile

    Striped tile bathroom with gold accents
    Christopher Patrick Interiors

    You will be surprised to hear that the tile work for this vibrant bathroom by Christopher Patrick Interiors is striped marble—an uncommon yet stunning material. It adds an element of visual movement to the space.

    The slightly warm gray used here also is a good complement for the golden and brown accents of the picture frames, light fixture, and decorative elements in the cupboard.

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    Gray and Mint-Green Spa

    Gray and white bathroom
    Krista + Home / Houzz

    In this stylish bathroom from Krista + Home, combining medium gray with light, powdery shades like this mint-green makes for a soft, spa-like ambiance. The gray shade of the vanity is repeated in the picture frame above the tub, and mint-green patterned towels extend the color inside the cabinets.

    Note the dashes of neutral via the wicker basket and flowers strewn around the bathroom, as well as the brushed metal hardware that creates a soft, inviting look.

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    Sophisticated Gray Boy's Bathroom

    Gray and tan bathroom
    Interiors By Sarah Langtry

    This boy's bathroom remodel by Sarah Langtry features two grays: Sherwin Williams Tinsmith as the overall wall color, and SW Grays Harbor as the accent color around the hooks to the right.

    The neutral beige accents in the tub tile and the wicker basket make this space look sophisticated and warm with a masculine feel. The whale wall art adds a touch of a nautical theme that's perfect for this space.

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    Gray, white and wood bathroom
    Margot Austin

    Gray is also a great color for softer, farmhouse-style bathrooms. Margot Austin created this organized space using Farrow & Ball's Lamp Room Gray, a medium gray with warm undertones.

    It's those warm undertones that make the latticework cupboard and the pale yellow floor molding work so well together.

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    Vintage Scandinavian

    Gray Scandinavian style bathroom
    Chris Snook / Houzz

    Gray isn't always about cool urban minimalism or modern styles. It works really well with more vintage, organic looks, as in this Scandinavian bathroom, photographed by Chris Snook.

    Gray and off-white work together to bring a sense of faded elegance, and the subway tile in the brick pattern visually separates the shower space from the rest of the room. The stark white floor makes for a wonderful contrast. This is a great example of how to use the beauty of Scandinavian design in your bathroom.