42 Beautiful Gray Living Room Ideas

gray walls in living room


In a sea of maximalist living rooms filled with color galore, gray spaces don't always receive the attention they deserve. You won't want to mistake gray to be a dreary, dated color, or you'll surely miss out on all of its benefits. Truthfully, gray is such a classic, versatile hue to use throughout the home, and with so many beautiful gray sofas and paint colors on the market, it's a no-brainer when decorating your primary living space. "With such a wide range of blue, green, and brown undertones, gray is a great color for those who want to try something new without overdoing it," designer Maggie Griffin says. "Whether you want to add a little drama or convey a sense of calm in your living room, it's the perfect hue."

If you paint the walls or purchase a gray sofa and feel tempted to add pops of color, note that textiles such as pillow covers are an excellent opportunity to go bold. Whether you're craving a lot of gray or just a little, it's a color that has stood the test of time for a good reason. Read on to gather tons of inspiration, and then tell us why you think gray is so special—we think the color is pretty incredible. And if incorporating gray in the living room alone just isn't enough, we think it looks fantastic in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, too.

We continue to be inspired by the many ways designers and homeowners have used the color gray in their homes and are sharing 42 of our favorite gray living rooms below.

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    Vintage Gray Chairs

    gray chairs with blue pillows


    French country-style chairs covered in gray fabric are the star of the show in this living room. If you have a set of chairs with great bones but the upholstery could use a bit of a refresh, consider going with a timeless gray. Note that bolder hues like a deep blue can pair wonderfully with gray, as we see in terms of the above throw pillows. “Grey is a cool neutral that can take on different lives with multiple color combinations," designer Gray Walker says. "It’s fun to switch pillows and throws out with the seasons."

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    Gray and Warm Woods

    gray sofa with wooden furniture


    A gray midcentury modern style sofa with a wood base cozies up this living space. Other wooden accents keep this gray space feeling lively and welcoming.

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    Artful Gray

    black and white photography

    Jessica Nelson Design

    Black and white photography always looks fabulous in gray living rooms, and Walker agrees. She says: "Black and white photography and paintings with pops of black help pull a monochromatic backdrop with depth that make this color switch easy!"

    Whether you buy a print from a favorite artist or print out one of your own photos from a favorite trip, you can't go wrong. Simply purchase an affordable frame, pop the picture right in, and transform your space in just one afternoon.

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    Gray and Purple

    gray sofa with purple chairs


    Why not pair gray with purple? Though this color combination is a bit unexpected, it totally works in this cheerful space. If there's a hue that you love, use it, even it involves a bit of risk-taking. We're all for thinking outside the box, after all.

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    Gray Art

    gray family friendly space

    Chelius House of Design

    We wouldn't mind starting the day with a cup of coffee in this family-friendly living room that features a soothing ocean print with subtle gray tones.

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    Gray and Soft pink

    gray reading nook


    Blush isn't just for nurseries or playrooms. Don't feel the need to shy away from using soft pink in a main living space if it's a color you happen to love. As we see here, light gray also looks lovely alongside blush pink—the curtains in this space cozy up this charming reading nook.

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    Gray Everywhere

    gray touches in living room


    The more pops of gray, the merrier! We see touches of the color all throughout this welcoming living space—on the walls, in terms of the sofa fabric, and even in the form of a gourd-shaped lamp base.

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    Gray Velvet

    gray pillow and wall


    Don't forget to play with different textures within your living space. Here, a velvet gray pillow pays a nod to the wall color without being too matchy-matchy.

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    Dark Gray Tones

    earthy gray living room


    This cozy gray living room makes us want to cuddle up with a good book and a blanket. Darker gray tones will result in a feel that's both earthy and sophisticated.

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    Gray and Black

    gray living room with black walls


    Gray furniture is an excellent choice to pair with black walls—it'll help lighten up the living space while still contributing to the luxe, dramatic feel.

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    Tropical Gray

    gray sofa and palm leaf


    Why, yes, you can enjoy tropical decor with a touch of gray—this room is proof that greens and peppy palm prints can fit in perfectly with more traditional furnishings. So go ahead, kick back, and relax in this nature-inspired space.

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    Gray, Blue, and White

    blue and white curtains in gray living room


    An extra large gray sectional is the star of the show in this living room that's ready for the whole crew to stop by. Blue and white curtains add color and charm to the space and make for an oh-so-sweet touch.

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    Gray Glam

    gray and silver living room


    Gray and silver make for an excellent combination, particularly for those who appreciate a glam aesthetic. Glass and metal furniture helps add an airy touch to any space.

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    Farmhouse Gray

    gray shades in living room

    Brooke Larsen

    This rustic-style living room features a gray sofa and rug, and, in the corner, a vintage dresser painted in a blue-gray. The space is proof that mixing hues is a major go.

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    Gray and Sage Green

    gray and green living room

    Miranda Schroeder

    Can't decide between a bold sage green or a more mild gray? Go ahead and embrace both. This mid-century style living room proves that the color combo can look majorly current and inviting.

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    Gray Transitional

    gray living room with leather

    Ashley Montgomery Interiors

    Transitional style rooms look wonderful with touches of gray, too. Feel free to layer in warm leather tones and deep blues if you prefer to stay away from anything monochrome.

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    Airy Gray

    coastal gray living room decor


    A light gray sofa is a great choice for those whose style leans coastal (and, no, you don't need to live on the water to appreciate this aesthetic, we promise!). Add in some blue and white accessories, and that's it, you're golden.

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    Gray Sideboard

    gray walls and sideboard

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    In this space, which is illuminated by plenty of natural sunlight, a gray sideboard matches the accent wall paint color perfectly.

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    Eclectic Gray

    gray sofa and shutters

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    This eclectic living room is full of vintage-inspired touches. Gray shutters draw attention to the tall windows and complement the sofa fabric.

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    Gray Anchors

    gray sofa and blue ottoman

    Jessica Lagrange Interiors

    We're all for kicking back and feeling as chill as possible at home. So why settle for an ordinary coffee table when you can place an ottoman in front of the sofa to keep feet comfortable and serve as extra seating when needed? Here, a blue ottoman proves that the hue looks stunning paired with gray furnishings.

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    A Fabulous Fireplace

    gray walls and black fireplace


    Lucky enough to have a functioning fireplace in your living room? Give it a bit of extra attention! Gray walls frame a beautiful black fireplace in this living room, that is a wonderful blend of contemporary and classic style. White furnishings allow the gray walls to really pop and make a statement.

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    Sleek Gray

    gray accents and warm colors

    Jessica Lagrange Interiors

    A sleek high rise is outfitted with gray accents, while a jute rug and brass light fixtures warm up the space.

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    Gray Lounge Space

    long gray sofa

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway Design Studio

    A long, narrow sofa fits perfectly in this living room that was practically designed for constant movie nights. A patterned wall covering adds an artistic touch to the space.

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    Cozy Gray

    small living room

    Reagen Taylor Photography for JL Design

    Light gray walls make this small living room feel ultra cozy. Utilizing the windowsill to accommodate gorgeous wooden cabinets is a smart, stylish storage solution.

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    Gray Layers

    california cool living room

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway Design Studio

    Gray sofas face each other in this California cool living room filled with natural tones. Ample throw pillows and blankets add to the space's lived-in, layered look.

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    Streamlined Gray

    cool gray living room

    JL Design

    A more streamlined living space contrasts with a brightly colored kitchen rug in the adjoining room. If you don't wish to go overboard with vibrance but still want to include some pops of pattern, throw pillows are the answer.

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    Elegant Gray

    gray accent chairs and sofa in living room

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    If your style leans more feminine and you prefer daintier furniture pieces, note that accent chairs don't need to be bulky to make an impact. These gray beauties are petite and elegant yet still appear nice and comfortable thanks to their velvet finish.

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    Rustic Gray

    gray and exposed brick

    JL Design

    Rustic style homes look excellent with touches of gray, too. Here, exposed interior brick painted white looks gorgeous alongside gray furnishings and some black and white accents.

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    Green Gray

    earthy gray green

    Jane Beiles Photography for Design Lines Signature

    Not one for lighter shades? This gray has a greenish tone that makes for an earthy, sophisticated feel. It's a great option for those who veer toward saturated hues.

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    Gray Built-Ins

    gray built-ins

    Aline Studio

    Built in shelving is an excellent way to showcase your favorite books, object, and art pieces. A classic color like gray makes for an excellent backdrop to allow metal and ceramic pieces to really shine. Be cautious as to not over-decorate your shelves, or they will easily appear too cluttered—and you won't be able to fully appreciate their gorgeous hue, either.

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    Gray Stone

    gray sofa and stone fireplace

    Amy Leferink for Interior Impressions

    If your living room features a stunning stone fireplace, play up its gray tones by investing in a lovely gray sofa. Beige accents will also fit right in. Here, a checkered chair is a playful accent piece in this welcoming, sunlit living room.

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    Gray Oasis

    gray setional

    Think Chic Interiors

    This gray sectional is extra cloud-like and comfy, and a gray faux fur throw blanket encourages snuggling up and relaxing. Corresponding curtains match the sofa fabric to a T.

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    Gray and Vibrant

    gray sofa with vibrant cushions pillows

    Think Chic Interiors

    This space proves that color lovers can still have fun with gray hues. A gray sofa is excellent because it looks nice with any type of pillow shade or pattern—so why not experiment with cushions that are a bit bold, if that strikes your fancy?

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    Gray Accent

    gray accent wall

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    Mixing wood wall paneling with a gray accent wall will create a focal point in a large living room like this one. Painting the wall behind a large television is a great way to add an artistic spin to a primarily functional area of a room. If you don't wish to paint, you could also wallpaper this area.

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    Boho-Style Gray

    gray boho living room

    Arbor and Co

    A gray sofa shines in a boho-style living room, too. Pair yours with a leather ottoman, a shag rug, and of course, a bit of wicker, for a laid-back energy.

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    Gray and Neutrals

    gray and neutrals

    Britt Design Studio

    Beige, black, and white continue to be no-fail supporting colors that look lovely alongside gray furnishings, as we see in this expansive living space.

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    Gray Grasscloth

    gray wall covering

    Britt Design Studio

    This calming space is another example of a gray living room with coastal flair. A grasscloth wall covering adds texture and style. Serene artwork draws the eye upward and anchors the space.

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    Gray and Orange

    gray and orange textiles

    Charbonneau Interiors

    Orange you feeling inspired by this bold pillow choice? (We couldn't help ourselves with that one.) Once again, here is a gray living room where fun textiles are at play. Gray is the perfect sophisticated hue for a mod apartment like this one.

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    Gray Backdrop

    white built ins

    Gray Space Interiors

    White built-ins look nice and sleek against the gray wall in this living room. There's no need to create a gallery wall of art when you can display favorite objects on shelves like these. Not sure how to create an artful setup that doesn't look too cluttered? We put together a guide regarding built in shelf styling tips to help you get started.

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    Tufted Gray

    gray tufted sofa

    Jessica Nelson Design

    When you position sofas across from each other, you'll want to ensure that the coffee table you select is large enough to accommodate guests on both sides. Here, a reclaimed wood style piece contrasts with the more traditional gray tufted velvet. Worried about caring for your velvet pieces in the event of stains and spills? We have a cleaning guide that will help ease your fears.

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    Gray Plaster

    gray sofa and texture

    Leclair Decor

    Plaster walls are having a major moment in design, and this one is a soft gray that complements the accompanying gray sectional. Plaster can help modernize a home and add intrigue and texture to any space.

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    Gray Molding

    living room molding

    Jessica Lagrange Interiors

    This traditional living room has beautiful wall molding that adds an elevated, storied look to the home. If you like this look but live in a more modern space, note that molding can easily be added—it can even be a rental friendly hack.