Beautiful Gray Living Room Ideas

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    Beautiful Gray Living Rooms

    Not too long ago, gray was considered by many to be a dull and somewhat dreary color. But then one day that all changed. One popular designer started using it, then another, and then another, and over the last decade, it's become one of the most popular colors in home decor. More sophisticated than beige and more adaptable than taupe, gray is a versatile shade that has quickly become the king of neutrals.

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    Elegantly Detailed

    Gray is the epitome of elegance when combined with classic details and sophisticated styling. In this room, designed by Cherie Lee Interiors, the soft color palette allows the details, including the carved mantel, architectural moldings, and tufted sofas, to truly stand out.  

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    Soft and Refreshing

    Think gray is dark? Think again! Accented with white trim, and in a room flooded with natural light, gray can be soft and refreshing. In rooms like this one that has large windows, it's a great idea to keep the furnishings simple and allow the eye to be drawn to the view.

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    Sophisticated Trimmings

    Gray living room with black trim
    Jensen C. Vasil Architect PC, Photo by Jennifer Brown

    One of the best ways to add a sophisticated and modern look to a space is to paint the trim black or dark gray. In this room designed by Jensen C. Vasil Architect, the look works particularly well as the charcoal trim adds a modern sensibility to the ornately carved railings and door trim.

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    Neutral Backdrop

    The best way to call attention to interesting architectural designs or features is to let them stand out against neutral backdrops. The gray tones and clean-lined furniture in this large, open concept space, take a backseat to the stair railings and windows. Since there are no strong colors or shapes to compete with, the eye is automatically drawn to the interesting architectural features.

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    Sexy and Sophisticated

    Contemporary gray interiors accented with a little bling are great for creating a sexy and sophisticated look. In this room from Freestyle Interiors, deep hues and luxe fabrics invite you to stay in and make yourself comfortable.

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    Elegantly Informal

    Reminiscent of rocky shores, this stone gray and blue color palette is ideal for lakeside living. The elegant furniture contrasts comfortably against the rough-hewn materials of the mantel to create an elegantly informal gathering place.

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    Create Wow Factor

    To create some serious 'wow' factor, consider a gray backdrop for a colorful piece of furniture or art, like in this transitional living room designed by Clarity Home Interiors. It's a great way to call attention to a special piece - whether it's hung on the wall or placed as part of a furniture arrangement like the red bench pictured here.

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    Mid Century Chic

    Put an edgy spin on a mid-century modern design by using a dark gray color palette. This room by Grand Design London has no traditional mid-century design colors or take-notice pieces, yet it has a sleek sophistication that pays homage to the style while being completely fresh and modern.

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    Bachelor's Paradise

    While this room could easily be enjoyed equally by both sexes, it has a bit more of a masculine vibe, thanks in large part to the gray walls, leather furniture, and rough wood accents. By mixing these colors and materials designer, Carl Mattison has created a bachelor's paradise full of comfort and character.

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    Calming and Classic

    The living room by Hush Design has a very classic and gentle atmosphere thanks to a few things. One is the color palette of warm gray and linen, and another is the symmetry of the design. Together they are naturally appealing to the eye and create a calming and soothing atmosphere.

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    Subtle Personality

    Gray living rooms can have just as much personality as their more colorful counterparts. But it's important to pay attention to details. Otherwise, the space can end up feeling bland. This transitional living room is given personality through subtle but important details like the fireplace tile, the patterns in the rug and pillows, and the collection of accessories in the bookcases.

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    Warm and Cozy

    There's a common misconception that gray rooms tend to be cold, but this cozy gray living room by designer Kristin Hoaglund proves that nothing could be further from the truth. The walnut mantel and warm wood floors bring out the brown undertones in the gray paint, while deep charcoal chairs and furniture are done in light neutrals add to the warm and cozy atmosphere of the space.

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    Grace and Grandeur

    Luxurious gray living room
    ED REEVE / Getty Images

    Elegant sophistication is easy to produce when using soft shades of gray. In this sumptuous living room, it works particularly well due to the use of a single tone that has been accented with luxurious details. Floor-to-ceiling drapes, button tufting, and reflective surfaces contribute to the luxurious mood and create an atmosphere of grace and grandeur.

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    Dreary No More

    Gray living room with luxury touches
    Caiaimage/Martin Barraud/ Getty Images

    Despite many popular opinions, gray rooms do not have to be dark and dreary. When combined with soft textures and natural materials, gray living rooms can be quite fresh-looking. While there is very little color in this modern living room, it is perfectly upbeat and full of life.

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    Transitionally Neutral

    Transitional style is all about blending classic with modern and creating spaces that don't appeal to one sex more than the other. This style and gender neutrality is often expressed through color, and there's no better neutral color than gray. Whether light, dark or a combination of both, a gray color palette is ideal for transitional living rooms like this one designed by Fully Interiors.

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    Chic and Modern

    Cinder block walls are a sad fact of some residences, but as evidenced here, they don't have to look dull and depressing. By covering them in a dark charcoal paint, the design firm Residents Understood brought a chic and modern vibe to what could have been a lifeless cement wall. Now they look like an intentional architectural element and lend this room a sophistication it wouldn't have otherwise had.

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    Soft and Welcoming

    Every gray room, no matter whether it's light or dark, needs a little warmth. This can be accomplished by using grays that have warm undertones (such as brown), but it can also be accomplished in a more tactile way - by including fabrics that both look and feel soft. This family room owes its welcoming atmosphere to the furniture - both the soft-looking fabric used and the intimate seating arrangement.

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    Cheerful Accent

    Gray is a highly versatile color that works well with a huge variety of accent colors. In this predominantly gray living room, mustard yellow was used as an accent to add an element of cheer and optimism. To create a look like this make sure that the gray and the accent color used are similar in tone. It creates a more cohesive effect and ensures the two will work together seamlessly.

    Interior design by Bankston May Associates

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    Negative Space

    Make a small space feel larger with a light gray color scheme. This small condo achieves a spacious feeling thanks to the light neutrals combined with see-through furniture like the waterfall coffee table and acrylic dining chairs. They create a sense of negative space that when paired with light gray, makes the space feel bigger than it is.

    Room styling by Design Vision

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    Shapely Details

    Add interest to a gray room by using furniture with interesting shapes and details. The combination of the shapely wingback chairs and roll arm button tufted sofa add oodles of interest to this traditional gray space.

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    Gray With a Hint of Green

    Gray comes in a variety of shades, and gray with green undertones is a very warm and welcoming option. In this room, the walls are painted a shade of gray that is almost sage, and as a result of the charcoal and black furniture pop against it. The decor is quite minimal, but thanks to the wall color the room feels warm and cozy.

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    Interest Overhead

    Gray paint isn't just for the walls. In this large open concept living room, the ceiling has been painted the same dark shade as the walls. While conventional wisdom says that dark ceilings normally make a room look smaller, the white trim and coffered detailing draw the eye upward, adding visual interest above and making the ceilings appear higher.