13 Beautiful Home Office Ideas

Mid century inspired office

Instagram / cazmyersdesign

Carving out a dedicated home office in your home not only gives you a place to focus on work—the right home office can also increase your productivity and inspire creativity. While a laptop on your dining room table technically counts as a workspace, a room or nook devoted specifically to work can help you focus and create a clear delineation between work time and fun time. 

To help get your creative juices flowing, we've rounded up some amazing home office ideas, such as this one from elizagranstudio. Whether you have a whole room or just a small corner to spare, here are some of our favorite ideas. 

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    A Dedicated Space in a Bedroom

    Bedroom with a desk home office
    Paper and Stitch

    Your home office should be a space dedicated to work and productivity, but that doesn't mean it requires four walls and a door. This lovely home office space from Paper and Stitch proves you can carve out a work oasis in a bedroom. If you want to dedicate a wall in a shared space, all you need is a desk and a chair reserved just for work. 

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    A Corner Office

    Corner desk in home office
    enhance.ahdc / Instagram

    Who says you have to wait for the boss to promote you to finally get that corner office? We love this home office from enhance.ahdc that features a large corner desk perfect for nearly any type of work. If you have the space, give yourself as much surface area as you need to spread out and stay comfortable. 

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    Add Greenery

    Mid century desk with greenery
    houseoffprimrose / Instgram

    Bring life into your home office with greenery, like these cactus plants from houseoffprimrose. Live plants do more than just decorate your home office; studies show that greenery can increase productivity and make you overall happier and calmer while you work. Even if you have a black thumb or low light, you can find a plant or two that will thrive in your home office environment.

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    Try a Comfy Chair

    Home office with desk
    thekiwihome / Instagram

    You probably need a sturdy, ergonomic desk chair for your actual desk, but adding an accent chair like this one from thekiwihome can give you a place to step away and relax while you're working. Sometimes just moving locations can get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with that next big idea.

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    Go Wild With Prints

    Home office with blue flora wallpaper
    the_idle_hands / Instagram

    This stunning home office from the_idle_hands doesn't shy away from bold designs, and we can't get enough of it. Your home office can be a great place to experiment with textures, colors and designs. 

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    Try String Lights

    Home office with string lights
    soozidanson / Instagram

    There is just something utterly peaceful and calming about the warm glow of a string of lights. Check out this office from soozidanson, which features a delicate string of cafe lights throughout the desk. It's important to get the lighting right in your office and a mixture of soft and bright lighting can be a great way to change things up based on your mood. 

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    A Built-In Desk

    Home office with built in desk
    elliemrozdesign / Instagram

    If you are ready to dedicate a room to your home office, why not craft a built-in desk fitted exactly to your space. We love this room from elliemrozdesign that features a desk complete with storage, bookshelves, and lighting. 

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    Bring in Books

    Home office with bookshelf
    spacesinbloomdesigns / Instagram

    Consider floating your desk and reserving your wall space for loads and loads of books, as seen in this home office from spacesinbloomdesigns. Fill your shelves with inspirational art pieces and books that will inspire your next big project. 

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    Add Artwork

    Home office with framed artwork
    wishahmon / Instagram

    A gallery wall is a great way to show off your favorite pieces of art and add a bit of inspiration to your home office. We love this little office space from wishahmon that features a gallery wall with pieces filled with meaning.

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    Mid-century Modern Office

    Mid century inspired office
    cazmyersdesign / Instagram

    This beautiful home office from cazmyersdesign is giving us major retro vibes. If you're into the Mid-century modern look, this decor style is a great way to create a calming, meditative mood in your home office. Add an accent chair or a bookcase or two to complete the look. 

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    Pick a Sunny Space

    Home office in an attic nook
    lauracoxhome / Instagram

    If you have a few room choices for your home office, opt for the one with the most natural light. This lovely attic office from lauracoxhome proves that a well-placed window can transform an office and add maximum natural light. A well-lit room will lead to an increase in productivity and help ward off that 3:00 crash.  

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    A Home Office Studio Space

    Home office with a studio
    studiomelissalouise / Instagram

    If you're a creative, create a home office that is both practical and inspiring. We love this office from studiomelissalouise that features a large drafting table and well-organized storage for all of the must-haves. You home office should be tidy and clean, but don't be afraid to add boxes or baskets to store all of those knickknacks you need every day.