12 Beautiful Home Office Ideas

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    Stretched Out

    Home office with reclaimed wood furnishings

    Design your home office space to lift your spirits and propel you to success. Make it quiet or bold, neutral or colorful, but make it your own oasis. Likely, your home office isn't the largest room in your home. If that's the case, go high and wide, like this home office that takes advantage of the entire span of a single wall with endless lengths of shelving and work space. Add under-cabinet lighting on each shelf to give your home office a welcoming glow.

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    Working Nook

    Modern home office with layered gray color palette
    Beauty Hunter

    Incorporate an office nook into a room. Define the area with color. The home office nook in this light gray living room is offset with black paint. Though separated, the office has a custom, built-in look that blends seamlessly in with the living area. As always with a small area, this home office takes advantage of its vertical space for shelving.

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    Open Shelving

    Home office with designer shelving
    Decorator's Notebook

    This industrial-style home office has plenty of storage thanks to open shelving. The geometric shelving gives this space character along with the traditional wood desk and vintage metal chair. The mix of materials and styles add to the charm of the small office. The ingenious shelving system can be expanded whenever necessary. 

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    A Feature Wall

    home office with diagonal striped wallpaper feature wall
    Harper's BAZAAR

    Bring life to your home office nook with a strong dose of pattern. Wallpaper with diagonal black-and-white stripes creates an accent wall that turns this petite home office into a work area to be taken seriously. Pattern and color tie together through furniture and accessories. 

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    Shared Space

    Shared home office space

    A shared home office can be easily created using a single wall and long work surface. This serene home office in shades of gray, white, and warm wood tones is spacious enough for two. The sleek desk integrates with the gray portion of the wall and the white shelf blends in with the white part of the wall for a streamlined effect.

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    Stylish Symmetry

    Symmetrical dual desks along a single wall in a stylish home office
    Amie Corley

    This shared office space is designed with a serious sense of symmetry. The built-in wall of shelving multitasks as storage, display space, and housing for twin semi-private work stations within each nook. The identical chairs with their rose gold legs and the coordinating light fixtures near the ceiling add glamour to this efficiently-designed working space.

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    Home Office Gallery

    home office with gallery wall of colorful paintings

    It's liberating to be able to display the kind of art you love in your home office. Turn your work area into a personal art gallery to inspire creativity and energize the space. This gallery wall above the desk combines self-created and purchased artwork in similar frames for a cohesive look. The result creates a peaceful, meditative corner for working. 

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    A Bright Spot

    Bright yellow furnishings in a stylish home office
    Fresh Ideen

    This mostly white home office benefits from a single moment of saturated color that defines the area. With its bright yellow glow, the cabinet takes the spotlight without overpowering the rest of the space. The color of sunshine energizes the entire room, transforming this otherwise ordinary home office into a smile-inducing bright spot. 

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    Going Big and Bold

    Home office with bright, refreshing blue walls
    Blaze Press

    Introducing your favorite color in a big way on the walls can make a home office distinctly yours. This deep and creamy blue brings out the architectural elements of the space. It also provides a canvas for bold pieces of bright artwork, both on and off the wall.

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    A Personal Palette

    Home office with shelves full of colorful curiousities
    Arthur Swallows Fairs

    Call it boho chic or eclectic style, but if you love color and art in all its forms, this type of home office may be your perfect working space. Everywhere you turn in this office you'll find another bold color, prized memento, or creative piece of acquired art. Even the books on the shelves provide a sparkle of pink to go with the floral arrangement.

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    Almost Outdoors

    Light filled home office surrounded by windows
    Delight by Design

    Here's the next best thing to working outdoors. If you have a room with an abundance of windows and natural light, take advantage of the space for your home office. The influx of sunlight will benefit your mood. Reduce glare with light filtering shades, sheer window treatments, or even window film. Position your computer and add better lighting so that sunlight doesn't cause a shadow or blinding spot on your screen. There's nothing more refreshing than taking a few minutes to daydream while you gaze out of a window with a view.  

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    Room to Yourself

    Home office enclosed in glass walls
    Home Adore

    There's a way to get that corner office you always wanted. If you want a dedicated space within a room for a work area, section it off with a floor-to-ceiling room divider. This home office space carves out an area with wraparound glass walls complete with a door. Look to commercial office supply retailers, used office furniture dealers, and even home improvement stores for options. Hunt around and you'll likely find room dividers on wheels, sliding office panels, and movable partitions that were once used in traditional office buildings. Your choice depends on whether you want visual or acoustic privacy. Other solutions include shoji screens and DIY privacy panels.