8 Gorgeous Must-See Kitchen Palettes

large kitchen with dark wood cabinets and rustic chandelier

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We all have our own ideas about what makes a kitchen beautiful, but there are some basic elements of a dream kitchen that work no matter the style. Think of creating your dream kitchen as following a recipe. The little touches that make your kitchen perfect are like ingredients in that recipe. Here are ten gorgeous kitchens that illustrate the tips you can use to create your own beautiful kitchen.

Drama in the Kitchen

Whatever style you love, any kitchen can use a little drama. Not the plate-throwing, foot-stamping, drama, but a detail or two that elevates your kitchen's style. The most obvious way to add glamour and drama to your kitchen is with a light fixture. Choose lighting for your kitchen as you would jewelry for your wardrobe. The idea is to add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen while making sure that the space is lighted properly. 

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    Color Block Kitchen Inspiration

    black and white color lock kitchen with gray tile floor
    Colorful Kitchen | Benjamin Moore Benjamin Moore


    Color block, which is large stripes of blocks of color, is a stylish and simple way to add color to your kitchen. A wide stripe of color around your kitchen walls can unify the room and make it look larger. The key to using a color block design successfully is to strive for simplicity in the other design elements in the room. There's no need to use your stripe or block color as an accent in your kitchen, instead treat it as an architectural element.

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    Spice up Your Kitchen With Warm Colors

    modern kitchen with warm color palette and dark wood cabinets
    Retro Rust-Orange Spaces Images/Blend Images/Getty Images


    White kitchens have been trending for a few years, but more colorful trends are emerging. If you are craving a warm and welcoming kitchen, wall color is the simplest way to make it happen. The beauty of warm wall color is that it works just as well with white cabinetry as with a more traditional dark wood finish. Brushed copper and brass lighting look gorgeous with this warm wall color, but there's no need to change out your brushed silver metal fixtures—they look fantastic with warm colors, too.

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    Colorful Kitchen Islands

    kitchen with warm dark palette and blue island with dark wood cabinets
    Blue Kitchen Island | MasterBrand Cabinets MasterBrand Cabinets

    A stunning way to create a custom kitchen look is to use color on your kitchen island. Painting a kitchen island in an accent color gives it the look of expensive furniture. Choose a color from an adjacent room, or pick a color you'd like to accent with dinnerware, rugs, or kitchen linens, to create a pulled-together look. The blue island surely makes the kitchen dreamy and alluring!

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    Create a Rustic Kitchen With the Perfect Contrast

    cozy kitchen with dark walls and white cabinets and wood floors
    White Kitchen Inspiration | Masterbrand Cabinets MasterBrand


    Mixing white or gray cabinets with dark wood finishes creates a gorgeous custom look for your kitchen. The key to using this stunning style is to strive for a balance between the two finishes. Mixing cabinet finishes works best with strongly contrasting colors so that there is no question that these cabinets are very different. 

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    Retro Kitchen Inspiration

    small vintage kitchen with pops of red and colorful decor
    Retro Kitchen Inspiration Behr


    If you love retro style, your kitchen is the perfect place to show it off. You can use contemporary design elements in your retro kitchen while still keeping your vintage style. Open shelving, fun flooring, and bright wall colors are easy ways to turn any kitchen into a retro space without a full kitchen remodel. 

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    How to Create a Sunny Kitchen

    bright rustic kitchen with yellow walls and white cabinets
    Kitchen Color Ideas Patti McConville/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images


    If your kitchen is lacking natural light, wall color is your best option to brightening it up. A fresh coat of bright white paint for the ceiling can help a light-deprived space. Choose sunny yellow, mint green, and even orange, for your walls. White cabinetry and lots of pretty kitchen lighting can lighten your kitchen if you want to go beyond paint color.

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    A Beach-Inspired Kitchen

    small kitchen with teal walls and light wood cabinets
    A Beach-Inspired Kitchen Benjamin Moore


    Cooking and cleaning can get a lot more relaxing in a beach-inspired kitchen. The best way to create any themed room is to not use your theme literally. For a beach-inspired kitchen, it's okay to use a few beachy accessories, but your main beach-inspiration will be color.  

    Aqua or pale blue walls with light accents in pale gray or sand, give your kitchen beach style. Add open shelving and natural materials to keep things casual.