Top 8 Feng Shui Mirrors

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    Gold Leaf Mirror - Excellent Feng Shui for South Area

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    This beautiful round mirror is more than just a mirror - it is a powerful feng shui cure for the South feng shui bagua area of your space. Yes, for the South, the Fire feng shui element area. This bright and happy golden mirror is also excellent in the Southeast bagua area of your home as a money and wealth feng shui attractor.

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    Starburst Mirror - Excellent Feng Shui for South Bagua Area

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    Another excellent feng shui choice for the South bagua area of your home. The fiery energy of the sun and the protective power of numerous round mirrors amplified by the convex central mirror - this feng shui cure will look good with most home decor. It is a total beauty and a great feng shui energizer.

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    Twig Bird Wall Mirror - Gentle Energy with Good Feng Shui

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    This sweet and gentle mirror has very good feng shui for any area of your space, especially for East, Southeast and yes, even the South feng shui bagua area of your home! If this mirror will compliment your home decor, go for it. Let the little birds uplift your spirit as you look into the mirror to say "Hi!" to a brand new you on a brand new day. And that is every day, isn't it?

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    Birds Oval Mirror

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    Another beautiful mirror incorporating the motif of birds in its design - a happy reminder to stay curious and free! Excellent for most feng shui bagua areas of your home.

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    Mandala-like Mirror

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    A mandala-like decorative mirror with beautiful energy of intricate and creative harmony, as well as gentle movement. Excellent for Creativity & Children feng shui area (West) or Helpful People & Blessings bagua area (Northwest.)

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    Woven Round Mirror

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    Beautiful round mirror with a good balance of flowing graceful energy and sturdy, strong but still cheerful presence. Excellent feng shui cure for any area that needs more strength, as well as uplifting energy.

    As the round shape is the expression of the Metal feng shui element, this cure can be a good solution for the West or Northwest bagua area that needs more light and the energy of expansion. This is also an excellent choice for the North bagua area, as the round shape of the Metal element is much welcomed in this bagua area, too.

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    Flower Mirror - Feng Shui Energy of Gentle Movement

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    Have an area in your home that needs some fresh energy? Here is a great feng shui solution - the flower mirror. This excellent feng shui cure for stagnant energy will bring a flow of constant and gently refreshing movement to any feng shui area of your space.

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    Nautical Mirror

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    An unexpected colorful design and bright energy - we loved this nautical mirror! If it suits your taste and your home decor, sure go for it.

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