Simply Beautiful: 19 Sweet and Simple Nursery Designs

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    Doing More With Less

    A simple white nursery with rich wood floors and ceiling
    Photo by Patrick Cline via Lonny.

    If you’re planning a nursery, you may have noticed a growing trend toward clean and simple nursery décor. Sweet, sleek and totally chic, the new nursery aesthetic embraces both form and function, making it a great fit for kids and adults alike.

    Dreaming of a simple, sophisticated nursery for your little one? Whether you’re a modern minimalist or a devotee of Scandinavian design, these beautiful nursery photos are sure to inspire.

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    Simple Pleasures

    A house-framed floor bed in a Montessori-Inspired Toddler Room
    Photo via RockRoseWine.

    This neat and functional nursery room is built with toddlers in mind! Easily accessible furnishings help make kids comfortable in their own space. Low shelves make great play surfaces and store more than enough toys to keep your little one busy, and a house-frame floor bed doubles as a fun space for imaginative play. 

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    Bold Simplicity

    Simple white nursery space with dramatic wall mural
    Photo via Emily Henderson.

    Want to dial up the drama in your nursery design? Instead of pulling out all the stops, try emphasizing a single design element in a big way.

    This statement-making wall mural stands is stark contrast to its relatively simple surroundings, drawing the eye and heightening the drama. 

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    Neutral Wonder

    Simple nursery with neutral colors and an understated woodland theme
    Photo via Decor8.

    This nature-themed nursery boasts a clean, neutral palette and plenty of rich, earthy accents. Some furry friends and a few adventure-themed books and accessories displayed on narrow wooden wall shelves are all that’s needed to give the space its whimsical woodland theme.

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    Brick Beauty

    Simple nursery with neutral colors and beautiful exposed-brick walls.
    Photo via Grey Likes Baby.

    Modern furnishings and a minimalist décor meet old-world charm in this gorgeous Chicago walk-up. The simple approach really showcases the nursery’s defining feature: Its beautiful, exposed brick walls. Pretty peach accents pull similar tones from the brickwork, giving the space a softer, more feminine look.

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    Black, White and Bold

    Simple, white nursery room with black accents
    Photo via Mini Style.

    In this bright and modern nursery space, understated design elements, like texture and shape, rule the day. Dramatic curves stand in contrast to clean, straight lines, and bold, black accents add definition. The effect is both simple and chic.

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    Minty Fresh

    Neutral mint nursery with simple approach
    Photo via Glitter Guide.

    A fresh, minty hue and plenty of clean, white accents give this soft and simple nursery space a bright and airy feel. A touch of gold and a beautiful, crystal chandelier add an understated elegance that’s perfect for a little girl.

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    Color Me Pretty

    White nursery with bright, colored accents
    Photo via Nicety.

    Want to create a colorful design without ever even picking up a paintbrush? This bright and cheery nursery does just that! Vibrant accessories add a rainbow of color to this simple, whitewashed space, giving it plenty of visual pop.

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    Modest Comforts

    Minimalist nursery with neutral colors
    Photo via Decor Pad.

    When you’re less than three-feet tall, furniture is optional! Cozy floor cushions and a soft and shaggy rug replace traditional furnishings in this minimal nursery space, creating a comfortable place to cuddle and play without sacrificing floor space.  

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    Simple Sophistication

    Black and white nursery with contemporary flair
    Photo via Domino.

    What this monochromatic beauty lacks in color, it more than makes up for with style. Stark white walls and contemporary shapes combine with cozy textures and soft accents to create a nursery space that’s both sophisticated and sweet.

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    Texture-Rich Retreat

    Rich and varied textures play a starring role in this sophisticated, all-white nursery-come-guest room. A complex tapestry of unfinished woods, organic wools and natural fibers stands in contrast to the relatively bare surroundings, creating an understated yet visually stimulating space.

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    Painted Ceiling

    Simple nursery with neutral tones and painted ceiling
    Photo via Decor Pad.

    Want to add a touch of color to your neutral nursery? Try painting the ceiling in a soft, muted tone. A pretty, peach ceiling lends a soft glow to this cheery, white nursery space, bringing out subtle pastel accents.  

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    Nordic Charm

    Neutral nursery room with Nordic style
    Photo via Petit & Small.

    This simple, Scandinavian nursery space is full of Nordic charm! Soothing grey walls and fresh white accents create a beautiful backdrop for colorful accessories and whimsical décor, giving the room a playful, kid-friendly feel.

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    Pretty in Pink

    A subtle touch of pink gives a rosy blush to this soft and simple nursery space, proving that even a little bit of color can go a long way.

    Want to create the same effect? Choose your paint color carefully. Remember, paint almost always appears darker than expected. For just a hint of color, choose a shade of white with an understated pastel tone. The effect will be much stronger on the wall 

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    Gallery Walls

    Think plain white walls are boring? Think again! White walls are perfect for showcasing your favorite artwork and accents, allowing you to create a chic, eclectic space.

    Here, a colorful collection of wall art mounted on a clean white gallery wall brings fresh pastel accents and plenty of personality to this simple nursery room.

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    Graphic Decals

    Black and white kid's room with triangle decals and a Nordic influence
    Photo via Apartment Therapy.

    Bold, triangle decals pop off the white walls in this simple black and white boy’s room.

    Easy and inexpensive, graphic decals are the perfect way to give your baby’s bedroom a quick style boost. You can even make your own completely removable wall décor using washi tape!

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    Vibrant Minimalism

    Minimalist nursery design with pink accents
    Photo by Em the Gem via Glitter Guide.

    A painted crib makes a bold statement in this all-white nursery, administering an energetic infusion of color. Its effect is echoed in both the artwork and by the pretty, pastel accent rug, giving this minimalist space a vibrant glow. 

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    Magic Carpet

    Simple, white nursery with minimal decor
    Photo by Megan Welker via Glitter Guide.

    This chic and simple nursery proves that a good accent rug can make your space. This brightly hued, tribal-inspired beauty packs a mighty design punch, offering a dramatic burst of color, pattern and texture.

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    Shades of Grey

    Soft and simple nursery in shades of grey
    Photo via Grey White Heart.

    This soft, grey and white nursery has a soothing, somewhat ethereal beauty about it. Muted pink accents give the space a sweet, feminine feel without overpowering its subdued palette.

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    Natural Assets

    A simple white nursery with rich wood floors and ceiling
    Photo by Patrick Cline via Lonny.

    A simple, whitewashed design showcases this neutral nursery’s rich wood floors and beamed ceilings, creating a natural balance of dark and light. A large blue accent rug introduces a splash of color, and practical shelving lets baby’s toys double as room décor.

    Looking for more beautifully understated nursery ideas? No one does clean and simple kids’ rooms better than our friends in Scandinavia! Check out these 11 Tips for Creating a Nordic-Inspired Nursery. You’ll also find pro-tips for decorating neutral nurseries right here.