18 Beautiful & Removable Wallpaper Designs for Kids

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    Temporary Wallpaper for Kids' Rooms

    Photo via Etsy's "Wallplays."

    Wallpaper can be beautiful stuff - until you have to remove it. That sticky, stubborn paper won’t go gracefully, desperately clinging to the walls with each paste-covered shred of its being. Not sure you’re ready for that level of commitment in a kid’s room? Try taking removable wallpaper for a spin.

    Whether you’re decorating a rented space or simply crave more excitement and flexibility than traditional wallpaper has to offer, this easy-going wall décor may be just the thing you’re looking for. Unlike the permanent stuff, removable wallpaper allows you to flirt with color and pattern without the usual long-term relationship and messy breakup. What's more, it’s easy to update and repair, making it the perfect choice for nurseries and kids’ rooms. So go bold in the bedroom with a geometric print! Add a dash of theme-enhancing whimsy to your nursery! After all, you can always change your mind - and your design- later.

    Need some inspiration? These kid-friendly wallpaper designs put imagination on a roll!

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    Photo via Hygge & West.

    A whimsical wallpaper pattern featuring birds and fluffy clouds. Available in several different palettes, including grey and pink, coral, mint and blue.

    Hygge & West - $33.00 per panel (24"x32”).

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    Photo via Hygge & West.

    A water-colored rainstorm of blues and greys.

    Hygge & West - $33.00 per panel (24’x”32”).

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    Photo via Etsy's "Wallplays."

    A charming city scene. Made to order by Etsy.

    Wallplays - $38.00 per panel (24"x48").

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    "Zee" Removable Wallpaper

    Photo via Urban Outfiters.

    Bold chevrons available in grey, yellow and gold.

    Urban Outfitters - $98.00 per 56 square-foot roll.

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    "Pinstripe Floral"

    Photo via Etsy's "Kate Zaremba Company."

    A contemporary print featuring a hand-drawn, floral design. Prices vary by panel size, starting at $12.00 for a 24”x12” panel.

    Kate Zaremba Company

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    Photo via Etsy's "Wallplays."

    An understated, car-themed design featuring pops of bright teal. 

    Wallplays - $38.00 per panel (24"x48").

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    "Tribal Chevron"

    Photo via Chasing Paper.

    A fun take on the chevron trend.

    Chasing Paper - $30.00 per panel (24"x48").

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    "Seamless Blue"

    Photo via Etsy's "Wallplays."

    A modern, pinstripe pattern in blue and white. 

    Wallplays - $40.00 per panel (24"x48").

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    Photo via Etsy's "Wallplays."

    Wallpaper print featuring an army of adorable robots in blue, green and grey.

    Wallplays - $38.00 per panel (24"x48").

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    "Lovely Lattice"

    Photo via Chasing Paper.

    A bold, geometric pattern available in silver, gold, red and navy. 

    Chasing Paper - $30.00 per panel (24"x48").

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    "Circle & Pop"

    Photo via Chasing Paper.

    A sunny print featuring large, overlapping circles. 

    Chasing Paper - $30 per panel (24"x48").

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    Photo via Hygge & West.

    Turquoise folk print inspired by traditional, embroidered textiles from the Otomi people of Mexico.

    Hygge & West - $28.00 per panel (24"x24").

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    Photo via Murals Your Way.

    Sweet nursery pattern with little birds. Available in pink or blue. Prices vary with size ordered. 

    Murals Your Way


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    "Starlit Sky"

    Photo via Etsy's "Wallplays."

    A star-lit nursery pattern for your little dreamer. 

    Wallplays - $40.00 per panel (24"x48").

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    "Whales & Waves"

    Photo via Etsy's "Wallplays."

    Nautical-themed print featuring friendly sea creatures. 

    Wallplays - $36.00 per panel (24"x48").

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    Photo via Hygge & West.

    A contemporary take on a classic floral print.

    Hygge & West - $33.00 per panel (24’x”32”).


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    Photo via Etsy's "Wallplays."

    Soft clouds of beautiful, pink butterflies.

    Wallplays - $38.00 per panel (24"x48").

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    Photo via Urban Outfitters

    A metallic damask print on a coral-colored background. Also available in silver and black. 

    Urban Outfitters - $98.00 per 56 square-foot roll.