Magical Party Games Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Tea party - Pouring tea into a tea cup
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Looking for something for the kids to do at a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday party? These games and activities inspired by Belle, The Beast and all of their enchanted friends will have them feeling lucky you invited them to be your guest!

Build a Book Stack

To play this game, you will need to supply players with a large collection of books. Divide the kids into two teams and then divide the books evenly between the two groups. Place both piles of books in the “castle library.” Have the two teams line up in a place that is at least a few feet away from the library.

At the start of the race, the first players in line for each team race to the library and pick a book from their team’s pile. They then race back to their team and set that book as the first in what will be the book stack. When the book is placed, the next player in line is tagged and races off to the library for the second book. The race continues like this with each player grabbing a book and adding it to the stack. Players can stack the books in any manner, such as flat on top of each other or standing vertically, opened to form a peak or however they choose (think similar to building a house of cards), but if the stack falls, they must rebuild it before adding another book. When all of the books have been collected and stacked, the team that built the highest tower of books wins.

Pass the Enchanted Rose

This game is based on the falling petals from the enchanted rose in the movie. To begin you will need several roses. Since the kids will be handling the roses, ask your florist about thorn-free varieties, or snip the roses above the thorns (leaving just enough stem to keep the flower intact). Have the kids sit in a circle. Hand a single rose to one player, and tell her to remove one petal and pass it to the left. The next player should do the same and so on. The player who removes the last petal from the enchanted rose is out of the game. Hand a new rose to the remaining players and repeat the same process. Keep playing however many rounds it takes until there is only one player left in the game.

Be Our Guest Table Setting Race

In this game, kids will try to set a table like Lumiere and his friends do during the performance of Be Our Guest. This game takes a bit of planning but is sure to be a hit with fans of the movie. Before the party, set your table in a pattern similar to the formal table settings in the scene. (You can use plastic or paper goods, or toy dinnerware instead of real, fragile china). Once you have set your table, take a picture of it, and then clear it, placing all of the table-setting items where the kids can find them (on a nearby table, server, in a bin, etc.). When it’s time to play the game, hang the picture near the table. Play the song, Be Our Guest, and challenge kids to replicate your table setting before the song is over.

Serving Tray Relay Race

If the table setting idea is too elaborate for your party plan, you can still bring the food service theme in with an easy relay race. Divide your guests into two teams, and give each team a serving tray and the items needed for a fancy place setting (use plastic-ware or toy food service props). Players must balance the place settings on the trays while racing from one end of the party space to another. They must then pass the trays to their teammates, who must do the same. If a player drops the tray or any items from the tray, they must go back to the starting line and start over. The first team to complete this relay successfully wins the race. Another fun option is to play this game with rolling food service carts.

Dress up Belle

This game will have teams racing to dress Belle in her yellow ball gown. Divide players into groups of three or four. Have each team choose one of their players to be Belle. Give each group a couple of rolls of yellow crepe paper streamers. To play, Belle stands still while a song from the soundtrack plays. The other players have until the end of the song to wrap Belle in the crepe paper and make adjustments to turn it into the best ball gown they can. When the song ends, dressing time is over. Have an adult judge which team created the best dressed Belle.

Mini Waltz Lesson

Give your Beauty and the Beast fans a quick lesson on how to dance the waltz. You can have someone who knows how to come in to give the lesson, or check online for instructions—it doesn’t have to be perfect! Once they have learned some basics, play the song, Beauty and the Beast (the song Belle and The Beast dance to in the movie), have kids partner up and practice their newly learned dance steps.

Paint Your Own Mrs. Potts and Chip

Paint-your-own tea sets make a fun, crafty party activity for a Beauty and the Beast party. These paint and tea service kits can be found at most craft stores. Party guests can paint their items to resemble Mrs. Potts and Chip, or perhaps they can be inspired to create and name their own unique, little teapot and teacup families. 

Have a Tea Party

A Belle-inspired party theme wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the tea party, would it? Have party guests gather on a blanket on the lawn or around a table to enjoy warm tea, iced tea, lemonade or any favorite beverage – as long as it is poured from a teapot into tea cups. In addition to their mini tea party, you might want to consider some of these tea party games to play at your event.

Grumpy Beast Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is a popular party game for all ages. This game can easily be adapted to fit the Beauty and the Beast theme. To play, you will need two things: someone to play The Beast (perhaps the birthday girl’s Dad would like to dress up?) and the soundtrack from the movie. Play the music from the soundtrack and have the kids dance freely, just like in the original version of the game. The twist is that instead of anyone randomly stopping the music, The Beast is the one to top the music. But he doesn’t just stop the music; he stops the music, jumps out and roars at the dancers, who then freeze in place out of fear. The Beast then stomps off, the music restarts and play continues like this for as many rounds as you wish.

Gaston Hides the Books

Early in the story, we learn that Belle loves her books, but Gaston would rather she took her nose out of the books and focused solely on him. In this party game, Gaston comes in and hides Belle’s books, so she can no longer be distracted by them. To play, make sure you have at least one book per player. Have one child volunteer to be Gaston, and ask all of the other players to leave the room. When they leave, Gaston hides all of the books. When the players return, set a timer and see if they can find all of the books before the buzzer rings. If all of the books are found, Belle wins. If they don’t find them all, Gaston wins.

Musical Dining Chairs

Play this version of musical chairs around a dining table in honor of the grand dining experience Belle has in the castle. Set the table, leaving off one less place setting than you have players. As the music plays, kids circle the dining table. When the music stops, they must sit in front of a place setting. The player left standing is out, and another place setting and a chair are removed. The remaining kids continue until only one player remains.

Story Time Shuffle

This is a fun game to play just for laughs. Sit on the floor or in a chair and have the kids gather around for story time. Read the story of Beauty and the Beast, and tell the kids that each time they hear the name Belle, they have to get up and switch seats with someone else. Pause as they do this and wait for them to settle into their new spaces before you continue reading.

Another variation is to assign each player a character and a command before you begin reading. When a child hears her character’s name, she must perform that command. The commands can be simple like: blink your eyes three times or pat your head, or they can be designed to fit the character. For instance, a player who has been tagged as Lumiere can have to get up and switch the lights off and on, or someone who is Mrs. Potts has to do the Little Teapot Dance, The Beast may roar while Belle may open a book and pretend to read, and so on.