This Simple Styling Trick Is the Key to a Luxurious, Fluffy Bed

Luxurious, fluffy bed by Kate Marker

Margaret Rajic for Kate Marker Interiors

No matter the season, we’re on a near-endless hunt to create the fluffiest, most luxurious feeling bed. And, if this recently viral TikTok hack shared by user @kivabrent is to be believed, we just may have found it.

According to the video, the best way to get a fluffy-looking bed is so simple, it’s almost laughable. Brent shares that all you need to do is insert two duvets into one duvet comforter. 

But as easy as that sounds, we still had some questions. So, we turned to the experts to find out if this will really work—and ask for a few other tips for creating the ultimate sleep set-up, too. 

Why This Hack Works

First thing’s first: the hack does work, says Hannah Bird of bedding brand Cozy Earth. If your goal is to create a plush sleep spot, then inserting two duvets into one insert really works. 

“If you're going for an extra-fluffy look, doubling up on duvets will certainly do the trick,” Bird says, noting that it ticks two important boxes: adding comfort and creating a luxurious experience. 

But there's an obvious next question here, and Bird beat us to it: why not just buy one, fluffier comforter? “If you put two inserts in, you can take one of the inserts out when the warmer months come, if necessary," she shares. Ideally, this makes for a more seamless transition between seasons.

Fluffy bed by designer Kate Marker

Stoffer Photography for Kate Marker Interiors

Is It Worth the Extra Work?

Though interior designer Jennifer Hunter admits she’s never tried this specific hack before, she has doubts it’s a great idea. “The multiple duvets could slip and slide—and you wouldn't want a balled-up duvet at the bottom of your cover,” she says.

But according to Bird, this can be easily avoided—it just requires a little more effort when making the bed with two duvets. Make sure both duvets have the corresponding loopholes to the duvet cover so that the inserts don't slide around, she suggests, also noting the type of insert is important to consider.

Luxurious bed with multiple covers

Jen Tangley for Jennifer Hunter Design

Or, Try Two Separate Duvets

While this might sound like a new idea, Ami McKay of PURE Design notes that it’s actually quite common across the pond two have two duvets. In some areas of Europe, actually, it is common to have two separate duvets layered on one another. That way, you have control over your ecosystem, she says. So, if the idea of a fluffy bed featuring two duvets appeals but it’s the single cover that sounds tricky, take comfort: you can try it the Euro way for a similar effect. 

If you live somewhere with cool nights, then this is a great year-round hack. But even if you only use your doubled-up duvet on the colder nights, McKay is team "two."

“Putting two duvets in one cover is wonderful in the cold months, especially if you sleep with the windows open, as I do,” she says. 

McKay also notes that no matter how many duvets you have, there’s another way to keep things light and fluffy. “I often shake my duvet outside for freshness and to puff it up," she notes.

According to McKay, it’s important to note the kind of duvet to really maximize your fluffiness. “There are different lofts available, and a higher loft will ‘bloom’ or fluff up higher than a lower loft,” she says. 

Other Ways to Create a Fluffy Bed

Whether your interest is piqued by this two-duvet trick, or you just want to create a bed that’s as plush as possible, our experts gave us a few more ways to amp up the bedtime luxury. The biggest overlapping theme? Layer, layer, layer! 

“We like creating a full bed, including Euro shams, standard shams, standard cases, boudoir pillows, a flat sheet, a coverlet, and a duvet,” Hunter says. 

Luxury bed with lots of layers

Carmel Brantley for Caitlin Kah Interiors

“Every luxurious bed needs a variety of throw pillows in different patterns and sizes to create dimension and conjure up that inviting, ‘sink into this’ feel,” Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors agrees.