25 Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

mural behind bed

Louis Duncan-He

If you've always wanted to incorporate an accent wall into your home, why not go ahead and work one into the bedroom? Whether you're looking to take on a paint project, pick out a fun style of wallpaper, or get creative with wall molding, accent walls are an excellent way to jazz up your sleep space. Take a look at 25 of our favorite bedroom accent walls below—they're perfect for kids' and adults' rooms alike!

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    Add a Wall Shelf

    painted wall with shelf behind bed

    @mapleandmoss / Instagram

    For a fun two-toned look, paint half of the wall behind your bed and then install a wooden shelf where one color stops. You can use this area to display photos, books, plants, and more, all while adding plenty of visual interest to your space.

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    Paint a Mural

    mural behind bed

    @thebrooklyninn / Instagram

    Murals are easy to create on your own, whether you grab a stencil or just create a freehand design. Additionally, if you're planning on forgoing a headboard, painting a mural can make the area behind your bed appear more stimulating.

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    Showcase a Favorite Color

    emerald green accent wall

    @homesidestory / Instagram

    Pick a favorite color that's always been calling your name and finally go bold! If you couldn't imagine coating all four walls of your bedroom with a particular hue but are still craving a pop of color, an accent wall is definitely the way to go.

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    Make a Wallpaper Project More Manageable

    light blue wallpaper behind bed

    @thishousebecomesahome / Instagram

    Whether you're looking to cut wallpaper costs, have some leftovers from a prior project, or just want to add some pattern to one area of your bedroom, go for it! Here, a soothing blue and white print evokes a calm, coastal flair.

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    Don't Forget the Art

    green accent wall behind bed

    @hayscobarndominium / Instagram

    Once you paint an accent wall in the color of your choosing, jazz it up a bit to ensure it really shines. Hang a gallery wall or display a favorite pennant, sign, or grouping of frames to showcase your personality.

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    Play Off Your Headboard

    wallpaper accent wall

    @tealloveandlolly / Instagram

    Get playful and install patterned wallpaper in a color that corresponds with your headboard to make your sleep space appear a little more elevated and luxe.

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    Incorporate Wood Paneling

    panelling on wall

    @theblossomshome / Instagram

    Many people opt to get creative with wooden paneling when creating an accent wall. This is an excellent way to add some character to any style of home.

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    Paint a Less Obvious Wall

    pink accent wall next to bunkbeds

    @nowdesigndecor / Instagram

    Note that your bedroom accent wall doesn't have to be located behind your headboard. A wall like this one is easy to admire while laying in bed!

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    Take Advantage of Amazing Arches

    pink wallpaper on arched wall

    @ardeninteriors / Instagram

    An arched wall is a perfect opportunity to get playful and design a colorful accent wall. This block print pattern is on trend and is full of energy.

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    Add a Bit of Texture

    neutral accent wall with art

    @anaberdesign / Instagram

    If your style is a bit more subdued, you can keep your accent wall nice and neutral in color. Here, a textured wallpaper adds some extra oomph to this simple bedroom.

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    Set the Scene With a Mural

    mural behind bed

    Louis Duncan-He

    Removable wall murals come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and can be renter-friendly, too—or if you're feeling crafty, you can paint your own. This gray, mountain-themed mural nicely complements the oversized headboard in this space.

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    Get Earthy

    dark gray accent wall

    @homeonnativetrail / Instagram

    Deep green is a go-to choice for those who appreciate earthy tones and are looking to make their bedrooms as cozy as possible. BRB, disappearing under the covers for a mid-day nap!

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    Pick a Loud Color

    blue shiplap accent wall

    Louis Duncan-He

    If you choose to install shiplap behind your bed, don't be afraid to paint it a funky color. Bright blue will have you feeling energized and ready to start each day.

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    Or Opt for Something More Soothing

    light green accent wall with paneling

    Louis Duncan-He

    Here, wood pieces were used to create a mod, geometric pattern behind the bed. This soft blue-green hue is ultra relaxing and will make winding down each evening a total breeze.

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    Mix Up Those Neutrals

    light gray accent wall

    Louis Duncan-He

    Say yay to gray! Grays and whites are popular hues for the bedroom, and a gray accent wall like this one can really warm up a space and add dimension.

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    Paint a Recessed Wall

    dark blue accent wall

    Louis Duncan-He

    If your bed is positioned against a recessed wall, why not embrace this architectural feature with some paint? A deep blue always looks lovely paired with wood tones.

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    Spruce Up the Nursery

    wallpaper accent wall in nursery

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Many nurseries feature accent walls; they give your little one something to admire and add a touch of whimsy to the room. In children's rooms, wallpapers featuring animals or nature motifs are always a popular choice.

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    Add Instant Sophistication

    wallpaper accent wall behind bed

    Erin Williamson Design

    This tan wallpapered accent wall draws attention to this bedroom's curved ceilings and adds a layer of sophistication to this welcoming space.

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    Mix and Match Like a Pro

    floral wallpaper and mixed patterns

    Erin Williamson Design

    Can't decide on just one pattern for your sleep space? Go on and mix and match a few! Here, animal print and two different types of florals result in a collected, eclectic-looking space.

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    Add Some Contrast

    black wall behind bed

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    If one of your bedroom walls primarily consists of windows, why not add some contrast by painting another wall in a deep black or navy blue? A room like this one will still receive plenty of light and certainly will not feel cave-like thanks to the abundance of light streaming in.

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    Don't Forget About Color

    deep green accent wall

    Alvin Wayne

    Here's another instance where a deeply hued accent wall shines in a bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows. Just because a space is modern doesn't mean it needs to be devoid of color!

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    Head to the Hardware Store

    paneling behind bed

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A paneled wall shines in this primary bedroom and can be DIYed with materials from the hardware store if you choose.

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    Wake Up to a Winning Wall

    accent wall across from bed

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Maybe you'd rather gaze at your accent wall while sitting in bed, in which case it makes sense to position it across the room. It'll be the first thing you see every morning when you wake up!

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    Try This Monochrome Look

    black paneled wall behind bed

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    This black accent wall closely matches the nightstands on either side of the bed, resulting in a sleek, contemporary look. Keeping accessories and art to a minimum will allow your accent wall to do all the talking.

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    Tie a Space Together

    wallpaper behind bed

    Amy Leferink at Interior Interiors

    No matter what type of wallpaper print you choose, you can subtly work it into your space in other ways to tie the room together. Art hanging next to the bed mirrors the pattern on the walls without being too obvious.