11 Bedroom Closet Organizers You Need

Choose one, choose them all: these organizers will make your life easier.

A closet with nothing more than the standard hanging rod might be enough if you only have a couple of outfits. But if you’re a typical woman (or man, for that matter), you have a lot more clothing than that. Jeans, skirts, blouses, tee shirts, jackets, accessories: it’s going to take way more than the minimum to get your closet (and your wardrobe) under control.

All it takes is a few closet organizers to transform an overloaded, disorganized mess that makes your mornings difficult into a closet...MORE that’s a pleasure to open, and a boon to your busy schedule. Here are 11 organizers ready and willing to help you whip your closet into shape.

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    A shoe rack keeps your shoes organized.
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    If you have space on your closet floor, a sturdy shoe rack is a great way to keep your footwear neatly organized. This is the best system for the shoes you wear most frequently -- other footwear that's rarely worn should be stored in shoeboxes to ward off dust and to keep it out from underfoot.

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    Shelf dividers make it easy to store sweaters.
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    The typical bedroom closet has one shelf above the hanging rod. While that shelf is a great place to store bulky sweaters (Never hang your heavy wovens unless you want them stretched out of shape or with permanent hanger bumps on the shoulders), piled-high clothing tends to fall over or topple off the shelf altogether. Keep everything in place with shelf dividers that slip right into position, and allow you to stack clothing higher than you could otherwise.

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    An over-the-door shoe organizer is perfect for small closets.
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    If closet floor space is at a premium, turn the back of the closet door into a shoe storage area with an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer. You won’t be able to fit boots or other very bulky footwear into the pouches, but for everyday low-heeled shoes, it’s an excellent storage solution.

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    Organize all your accessories with a hanging closet organizer.
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    Need somewhere to tuck all of those little garments and accessories that so easily disappear into the depths of the closet otherwise? A double-sided hanging organizer makes storing bathing suits, underwear, scarves, knit hats and gloves, large pieces of jewelry and similar items a snap. It takes up no more room than a hanging garment bag, yet holds dozens of necessities, and the clear pockets make it easy to spot what you’re looking for. No more frantic hunting through piles of clothes to find...MORE your bikini!

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    Hang your bras, bathing suits and tank tops with this ingenious hanger.
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    Workout tops, summer blouses, silky lingerie and camisoles are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe, yet all are prone to slipping off their hangers and disappearing onto the closet floor. But that’s a thing of the past with a handy-dandy hanger designed to hold multiple spaghetti-strap tops safe and secure. Plus, you’ll store several tops in the space normally occupied by one.

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    Double your closet's hanging space with this handy rod.
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    Why waste the open area between the floor and the bottom of your hanging clothes? If your wardrobe is like most people’s – few full-length garments, lots of shirts and pants – then you need a hanging rod doubler to make the most of your space. Now you can hang twice as many tops and pants without taking up any more room. Simple and ingenious.

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    Customize your closet with an easily installed organizer.
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    If you’re reasonably handy with a screwdriver, a level and a hammer and you prefer to customize your closet -- yet don’t have the budget to hire a professional closet organizing company -- you can achieve excellent results with a shelf and rod kit that lets you arrange the various components just the way you want them. Put the shelves in the middle, on the side, or even on the other closet wall… it’s all up to you.

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    No more tangled scarfs, leggings or belts with the handy organizer hanger!
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    Need a convenient way to organize and store scarves, neckties, tights or belts? Here it is. Now your favorite accessories are easy to find: no more wrinkled or damaged belts and scarves on the closet floor. It’s also great for a little girl’s closet – here’s the way to keep all of those tights under control.

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    Perfect for holding outfits, purses, sweaters and more.
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    Need more shelf space for purses, sweaters or boots? Hanging cubbies are an easy solution. But where these useful organizers really shine is in a child’s bedroom closet. Simplify the morning routine by helping your child select the week’s outfits in advance, then set each outfit in its own cubby. Now it’s easy for your son or daughter to get dressed each morning, and the battle over what to wear is already won.

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    Save closet space with a hanger that holds several pairs of pants.
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    Do you have more slacks and jeans than your closet can handle? There’s no reason not to make efficient use of space by hanging more than one pair of pants per hanger, and now there’s an easy way to do so. Plus, hanging your pants up or taking them off the multi-hanger is a snap, as the individual rods easily lift in and out of their loops.

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    Triple your closet shelf space with a stackable organizer.
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    Here’s another simple product that every closet needs. Just set it on your closet shelf, and voila! Now you have three times the storage space. Or use it on the closet floor, if you prefer. It’s a great way to store shoes, purses, bulky clothing or athletic gear. It’s also perfect for the kids’ room – not only can you use the shelf extension to hold clothes, you can also use it for games, toys, stuffed animals and craft supplies.