Bedroom Color Ideas Using Pastels

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    Pastels Are Stylish and Grown-up

    Pink bedroom.
    Rachel Perl's (Hue Consulting) pink bedroom re-model in "Adventure of a Stylist (and Amateur Photographer)" Blog, by Kelly Berg, Arte Styling. Photo courtesy of Kelly Berg, Arte Styling and Rachel Perl, Hue Consulting.

    Pastel colors are not just for nurseries or little girls' rooms. These soft color options can be incorporated into any bedroom if planned and used correctly. Here are some bedroom color ideas and photos using these soft, muted color options.

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    Pastels Look Great on Walls

    Light Green Master Bedroom
    Master bedroom at Cole Valley using pastel colors. Designed and construction by Cardea Building Co.. Photo courtesy of Cardea Building Co.

    This bedroom designed and constructed by Cardea Building Co. is a wonderful example of pastel colors in a modern and sophisticated room. The pastel green wall color along with bright splashes of red and gold create a well-balanced design. The furniture is unique as well, especially the metallic ottoman or settee in the corner.

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    Pastels Make Small Rooms Look Spacious

    Light green contemporary bedroom.
    Pastel color idea in contemporary bedroom. Designed by CG & S Design-Build. Photo courtesy of CG & S Design-Build.

    Pastel colors are very popular, especially for bedrooms. This idea from CG & S Design-Build incorporates soft mint green on the walls with bright yellow and orange accents, creating a lively, contemporary bedroom design. This room is small, but the use of these muted colors open up the space.

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    Baby Blue is Manly

    Light blue contemporary bedroom.
    Pastel Bedroom remodel at Cole Valley, design and construction by Cardea Building Co.. Photo courtesy of Cardea Building Co.

    This bedroom designed and constructed by Cardea Building Co. is another great example of pastel colors used to create a fresh, sleek design concept. This baby blue bedroom is a trendy and traditional style that can be used for any gender or age as a bedroom design idea.

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    Combine the Old With the New

    Classic bedroom.
    Classic Bedroom using pastel blue and gold. Photo by araraadt via

    This classic bedroom is ravishing with its pastel blue ceiling and golden rod wall paint, lamps, and sparkling crystal chandelier. A quaint, sophisticated room that incorporates vintage décor, but remains eclectic with simple design elements, such as the solid white bed linens, beige bed skirt, and canopy.

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    Experiment with Color

    Light turquoise bedroom.
    Light turquoise bedroom makeover in San Mateo, CA. Designed by Kelly Berg, Arte Styling. Photo courtesy of Kelly Berg, Arte Styling.

    This light turquoise bedroom makeover in San Mateo, CA is designed by Kelly Berg, Arte Styling, which is a beautiful example of pastel colors at work. The combination of turquoise and key lime is very lively up against the white bedding and pale wall color. The bright pink flowers next to the bed is just the right amount of warm color contrast to create interest and harmony in this sea of cool colors.

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    Use Two But No More Than Three Pastels Together

    Living room in pastel colors.
    Design idea for any bedroom using pastel colors to create a sleek, yet chic room. Designed by Design House. Photo courtesy of Design House.

    This little sitting area designed by Design House is a wonderful use of pastel blue, violet, and soft turquoise, while keeping the room from looking too much like a box of sidewalk chalk. The white trim, books, and other accessories help maintain balance in this color palette idea.

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    Use Pastels as an Accent

    Luxury Modern Bedroom Interior
    Luxury modern bedroom. Photo by Alija via

    This modern bedroom uses white as its main backdrop to create interest and contrast with the dark pieces of furniture. With all these simple and functional decorative elements, the light turquoise pillows on the bed establishes the balance needed in this unique design.

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    Use Pastels Versus White

    Pink & Black Bedroom Interior
    Pink & Black Contemporary Bedroom. Photo by gerenme via

    This bedroom's wall color paint is white, which produces a wonderful backdrop for the contemporary furniture selected for this room. Another option to white is to use a pastel color to offset black or dark wood finishes. The pink bedding, pillows, and chair in this bedroom are vibrant next to the black wardrobe, dresser, and side table, while the regal black & white rug adds a fun twist.

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    Add Character with Unique Furniture and Accents

    Green contemporary bedroom.
    Bedroom using mint green, white, and brown accents. Photo by Rpsycho via

    This bedroom is inviting with its mint green wood paneling, which also serves as a head board for the bed. The accents pillows, glass lamp, and neutral shades of brown create balance and interest in this pastel bedroom idea.

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    Pastels Are Perfect for Cottage Style Bedrooms

    Blue contemporary-cottage style bedroom.
    Contemporary bedroom idea using pastel colors. Photo by Rpsycho via

    This contemporary design incorporates muted blues and greens creating a quaint and cozy bedroom. The wainscot gives the room character, while the white trim, bedding, side tables, lamps, and chair pull the colors together creating harmony and peace.