15 Bedroom Color Schemes Using Color Complements

Green and pink bedroom with pink chair

 KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

When looking for color ideas for your bedroom, consider using a color complement scheme; it's a wonderful way to add some vibrant, original, and fun color combinations to any bedroom style. So, what are color complements? Color complements are the colors across from each other on the color wheel, such as orange and blue or purple and yellow. When these colors are side-by-side, they create a striking contrast, which can be wonderful when looking for some exciting color combinations. Check out these color complement ideas from professional designers and homeowners that will help you choose your bedroom color scheme.


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    Orange and Blue Eclectic

    eclectic orange and blue bedroom with touches of yellow

    Dazey Den

    Blue and orange are arguably one of the most well-recognized color complement pairs on the color wheel. The cool tones of blue with the radiant warmth of orange create a striking, lively balance. Slightly brighter versions of each hue work extremely well in an eclectic bedroom, like this one from Dazey Den. The bright blue walls and headboard stand in gorgeous contrast to the orange bedding, curtains, and floor. The result is an eye-catching and captivating space.

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    Yellow & Purple Modern Bedroom

    bedroom with white walls, light purple bed frame, yellow comforter, accents of gold and purple glass


    This contemporary bedroom designed by @eli_at_home is a great example of how to use yellow and purple. The yellow blanket and pillow paired with the violet headboard and chair are subtle and lovely. The neutral backdrop of white walls and gray carpet allows both colors to stand out from the rest of the room.

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    Red & Green Contemporary Bedroom

    bedroom with white walls, a cherry printed bedspread, bright green pillows and bedside table lamp,

    Ellie Mroz Design

    Red and green are often most associated with the holiday season, but they make a great color scheme all year round. This room from @elliemrozdesign is a stunning example, the playful cherry pattern on the bedspread and the green accent pillows peeking out to match. The muted green modern-style lamp on the bedside table also adds a nice touch.

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    Orange & Blue Modern Bedroom

    blue and orange modern bedroom

    Yael Weiss

    This modern bedroom is a wonderful setup for an orange and blue color scheme. The split walls of muted navy blue and white are cool and calming, but the added accents of orange on the headboard, curtains, and armchair draw your eye around the room, creating a spacious feel. The darker tones in each shade give a sophisticated take on this well-known pair.

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    Red and Green Vintage

    bedroom with bright green headboard and plants, red pillows and blanket, elegant bronze chandlier


    When pairing red and green together, your choice of placement and style is just as important as the colors themselves. The splash of green on the wooden shutter headboard paired with the red accent pillows (we love the lip-shaped one) is a vibrant dose of color, but the added bronze chandelier and the woven top accent table create a vintage vibe–which often works well with brighter tones.

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    Soft Yellow & Purple Bedroom

    children's bedroom with purple and yellow accents

    Whittney Parkinson

    This playful bedroom is a wonderful use of a yellow and purple color scheme. The lavender walls add just the right amount of softness and paired with the yellow-gold bed canopy and decor creates a calming atmosphere to unwind. The liberal use of white helps to keep the room spacious yet serene.

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    Red & Green Guest Bedroom

    bedroom with mostly green and white colors, red footstools at end of each bed

    Britt Design Studio

    Red and green can make an ideal pair for a guest bedroom. The key is to pair a darker green with neutrals and add a pop of red as a focal point. The green and white pinstripes in the wallpaper and the green window frame pair well with the white on the walls and ceiling, but the red footstools at the end of each bed are a great addition to the color scheme.

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    Orange & Blue Spanish Modern

    blue and white bedroom, small bouquet or orange flowers on nightstand

    Maite Granda

    If you're working with a mostly blue bedroom and want to change things up, orange is the way to go. You don't have to go all out initially—if you want to start small, just add small touches around your room, like a bouquet of flowers or displaying gorgeous jewelry as a decor piece. Even the little additions will brighten the room in a new way.

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    Yellow & Purple Modern Eclectic

    purple and yellow bedroom with white walls, floating shelf with plants and artwork, chandelier that looks like a birds cage


    This modern bedroom designed by @tierneyterracelocation is another great example of how to use yellow and purple shades. The sunshine yellow walls and bedspread, along with the purple pillows, are combined gorgeously, creating a charming and sophisticated design. There are plenty of nature-themed and unique decor items, but the color scheme, which incorporates white, keeps the design balanced.

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    Red-Orange and Blue-Green

    bedroom with burnt orange-red cushion headboard, floral green-ish blue wallpaper, green and blue throw pillows on bed, snake plant in corner


    If you want to try a fresh take on the complementary color scheme, try working with the shades in between. This stunning room takes the plunge with a red-orange plush headboard against a blend of bluish-green flowers on the accent wall, as well as a solid representation of the shade on the adjacent one. It's a refreshing color scheme that isn't too bright, but still packs a vibrant amount of color.

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    Blue and Orange for Differing Personalities

    bedroom with twin beds, one with blue accents and the other with orange

    Cathie Hong

    Two beds in one room can be a challenge–especially if the people sharing the space have different tastes. An easy solution is to keep the basics similar in pattern and color, but add personal touches and pops of color to bring their personalities to life. Using complementary colors like orange and blue is a great way to show off individuality without each color fighting for the spotlight. A perfect balance, indeed.

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    Purple and Yellow Eclectic

    brightly colored eclectic bedroom with purple walls, triangle pattern comforter, vintage style yellow dresser


    If you're looking to brighten up your space, you can't go wrong with a yellow and purple combination. Light purple walls with this yellow vintage dresser and other pops in the artworks, pillows, and smaller decor items around the room already add an energetic feeling. Working in an additional shade, like pink, can help ease the two colors together for a delightful, colorful room.

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    Orange and Blue Boho Bedroom

    orange and blue boho style bedroom


    Boho-styled bedrooms are a popular choice for many, and it's easy to see why. When working with boho themes, an easy trick is to use complementary colors to help create depth and balance. Opt to use the lighter hue on the walls, the way @bohofrisco did with two different shades of orange, and leave the darker color to cover the floors or as an accent. The result is a well-executed, relaxing space.

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    Red and Green Boho Bedroom With Plants

    boho style bedroom with warm red, decorated with plants, a painted tan half circle mural over headboard

    Mocha Girl Place

    A subtle way to combine green and red together for a balanced color scheme is easier than you think. Using red on your walls, bedding, or furniture is a given, but as for the green, try incorporating plenty of plants into your decor. Not only will they add loads of good nature-vibes to the room, but they make the perfect easy decorative option that pairs well red without trying too hard.

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    Purple and Yellow Contemporary Style

    bedrom with yellow and purple color scheme, green accent pillows and white walls,

    Iman Stewart/Photographer: Anthony Voltsinis

    If you're drawn to the optimism and creativity of yellow and purple but want a calmer version, try muting both tones. A daffodil or mustard yellow will goes great with a royal or deep plum, adding a level of elegance. You can also bring a dose of green into the picture for a triadic color scheme effect–but even the two shades on their own will create a bedroom you'll want to spend your time in.