Bedroom Color Schemes Using Color Complements

Green and pink bedroom with pink chair

 KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

When looking for color ideas for your bedroom, consider using a color complement scheme; it's a wonderful way to add some vibrant, original, and fun color combinations to any bedroom style. So, what are color complements? Color complements are the colors across from each other on the color wheel, such as orange and blue or purple and yellow. When these colors are side-by-side they create a striking contrast, which can be wonderful when you are looking for some exciting color combinations. Check out these color complement ideas from professional designers and homeowners that will help you choose your bedroom color scheme.

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    Orange & Blue Contemporary Bedroom

    Contemporary Bedroom
    Vince Valdes Photography / Coastal Chic Home Decor

    This contemporary bedroom uses pastel blues with vibrant orange accents creating a lovely and restful bedroom. This is a subtle yet beautiful combination that can be incorporated with a few key pieces, such as a unique piece of artwork and other decorative accents.

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    Yellow & Purple Contemporary Bedroom

    Guest Bedroom
    Porter House Designs

    This contemporary bedroom designed by Porter House Designs is a great example on how to use yellow and purple. These yellow and violet stripes – a current and very popular painting technique – are striking together and a fun effect in this bedroom idea along with purple accent pillows, an animal print bedspread, and white lamp.

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    Red & Green Contemporary Bedroom

    Decor Demon's Loft
    Sarah Dorio / Decor Demon

    “Bold” is what crosses your mind in this fun red and green contemporary bedroom. Barn red and bright green are vibrant next to each other in this bedroom creating unique pieces of artwork, such as the green painter's ladder framed in black against a vibrant red wall. This dynamic color scheme is well-balanced with the use of black bedding, furniture, white lamps, and colorful accents, but what really works is the giant bowl of fruit sugar cereal on the bed, a nice addition for this whimsical bedroom.

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    Purple & Yellow Modern Bedroom

    Eclectic Bedroom
    Raina Cox/ If the Lamp Shade Fits

    Purple and yellow is another color duo to consider for your bedroom like this modern bedroom. This deep purple wall color is paired wonderfully with neutral pieces, such as the white canopy bed, furniture, glass lamps; but the contrast of the soft yellow bedding creates the balance needed for this lively bedroom idea.

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    Orange & Blue Modern Bedroom

    Modern Penthouse Bedroom
    Winder Gibson Architects

    This modern penthouse bedroom is a wonderful idea for an orange and blue color scheme as well as a studio or loft bedroom layout. The muted pastel blue walls are cool and calming but the added accents of orange on the bedding, accent pillows, and artwork draw your eye around the room creating a spacious bedroom.

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    Red & Green Asian Style Bedroom

    green and red bedroom
    Shoshana Gosselin / LoveYourRoom

    This Asian style bedroom is a wonderful use of sage green with red and orange accents. This color scheme is often found in Asian style artwork, décor, and bedding, which can be incorporated beautifully in a bedroom.

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    Yellow & Purple Eclectic Bedroom

    Eclectic Bedroom
    Bill LaFevor / Beckwith Interiors

    This fun and playful eclectic bedroom designed by Beckwith Interiors is a wonderful use of a yellow and purple color scheme. The plum accent pillows add just the right amount of punch needed to balance the mustard yellow accent wall behind the bed. The use of a neutral color side table, desk, window treatments, modern plastic chair, and headboard create the harmony needed to balance out this great design idea.

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    Orange & Blue Eclectic Bedroom

    Eclectic Master Bedroom
    Patrick Cline / Tilton Fenwick LLC

    This eclectic blue and orange primary bedroom is another great example of how to balance this color complement duo. The gorgeous blue wallpaper is striking by itself, but even lovelier now accompanied with a tangerine chaise lounge. This is a great example of the power of color complements, making wallpaper patterns and furniture options that may be too daring into responsible decorative pieces.

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Yellow & Purple Modern French Country Bedroom

    Modern French Country Bedroom
    Matthew Millman / Kendall Wilkinson Design

    This modern, French country style bedroom designed by Kendall Wilkinson Design is another great example of how to use yellow and purple shades. The gold and lavender toile pattern wallpaper, canopy, vintage furniture, and accent pillows are combined gorgeously creating a charming and sophisticated bedroom design. There are many patterns and textures in this bedroom but the color scheme, which incorporates white, keeps the design balanced.

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    Red & Green Country Style Bedroom

    French Country Bedroom
    Sherry Carroll / No Minimalist Here

    This charming French country style bedroom is another great idea on how to use the color complement’s red and green. By using a sage green wall color and accents of red in the French toile curtains, plates, and bedding is a simple, creative way to combine this color combination within a quaint, traditional bedroom idea.

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    Red & Blue Traditional Bedroom

    Traditional Bedroom
    Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Inc.

    Red and blue are not color complements but they do pair well together, as seen on flags from many nations. When these two colors are paired together you can create lovely and vibrant bedrooms, like this traditional bedroom. The use of a pastel, muted blue on the walls along with vibrant reds on the bedding and accent pillows creates a wonderful color combination to consider.