20 Bedroom Curtain Ideas to Inspire Your Space

A neutral-colored bedroom with ombre curtains.

Whittney Parkinson Design

Curtains can act as the finishing decorative touch in a room, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Not only are curtains an opportunity to infuse some serious style into your bedroom, but they are functional too—providing some much-needed privacy and blocking light to help improve your sleep. If you are looking for ways to incorporate curtains into your bedroom to maximize style and functionality, we’ve got you covered. Here are 20 bedroom curtain ideas to inspire your space.

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    Use One Curtain Panel

    A styled bedroom with one curtain panel used on a small window.

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Switch things up by using one curtain panel per window rather than two. This is especially practical if your windows are thin to begin with and two curtain panels would overwhelm the space. The resulting effect is stylish and practical and allows plenty of light into the room when the curtain is drawn back. 

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    Add Curtain Rings

    A green and neutral-colored bedroom with two large windows and curtains hung with curtain rings.

    Gray Space Interiors

    Curtain rings are a popular way to hang drapes because they make it super easy to draw the curtains back and forth across the rod. Plus, they help to extend the length of your curtains for an effortlessly luxurious look.

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    Have Fun With Patterns

    A bedroom with blue and white paint and orange patterned curtains.

    @sketchfortytwo for Yael Weiss Interiors

    Just like throw pillows and blankets, curtains provide an opportunity to bring in some new colors and patterns and can set the tone of a room. So don’t be afraid to bring fun and playful patterns into your space using your drapery.

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    Try Ombré

    A neutral-colored bedroom with ombre curtains.

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Add some subtle contrast to your space with ombré curtains. In this primary bedroom, Whittney Parkinson Design stuck to a neutral color palette and tied it all together using ombré drapes that incorporate all the main colors of the space.

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    Add a Valance

    A bedroom with patterned wallpaper and yellow and white plaid curtains with a valance.

    @victoriavonwestenholz / Instagram

    Once standard in curtain design, valances have become less common, although they are beginning to make a comeback. A valance is a custom-fitted accent that finishes a window treatment like curtains by hiding the curtain rod and hardware. Valances can be made with just fabric or with a wood top covered by fabric as seen in this bedroom by Instagram user @victoriavonwestenholz.

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    Opt for a Decorative Trim

    A small primary bedroom decorated in an eclectic style with curtains with decorative trim.

    William Lavalette Photography for Lava Interiors

    Choose curtains with decorative trim for a subtle accent that adds a little something extra to your space. We love this eclectic and curated space by Lava Interiors that features curtains with a thin decorative strip to tie the look together.

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    Use a Print From Your Favorite Artist or Designer

    A green and white bedroom with patterned blue and pink curtains.

    @little_edwardian_semi / Instagram

    If you’re not sure what kind of print to choose for your bedroom curtains, go with a print from your favorite artist or designer. Instagram user and home DIY expert @little_edwardian_semi chose a William Morris print for her curtains to finish off her primary bedroom renovation.

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    Double-Up With Sheer and Opaque Curtains

    A bright white bedroom with green and white curtains.

    @afrobohemianliving / Instagram

    Layering opaque and sheer curtains isn’t just stylish, it’s practical too, especially in the bedroom. For the days and nights when you need a little extra privacy but still want plenty of light, the option to pull a sheer curtain across is invaluable. At the same time, if room darkening is what you want, you have the opaque curtain as a backup. Use a double curtain rod to make the most out of this layered setup.

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    Use Contrasting Colors

    A green bedroom with pink curtains to provide contrast.

    @caroline_mmullin / Instagram

    Choose a contrasting color for your bedroom curtains to create balance and depth in your space. Instagram user @caroline_mmullin used muted pink velvet curtains to add contrast to her green walls for a super stylish look that we are loving.

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    Let Your Curtains Drape on the Floor

    A recently renovated bedroom with mauve walls and long curtains that drape on the floor.

    @atnumberfourteen_ / Instagram

    Normally, curtains are tailored so they rest at or just above floor level. However, installing extra long curtains and letting them drape on the floor can help create a soft and cozy-feeling interior. Just take a page from Instagram user @atnumberfourteen_’s book: she finished off her primary bedroom with these stylish tall drapes.

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    Add Decorative Side Panels

    Large bedroom window with decorative side panel curtains on either side.

    Ash & Co. for GreyHunt Interiors

    Highlight large, architecturally significant windows with decorative curtain side panels as seen in this primary bedroom by GreyHunt Interiors. They're perfect for when you want the added softness and decorative touch that curtains provide without a large curtain rod obstructing the view of your stunning windows. 

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    Use Velvet

    A pink bedroom with red velvet curtains.

    Gray Space Interiors

    Adding velvet curtains to your bedroom is a great way to add some drama and style while keeping things feeling cozy. Install the curtain rod a few inches above the top of your window to get a floor-to-ceiling look that will exude luxury.

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    Choose Linen

    Large sliding door in a bedroom with white linen curtains.

    Spacecraft Media for Hèhè Design.

    Linen is a luxurious choice for any textile in the home and curtains are no exception. Linen curtains make for a light and airy window treatment that won’t fade or pill over time. We love these bright and elegant linen curtains in a primary bedroom by interior design studio Hèhè Design.

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    Keep It Subtle

    Large bay windows with subtle neutral-colored curtains.

    @melaniedowninginteriors / Instagram

    If you have windows that deserve to be the center of attention, make sure you choose curtains that won’t steal the show. We love these custom neutral-toned linen curtains by @melaniedowninginteriors that allow these gorgeous bay windows to shine.

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    Pair White Curtains With Wood Blinds

    A bright white bedroom with white curtains and wood blinds.

    @temecuhouse / Instagram

    To achieve an effortlessly bohemian-inspired look try pairing white curtains with wood or bamboo blinds like Instagram user @temecuhouse. Add some wicker accents and potted plants to finish off the look.

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    Go Sheer

    A large primary bedroom with sheer curtains over the large windows.

    Interior Impressions

    When you want to add a bit of privacy without blocking the light, sheer curtains are the way to go. Choose a light color to keep the space feeling bright and open.

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    Choose Color-Blocked Curtains

    White and black spotted curtains with black color-blocked bottoms.

    @claires_stripes_and_spots / Instagram

    Color block curtains are a great way to add some contrast to a space. You can even make your own (or have some made for you) to suit your space. These color block curtains by bespoke window treatment designer Clare Young were custom-made for a client to fit a Dalmatian-inspired bedroom theme.

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    Match Your Curtains and Bed Linens

    A grey-colored bedroom with dark grey curtains.

    @kimmberlycaponeinteriors / Instagram

    Create a space that feels harmonious and put-together by matching your curtains with your bed linens and decorative accents. This primary bedroom by Kimmberly Capone Interiors features slate gray drapes, throw blankets, and throw pillows.

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    Keep It Neutral

    A large bedroom with tan-colored sheer curtains.

    @sketchfortytwo for Yael Weiss Interiors

    Let your curtains blend into the background of your bedroom design by opting for neutral colors. These sheer beige curtains add to the overall design of the space without stealing the show.

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    Go Dark and Moody

    Dark and moody bedroom with dark grey curtains hung by the windows.

    Gray Space Interiors

    Not all curtains need to be light, bright, and airy. If you prefer a moody aesthetic, choose curtains in dark, rich colors like grey, black, dark green, and navy. They won’t just add to the style of your space, but they’ll provide some serious light blocking too.

  • Which curtain color is best for bedrooms?

    It is usually recommended that you choose colors and patterns that are soothing and peaceful for your bedroom curtains to help create a relaxing space that lends well to getting a good night's rest. Consider shades of green, blue, or pink along with neutral colors like white and grey. However, if you're not one for following the rules don't be afraid to experiment and choose a color that speaks to you.

  • What type of curtain is best for bedrooms?

    Generally, light blocking curtains are a popular choice for bedrooms to help improve sleep quality. However, if you like to wake up with the sun then don't stress about choosing curtains that block the light. Sheer or purely decorative curtains are also stylish choices.

  • Should bedroom curtains be the same color as the walls?

    Bedroom curtains don't need to be the same color as your walls. Ultimately the color that you choose will depend on the look and feel that you are going for in your space. When choosing your curtain color consider things like the colors that are already in your space and whether you want your curtains to blend in or provide some contrast.