28 Charming Bedroom Design Ideas Any Couple Will Agree On

bedroom design ideas for couples

Design: Chango & Co. / Photo: Sarah Elliott

Designing a bedroom for yourself is hard enough. If you're coupled up, designing a bedroom with two (sometimes conflicting) opinions is even harder. There are plenty of stylish ways to compromise, though. Keep in mind practical additions, thoughtful storage, lush textures, and what works specifically for you as a couple.

Whether you're newly living together or have been sharing a bedroom for what feels like forever, designing a serene space that keeps the romance alive is imperative. Scroll on for 28 charming bedroom design ideas you'll both enjoy.

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    Amp Up the Romance

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Kathy Kuo Home

    "There are few bedroom design elements that feel more romantic to me than a canopy bed,” Kuo says. See for yourself—this coastal beach house bedroom’s canopy bed anchors the room, while the soft curtains and plush decorative pillows add style and softness. Not a bad place to wind down at the end of the night.

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    Include a Spot to Catch Up

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Kathy Kuo Home

    For this new-build family home in Nashville, designer Kathy Kuo was tasked with creating a bedroom with a few must-haves: a neutral color palette, plenty of organic textures and shapes, and sanctuary-like details. To hit that last must-have, Kuo included a set of cozy chairs at the foot of the bed.

    "It proved to be the perfect touch,” Kuo says. “Our client told us that she and her hubby love to curl up in these comfy-chic chairs at the end of a long day and enjoy quality catch-up time together."

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    Choose a Leather Headboard

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Jessica Nelson Design

    It's no small task narrowing down a headboard both of you will like. How about a lush, cushy leather one? Jessica Nelson Design added one to this neutral-hued bedroom, and it provides a soft feel. It's especially great for couples, given its two cushions.

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    Paint It Black

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Design: Carrie Livingston / Photo: Lauren Taylor

    What's black and white and dramatic all over? This bedroom by Carrie Livingston, which is perfect for a design-forward couple. Between the moody noir paint, lush white linens, and plenty of spots to sit and catch up, it's a recipe for high style you'll both appreciate.

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    Make a Mirror Image

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Ghislaine Vinas 

    Can't quite place your finger on what's so satisfying about this Ghislaine Viñas-designed bedroom? It's likely the immaculate symmetry, presented in a mirror image. To imitate this in your own bedroom, be mindful of centering your bed on a wall, as well as pillow and lamp placement. (And don't even get us started on those pink drapes...)

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    Aim For Symmetry

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Kathy Kuo Home

    “There's something sweet about both sides of the bed being outfitted with the same comforts," Kuo tells us. For this serene bedroom, Kuo opted for matching dressers, lamps, and mirrors on each side of the bed.

    “I love how this design really fosters a sense of peace and connection through the symmetry of the matching nightstands and lamps on either side of the bed,” she says.

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    Be Intentional About Adding a TV

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Ghislaine Vinas

    Whether or not to have a TV in your bedroom is a divisive topic. If you and your partner agree to it, go all in, designing a cozy space worthy of late-night "one more episode?" binges. Ghislaine Vinas made no effort to hide this TV, instead adding it to a sleek, bare white wall so there are no distractions from your favorite show.

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    Utilize Rich Tones and Textures

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    AHG Design

    Think rich—both in tones and textures. This AHG Design does just that, with a soft-to-the-touch velvet headboard, a hefty weighted blanket, and layers of linens. The rusty, burnt hues add a depth and a midcentury vibe both of you can appreciate.

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    Appeal to All Styles

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Design: Rumor Designs / Photo: David Patterson Photography

    When designing for two, you have to take into consideration a melding of styles, as displayed in this bedroom.

    “This Steamboat mountain-side ski bedroom is great for couples as it has design elements that appeal to both halves of the couple,” Lindsey Jamison, partner and lead designer of Rumor Designs, says. “Every tiny detail brings a warm yet luxurious feel into the bedroom while maintaining a modern feel.”

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    Get Creative With Storage Solutions

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Design: Neva Interior Design / Photo: Agathe Tissier

    Can you ever have enough storage? We're going with no. Neva Interior Design agrees, as they included a custom built-in to this bedroom. The cabinets, painted a sweet pistachio green, frame the bed (so you can nix a headboard, if you prefer) and add ample storage all within easy reach.

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    Include a Bench At the End of the Bed

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Kirsten Conner Interior Design

    Not only is this end-of-bed bench pretty, adding a subtle pattern to the Kirsten Conner-designed bedroom, but it's practical too. Consider it a spot to rest while taking your slippers off, a spot lay out tomorrow's outfit, or a place to sit while you catch up on each other's day.

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    Hang Blackout Curtains

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Travis Londons / Studio London

    Sleeping styles vary, but if you and your partner agree that you both get your best zzz's in a pitch-black room, invest in blackout curtains. When coordinated with your bedding, as in this Travis Londons / Studio London-designed space, they'll feel intentional, adding a chic design feature to your bedroom.


    Added bonus: blackout drapes keep cold breezes out, and they dampen street noise too.

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    Opt for Moody Blues

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Paint colors can be hard to agree on, but chances are both you and your partner would love a moody shade of blue for your bedroom. When painted on the door, trim, and radiator, like Desiree Burns Interiors did here, the shade envelopes the room, making for a serene space.

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    Utilize the Windowsill

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Fantastic Frank

    If your bedroom features an enviable windowsill, like the one in this Scandinavian bedroom from Fantastic Frank, treat it as you would a nightstand. Create a sleek, styled moment with a reading lamp, the stack of books you've been meaning to read, and mementos from your time as a couple.

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    Create a Cozy Alcove

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Studio Peake

    Two bedroom must-haves (storage and serious comfort) with one solution: Studio Peake surrounded the bed with cabinets to create a cozy alcove. With a storage-focused design like this, there's never an excuse as to why someone's socks are strewn on the floor.

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    Hang Barely There Nightstands

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Fantastic Frank

    If you're working with a tight space, traditional nightstands may not fit. That doesn't mean you need to go without a spot for your water glass though. Instead, take inspiration from this Fantastic Frank space, which makes the most of this bedroom's limited square footage, mounting a petite reading light and floating nightstand that camouflages into the white walls. It's utilitarian without feeling heavy.

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    Double Up On Lighting Options

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    One of you likes to read with a sconce, the other with a lamp. To keep symmetry and to keep everyone happy, do as Ashley Montgomery Design chose here, adding double lighting this beautiful bedroom. Sleek brass sconces reach out from the shiplap walls, perfect for task lighting, while a pair of lamps flank either side of the bed too. As far as we're concerned, the more ambient lighting options, the better.

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    Add Playful Patterns

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Design: Rumor Designs / Photo: David Patterson Photography

    If, as a couple, you don’t take yourself too seriously, consider a spirited bedroom style, like this one by Rumor Designs.

    “A playful and inviting bedroom is appropriate for an eclectic, modern, and colorful couple,” partner and lead designer Lindsey Jamison says. “The color, pattern, and texture in this bedroom align perfectly with an active couple's lifestyle that gives off as much energy as they do.”

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    Consider a Built-In Bookshelf

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Design: Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo: Tessa Neustadt

    Leave it to Leanne Ford to design a bedroom with plenty of smart storage. In this space, she surrounded the bed with built-in bookshelves, which provides a lived-in feel that you can style with your own personal flair.

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    Rev Up a Fire

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Design: Chango & Co. / Photo: Sarah Elliott

    If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, here's a friendly reminder to use it. Consider this Chango & Co. bedroom inspiration to create a cozy feel for an intimate night in.

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    Add Bright Textiles

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Studio Peake

    Heavy floor-to-ceiling drapes, like the orange ones in this bedroom designed by Studio Peake, block out light in the most stylish way. They also muffle street sounds and add a serious pop of color too. Win/win.

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    Hang Textured Wallpaper

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Design: Rumor Designs / Photo: David Patterson Photography

    Narrowing down the (truly endless) wallpaper options may be a test to your partnership, but when you land on one you both love, your bedroom's design will greatly benefit. See this Rumor Designs bedroom for proof. The textured wallpaper, hung on just one wall, creates a focal wall to nestle the bed against.

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    Sooth With Sepia Tones

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Becca Interiors

    A bedroom is meant to be an escape from the wild world, so consider calming sepia tones—creams, beiges, mocha browns—for a zen zone. That's what Becca Interiors did in this bedroom, and chances are you'll both sleep better in a similar design.

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    Add Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Design: Rumor Designs / Photo: David Patterson Photography

    For this bedroom, Rumor Designs put row after row of pillows to work. Some are practical, some are for decoration, and some more may end up on the floor at the end of the night, but they create an intentional, cohesive look to your bed's design.

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    Invest in a Platform Bed

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Fantastic Frank

    When it comes to your bedroom, the bed (of course) is the star of the design show. For a frame that you'll both love, consider a chunky wooden platform bed. It sets the tone for a timeless space that can be transformed with linens, lighting, and all kinds of accessories.

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    Have a Nightstand for Yourself

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Ellie Lillstrom for Kirsten Conner Interior Design

    You could match nightstands. Or not. If you're taking the latter approach, design yours with items that make your mornings easier and happier, whether that's a chic alarm clock, fresh flowers, or framed photos of the two of you.

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    Go Glam

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    David Patterson Photography for Rumor Designs

    A crystal chandelier, a faux fur blanket, silky sheets—Rumor Designs didn't shy away from luxe materials in this bedroom, and neither do you and your partner. They make for a lavish place to wind down each night.

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    Add a Picture Ledge

    bedroom design ideas for couples

    Design by Malcolm Simmons for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Keyanna Brown

    A picture ledge: two birds, one stone. It can top a headboard-like piece while showcasing a few of your mutual favorite pieces of art, photos together, and trinkets from your travels. Just be sure to affix leaning artwork to the wall using double-sided tape; you wouldn't want to get hit in the head if something slips.