20 Bedroom Essentials You Can't Live Without


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Your bedroom is the room in your house that you probably spend the most time in. And because of that, you want it to be a sanctuary. You want it to be a space that’s relaxing and calming. A space filled with beautiful, comfortable things that help you sleep better while still being aesthetically pleasing. There are a number of bedroom essentials you can’t live without, from a mattress to a good alarm clock to window coverings, bedside tables, and everything in between. We’ve rounded up twenty things that you just need to have in your bedroom. 

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    Bed Frame


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    Gone are the days when you were okay with sleeping on your mattress on the floor. Opt for a bed frame to lift your bed up. If you're wondering how to choose the best bed frame, don't worry. They come in pretty much any style so if you just want something minimal, you can absolutely find one. If you’re looking for one with a headboard or storage underneath, you can find those too.

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    Throw Pillows

    throw pillows

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    Throw pillows are a great way to add pops of color to your space. They can really liven up your room and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Choose from a few cushions or fill your entire bed with them.

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    bed sheets

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    It’s important to pick sheets that are soft and comfortable to sleep in. You want it to feel luxurious when you slide into them. Linen sheets are a great pick if you want something effortless. If you struggle with regulating your temperature when you sleep, opt for bamboo sheets.

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    Whether you choose a comforter or a duvet, pick one that will make you feel like you’re in a cocoon. You want to feel cozy so make sure you get one with the right tog—it’s a rating for how heavy a comforter or duvet is. The higher the tog the heavier the blanket will be.

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    It doesn’t matter if you’re a side, back, or front sleeper, you need a pillow that offers support so you don’t wake up sore in the morning. Invest in a pillow that’s right for you. Nowadays you can get a pillow in several different materials like memory foam, down, or cotton fill and you can also find one that will make the way you sleep more comfortable. 

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    mattress buying

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    A mattress is a huge investment so make sure you find one that works for you. There are so many different types to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Either head to a store and try some out or find one online that offers a sleep guarantee. A lot of companies will let you return a mattress if you don’t like it.

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    While you may find a nightstand to be more of a decor addition rather than an essential, they are actually important. If you have the space, nightstands are incredibly functional and can help with organization. You can find one that has storage so you can keep things like tissues, your favorite book, earplugs, an eye mask, and your alarm clock nearby. 

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    lamp bedroom lighting

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    Lighting is everything in a bedroom and having a good lamp next to your bed is really important. It will help you wind down in the evening as a lamp isn’t as harsh as overhead lighting can be. 

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    Window Coverings

    window coverings bedrooms

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    If you’re sensitive to light, opt for blackout curtains. If you’re more interested in window coverings for aesthetics, you’ll probably have more options. Window coverings are definitely essential as they give you privacy and can instantly cozy up a room.

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    Full Length Mirror

    mirror in bedroom

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    Add a full length mirror to your space so it makes getting ready in the morning easier for you. They make so many gorgeous ones that will instantly add something special to your space while still being super functional. 

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    rug in bedroom

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    A rug can definitely be a bedroom essential if you want to make a space feel snugger or add some definition to the areas of your room. They’re a really good addition no matter if you have a carpeted bedroom or hardwood.

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    plants in bedroom

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    Plants are essential for a number of reasons. Aside from them looking really nice, plants can really liven up a space and act as decor so keeping them in your bedroom is an excellent idea.

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    Storage (Baskets/Bins—You Name It.)

    storage baskets

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    Storage is so important and whether you opt for pretty baskets on display or plastic bins under your bed, keeping your things organized in storage baskets will make your room a calmer place. 

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    Alarm Clock

    alarm clock bedside table

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    If you don’t want to be on your phone before bed or when you first wake up, charge your phone in another room and use an alarm clock to wake up instead. There are so many to choose from whether it’s a basic analog clock or one with a light that mimics the sunrise and sunset

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    Wall Decor

    wall hanging bedroom

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    Wall decor can be anything from framed prints, paintings or canvases to macrame wall hangings. People hang baskets from their walls or framed photos of their friends and families. Wall decor is a personal preference but it’s essential because it adds personality to your bedroom. 

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    Throw Blanket

    throw blanket bedroom

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    There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a throw blanket and reading a book. It’s perfect for when you don’t want to climb under your covers just yet, but you want to snuggle up. 

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    pillow case

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    While pillowcases could fall into the sheet category, we’ve kept them separate for a reason. While you can get high-quality pillowcases in a sheet bundle, maybe you prefer a silk one for your hair or maybe you have a lot of pillows on your bed and need extras, making this an essential that deserves its own category.

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    Overhead Lighting

    overhead bedroom lighting

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    Whether you have recessed overhead lighting or you’ve opted for a light fixture, overhead lighting is just as essential as using a lamp. While you may want to use your lamps in the evenings, overhead lighting is helpful if you’re looking in your closet or drawers. There are so many different lighting ideas that can inspire you in your own space.

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    shelving bedroom

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    From built-in shelving to floating shelves, extra storage space is definitely a necessity. It’s both functional and aesthetic. You can use shelves to show off some of your nicer items of clothes or accessories or use them for plants or knick-knacks that add to the decor in your room.

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    Set the mood with a relaxing candle. It’s really nice to burn one just before you go to bed and it can really add to the ambiance of the space!