How to Choose Bedroom Furniture for a Small Guest Room

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    Choose the Minimalist Amount of Furniture to Set the Scene

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    Choosing bedroom furniture that will highlight your guest room is essential when selling your home. Most likely your guest room does not get a lot of traffic, but it is important to home buyers when they are looking for a new home. You don’t have to fill your guest room with miniature furniture simply because it is small. You can decorate it with stylish pieces that work hard. The right furniture can optimize space and make the room look bigger than it is. Keep these tips in mind when choosing...MORE bedroom furniture for a tiny guest room.

    Choose Compact and Lightweight Furniture

    Furnish your small guest room with lightweight furniture pieces or furnishings made of transparent materials such as glass. Trim and fit furniture is ideal for small spaces. For instance, when choosing a chair, don’t pick one with cushions and fat rolled arms. Choose one with thin arms and an upholstered back. When it comes to the bed, get one with a simple headboard.

    Consider Small Guest Room Multifunctional Furniture Pieces

    Multifunctional furniture gives you more bang for your buck. Select pieces that perform more than two functions. You can get a bed with a built-in dresser, one with storage, a lidded ottoman, or a nightstand that functions as a desk. If you don’t have enough room for a nightstand, install lights on the wall to free up space. Add storage elements to the room’s closet to enhance its function.

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    Choose Neutral Colored Bedroom Furniture for Simplicity

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    Avoid Tiny Pieces of Furniture for your Small Bedroom

    Many homeowners have the mistaken belief that small furniture pieces look good in small rooms. The truth is that they have the opposite effect. They can add clutter to a room and make it seem like there isn’t ample space. Get a few big pieces to give your guest room an organized, spacious look.

    Ensure Clear Sight Lines Across the Room

    Don’t place your bed against the wall as you’ll decrease the room’s flow. Home buyers won’t be able to move from...MORE one side of the room to the other. Place the bed in the middle of the room and add airy pieces such as a chair with a slender profile and open-sided nightstands. These features make a room comfy and functional without making it look congested.

    Choose Furnishings with Neutral Bedroom Colors

    A few well-chosen furnishings can make home buyers think your guest room is spacious. Get a four-poster bed or a bed with a tall headboard. These features force the eye upward. Position the vanity and other pieces against the wall to create the illusion of space.

    Select white furnishings or those with wood tones. Incorporate furniture pieces with mirrors which let light bounce around and enhance the optical illusion. Be sure to choose accent pieces with the same color as they harmonize and make a room look neat and clean (think hotel rooms). You can add white bedroom furniture sets and paint the walls white to make them recede into the background.

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    Choose Bedroom Furniture that Reflects your Design Style

    Guest bedroom tips and decor
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    Consider Adding Multiple Beds for Kid Guest Rooms

    If your guest room can accommodate two small beds, get them. A guest room with 2 guest beds makes sleeping arrangements more flexible. Add a dash of glamour to the room by getting guest beds with upholstered headboards. Choose beds of the same size and use similar bedding to add character and personality to the room.

    Consider a Variety of Different Small Bedroom Ideas

    Design magazines and design blogs are filled with ideas for decorating small guest...MORE rooms. If you’re short of ideas, go online and find inspiration. Scour interior design sites, home design magazines, and even DIY tutorials. Remember that home buyers look for comfortable, relaxing guest rooms. If your guest room creates a wonderful experience for them, they will know it will do the same for their guests.

    No doubt about it, the most difficult thing about decorating a small guest room is choosing the furniture. It has to be functional, fit in the space comfortably, and leave room for traffic. The last thing you want is home buyers walking into a cramped guest room. Every furniture piece should count in that small room. If you want to make your small guest room functional and stylish, get hardworking bedroom furniture.