21 Dream Bedroom Ideas for Feminine People

girls bedroom with daybed and pillows


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Ah, the bedroom: an all-too-brief pit stop between your little one’s nursery days and the “how-the-heck-are-you-a-teenager-already?” moments to come. The secret to getting it right is finding the right balance.

You want to create a space that reflects their advancing maturity and anticipates future needs. But while your developing child may be growing up, they are not there yet. Growing up is fun, and the bedroom should be too!

Start with a beautiful room—the kind of room you can see your future teen enjoying—and then focus on introducing the key element of fun. Add a touch of whimsy with polka dots or a glittery accent wall, and build on your child’s passions. If they're a book-lover, consider creating a cozy reading nook. Prima ballerina? How about a dance barre? It’s doesn’t take much to make your child's dreams come true, and you can always update these elements as they grow.

Need a little inspiration? These 21 fun and creative bedroom ideas will help you make your child’s space as special as they are.

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    Costume Play Stage

    Girl's room with curtained costume corner and stage
    House of Turquoise

    Recreate this adorable costume play zone designed by Erin of House of Turquoise. With an elegant costume closet and curtained-off stage—complete with seats for an adoring audience—this simple DIY idea is a dream come true.

    Are you looking for a cheap an easy way to put your child in the spotlight? Instead of spending money on expensive curtain hardware, pick up a curved shower rod and try mounting it directly to the wall. 

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    Creation Station

    Colorful art corner for kids
    Color Made Happy/Instagram

    What better way to encourage creativity than with a beautiful purpose-built art center?

    With plenty of attractive storage for arts and craft supplies, a simple desk that doubles as a homework zone, and a place to display your daughter’s one-of-a-kind creations, this colorful little workstation, spotted on Color Made Happy, is as practical as it is pretty. What’s more, rollaway storage carts make it easy to move the crafting party to a bigger space when needed. Genius!

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    Black, white, and gold girl's room with gold glitter accent
    Little Lovelies

    Why not add a little sparkle with a shimmering gold glitter wall?

    According to Ashlee of Little Lovelies, this DIY masterpiece was a labor of love, but it’s doable if you’re willing to invest the time. The results? Positively swoon-worthy!

    See Ashlee’s full tutorial here.

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    Cozy Reading Nook

    boho bedroom with a reading nook

    The Grit and Polish

    Want to encourage your daughter to read? Why not create an inviting space to curl up and get lost in a book?

    A simple tent furnished with comfy cushions makes for a cozy little nook in this dusty pink room designed by The Grit and Polish

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    Ombre the Sea

    Mermaid-themed girl's room with Ombre walls
    Nagwa Seif Interior Design

    This enchanting mermaid-themed room, created by Nagwa Seif Interior Design, boasts an underwater world of sun-kissed aqua blues that get lighter as you emerge from the deep.

    Prefer a more blended and organic Ombre experience? Create your water-colored world with this detailed tutorial

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    Princess Canopy

    Girl's room with DIY canopy bed featuring pendant light
    Proverbs 31 Girl

    Add drama to a space with a beautiful bed canopy, like this swoon-worthy, chandelier canopy put together by Allie of Proverbs 31 Girl.

    Every teen or preteen—grown-up status notwithstanding—loves feeling like royalty, and a lux bed with lots of soft, billowy fabric will give you that royal feeling every time! Need a little DIY inspiration? Check out these 21 canopy bed ideas you can recreate yourself!

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    The Bright Idea

    An orange and hot-pink bedroom
    Life Iz Photography and Andrika King Design

    Clean, bright and beautiful, this vibrant hot pink and orange room by Andrika King Design has a fun, fresh feel. Bold colors enjoy a certain infallible trendiness, never really going out of style, and with a clean white canvas as a backdrop, it’s easy to update the space as your little teen or preteen grows. 

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    Secret Hideout

    Girl's room with secret attic hideout
    Jenny Tamplin Interiors

    Who wouldn’t love the idea of a secret attic hideout where they can get up, up and away from it all?

    One lucky person is the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind space designed by Jenny Tamplin Interiors, which features an envy-inducing passage to peace, cut and framed into the attic above their room. 

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    Dotty Delight

    Girls' room with pastel colors and accent wall
    11 Magnolia Lane

    Shimmering gold polka-dot decals add the perfect touch of sparkle to this sweet space spotted on Eleven Magnolia Lane

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    Under the Canopy

    Pink and grey girl's room with fabric canopy
    The Frosted Petticoat

    Swaths of gauzy white fabric draped from the ceiling give this bold hot pink and grey room from The Frosted Petticoat a palatial feel, making it the perfect space for a little highness.

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    Candy-Stripe Ceiling

    Cottage pastel girl's room
    Krista Salmon and Ryann Colleen Photography

    Are you looking for a way to boost your bedroom’s wow-factor? Look up!

    This lovely cottage-inspired room by Kristian Salmon Design lends a bold new vibe to a traditional style with a statement-making candy-striped ceiling in vibrant coral.

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    Board and Batten Beauty

    A girl's room with board and batten
    Bungalow Blue Interiors

    Wainscoting lends a touch of farmhouse charm to any space, but installing it can be tricky and expensive. Want to create a traditional look for less? This bright and beautiful room, designed by Kelly Stivers of Bungalow Blue Interiors, uses inexpensive wood trim painted and mounted directly to the walls to create a traditional “board and batten” look without the traditional cost. 

    Love this look? Get Kelly's full DIY "board and batten" tutorial right here. 

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    On-Point Ballet Barre

    DIY ballerina bar in girl's room
    Bless'er House

    Want to create a space your little one will love? Start with the thing they are most passionate about.

    Lauren, DIY genius and devoted mom behind the popular blog Bless’er House, created this beautiful ballet-themed space for her tiny dancer, Olivia. The pièce de résistance? The ballet barre and dance area where they can practice their passion every day. 

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    Half-Pint Paint Job

    Pink and white girl's room with Nordic charm
    House of Hawkes

    A partial paint job is a great way to add a touch of color and interest to a clean, contemporary space. It can even make a small room look bigger.

    With just the bottom third of the walls painted in light pink, this sweet room, designed by Kathryn of House of Hawkes, gives the impression of high ceilings, making this small space look especially bright and expansive.

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    Paint Pop Bookcases

    Boho girl's room with hot pink accents
    One Kings Lane

    Are you craving a little color? Try painting the inside of your bookshelves.

    A spicy shade of hot pink adds pop to this simple and beautiful space, spotted on One King’s Lane. The vibrant hue also provides a nice contrast for the shelf décor, making each item stand out. 

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    Loft Love

    Boho girl's room featuring a loft bed reading nook
    Brit & Co

    This lovely little loft bed spotted on Brit & Co, offers the perfect hideaway for your little one. Just install a tension rod and some adorable curtains, add some comfy cushions and some twinkling fairy lights, and you’ve got one happy little bundle of joy! Best of all, IKEA’s KURA loft bed is a steal at just $179.

    Wondering what else you can do with this ultra-versatile bed frame? Get inspired with these 12 Amazing Kura Bed Hacks

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    Statement Piece

    Statement decor in girls bedroom

    Forbes + Masters

    Nothing makes a room pop like a dramatic statement piece. These pretty faux flowers arranged in a row make the perfect wall decoration behind the daybed, in this gorgeous room from Forbes + Masters.

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    Beautifully Bold

    Boho girls bedroom

    House of Harvee

    Want to create a truly dreamy space for the little preteen or teen in your life? Go unconventional!

    Unconventional décor is back and boasting a fresh and modern vibe. House of Harvee blends whimsical traditions with clean, contemporary appeal, creating a cleaner, more casual look. With its airy color scheme and rustic-glam approach to lux living, this beautiful room couldn’t be more creative if it tried!

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    Metallic Glam

    Modern metallic glam girls bedroom

    Reena Sotropa

    Have a glam lover on your hands? Provide a space that shines with shimmering metallic accents, crystals, and plenty of soft textures.

    With its glitzy accents, this gold-dusted room from Reena Sotropa couldn’t be more glamorous!

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    Room With a View

    Girls bedroom with a window bench

    Reena Sotropa

    A built-in window bench, like beauty by Reena Sotropa, is a wonderful use of space, providing your little one with a comfy place to read, daydream, and entertain their friends.

    Love the idea of a cozy window seat but can’t afford the expensive build-in process? Make your simple window bench with this clever IKEA hack from Mommy Vignettes

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    A Swinging Good Time

    Bedroom with hanging chair

    KJ Design Mortar and Styling

    Sweet, pretty, and playful, this beautiful rattan swing, spotted on KJ Design Mortar and Styling, adds a touch of play-inspired whimsy that any little preteen or teen would love. It’s the perfect place for them to read or daydream.