18 Bedroom Ideas Little Girls Will Love

Little girl's bedroom decorated with toys, gemstones and wall decor

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Decorating a little girl’s bedroom is no small feat! You want something that she’ll take pride in and appreciate right away—but you also want it to be something that she’ll appreciate for years to come. The key is to take her unique interests and passions into account while sticking with a more timeless approach to design and decor (you’ll probably want to put down the pastel pink wall paint for example)

Looking for some guidance to help get the gears in motion? We’ve got you covered! Below, we spoke to a handful of designers and decorators who are no strangers to decorating whimsical and practical kids rooms.

Meet the Expert

  • Beth Halpern Brown is the owner and lead interior designer at Beth Brown Interiors.
  • Erin Strasen is the founder of Placed by Erin, an interior design consultancy.
  • Andre Kazimierski is the CEO at Imroovy, an on-demand home improvement company.
  • Susan Peters is the owner and lead designer at 9108 Designs, an interior decorating service.
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    Choose Something She Can Grow In

    little girl room with neutral colors

    Design: Mindy Gayer/Photographer: Vanessa Lentine

    When designing for little girls, it's important to remember children grow up quickly so you want to work with things that she can grow up with and not age out of too quickly, says Beth Halpern Brown, Interior Designer at Beth Brown Interiors. This includes such elements as cartoons, children's murals, or anything juvenile.

    Instead, Brown suggests focusing on implementing furniture, accessories, and design elements that are still playful and imaginative but also allow for long-term use. For example, instead of a princess or safari mural, opt instead for fun block patterns, different shapes, or something still visually stimulating like a custom woodwork pattern that doesn't age out.

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    Create a Reading Nook

    kids bedroom reading nook

    House of Harvee

    “You can never go wrong with a reading nook outfitted with a corner tent or chair/beanbag setup,” says Brown. “Reading is such a cornerstone of children's lives and having a designated area for that educational and developmental process is a good thing to keep in mind.”

    Make sure it's comfortable and allows for children to invite their friends, siblings, and family members into the space to comfortably read and grow with them.

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    Wallpaper Accent Walls

    pink floral wallpaper for girl's room

    House of Harvee

    This is such a simple yet effective design element. “Having an accent wall of wallpaper behind a bed or in a nook is an easy and attractive way to add additional interest to a space and, again, incorporate a visual element that will age gracefully over time and not necessarily need to be changed out too soon,” explains Brown. “Florals from Ashley Woodson Bailey, Lindsay Cowles, and Louee Vega are some of my favorites to use for these types of installations.”

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    Add a Bulletin or Chalk Wall

    little girl room with bulletin boards

    Design: Mindy Gayer/Photographer: Vanessa Lentine

    A bulletin board or chalk wall is simple, easy, and can be purchased just about everywhere (you can also DIY one). “Get something simple and easy to use that children can decorate and stick things on to really make it their own,” suggests Brown. “It can really be a blank canvas that parents can help them develop and turn into an imaginative and fun space that reflects everything a child is thinking and wants to incorporate into their space.”

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    Let It Twinkle

    blue neutral color room with twinkle lights

    Maite Granda

    Twinkly fairy-style lights can be draped across a bed, in the canopy, or around the walls to incorporate a super dreamy, fantastical, and calm environment, says Brown. Kids love them and they're super easy to install and turn on and off for bedtime purposes.

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    Get Creative with Wall Art

    little girl room with paper fan wall art

    House of Harvee

    “Allowing your daughter to personalize her room will give her a sense of autonomy and creativity,” says Erin Strasen, Founder of Placed by Erin. “Hang a magnet board or word art board low down on a wall so she can see it and add to it herself. If she’s too young to create her own art, consider putting up printed photos of family, friends and pets.”

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    Soft Muted Tones Are Key

    muted tones woodland creature little girl room

    Ann Living

    Strasen suggests mixing up the color palette of the room with soft muted tones that create a soothing environment instead of something overly bright and activating. “A pale green (I love Churlish Green by Farrow & Ball) can set the scene for a nature inspired space, especially when paired with soft stuffed animals or animal-themed wall art,” she says.

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    Look to the Stars

    light blue girls bedroom

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Pale blue is also a beautiful color for a girls room,” says Strasen. “It might feel unconventional, but it can provide a soothing antidote to the popular pinks and purples that so often go hand-in-hand with girls’ toys.” Pale blue walls alongside constellation art, or a moon-shaped night-light can create a subtle theme that doesn’t overpower the space.

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    Foster a Sense of Responsibility

    books on bookshelf, easy access

    Burchard Design Co.

    Take a moment to really think about the functionality of the space and how you want to use the space alongside your daughter. “If you want to teach her to put away toys, make sure the storage is easily accessible,” says Strasen. “If you want her to help select a book at night, make sure the shelves are low enough where she can make her selection without your assistance.”

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    Neutral Furniture is Timeless

    neutral furniture, brown chair, white bookshelf

    Becca Interiors

    According to Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy, you can never go wrong with light, bright, and neutral tones for the large decor pieces. “It is always fun for young kids to add their own splashes of color to their rooms with things like toys, stuffed animals, pillows and blankets,” he explains, “so keeping all the staple parts like larger pieces of furniture light and neutral prevents the room from feeling overwhelmed with bright colors. It also helps make the space feel cleaner and happier.”

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    Consider White Walls

    little girl room with white walls

    Calimia Home

    “White walls and white linens are always a good way to go because they allow for customization throughout the rest of the room,” explains Kazimierski. “If you are nervous about spills of stains on the bed, pick a comforter or sheets with a design so that it can hide them better.”

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    Let Her Lead the Way

    little girl room with canopy and floral wallpaper

    Maite Granda

    And always, ask the opinion of the little girl! “Let her have some input into colors and things that she likes so that she can have a part in decorating the room,” Kazimierski points out. “It is her room after all!”

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    Create a Gallery Wall of Her Favorites

    little girl room with corner gallery wall

    M Starr Design

    A gallery wall can delight and inspire artists of all ages and creating a gallery wall is one of the easiest and most fun ways to incorporate art into any child's room. “You and your child can sweeten her space by carefully curating various art pieces that appeal to her,” says Alix Greenberg, Founder of ArtSugar. Building a gallery wall is not only a fun way to discover the joy of decorating, but it's also an excellent way for kids to start building their very own art collection.

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    Go for Light and Airy Window Treatments

    little girl room yellow lemon walls pattern

    Mindy Gayer

    “In little girls' bedrooms, I suggest replacing the heavy custom drapery with lighter window treatments,” says Susan Peters, Owner and Lead Designer at 9108 designs. Light and airy linen and soft cotton curtains in more natural shades will allow for more natural light without sacrificing privacy or shade from the outdoors come bedtime.

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    Make Storage Solutions Fun

    little girl room with square cubby shelves

    Maite Granda

    “Bookshelves and storage solutions can be practical and pretty when you choose them carefully and add some decor to them,” explains Peters. Consider enlisting her help to decorate her shelving to reflect her changing style.

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    Don't Forget a Sense of Whimsy

    whimsical girl's room

    Design by Emily Henderson/ Photo by Sara Liggoria-Tramp

    It’s easy to focus on the practical or design-savvy side of putting together a little girl’s room—but it’s important to make space for more whimsical and playful items in her space. Peters suggests adding a floral or beaded light fixture for a pop of style to the bedroom, a small table with chairs, loft beds, or even just a comfy lounge chair to make her feel cozy and playful.

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    Place Some Plants

    little girl room with floral accent wall and plant on the bedside table

    Modern House Vibes

    If she’s been asking for a pet more and more frequently or you just want her to foster a sense of responsibility, adding an easy to maintain plant in her bedroom might be a great idea. Plants also help to add texture and color to the space while also purifying the air in her room.

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    Do Your Own Artwork

    little girl room with 4 post bed and artwork on wall

    Design: Mindy Gayer/Photographer: Lane Ditto

    The artwork you choose for her wall will make a big impression—things like macrame in pastel colors or fun shapes like rainbows and hearts will create some visual interest that she can appreciate—but the best place to find memorable artwork? In her personal collection! Hanging your own kid’s artwork in a white or light colored wooden frame looks very chic and will give her a sense of pride.

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