Bedroom Ideas In Every Color of the Rainbow

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    Super-Colorful Bedrooms Rock the Rainbow

    Purple Bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Interiorholic

    You might think of purple as a suitable color only for a child's bedroom, or maybe an ultra-feminine room with no space for a masculine presence. But this great purple bedroom puts those misconceptions to rest. Here's purple all grown up and without an excessively girlie feel.

    Touches of blue in the navy blanket, the lampshade and the cheery, bright blue garden stool -- here used as a footboard -- add cool contrast and keep all the purple from overwhelming the space. The black bed frame, hanging lampshade and wonderful birdcage stencils on the wall keep the look sophisticated and modern. There's a definite Asian influence in this bedroom as well -- the garden stool and Asian-inspired floral sheets are just enough to create a mood without going overboard.

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    Indigo Bedroom

    Indigo Bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Our Fifth House

    As deep as navy, but with undertones of purple, indigo is a moody, strong color that sets a definite vibe in the bedroom. Here, it’s shown to great effect with furniture in a traditional country style that isn’t at all sweet or fussy. When dark walls meet dark wood, as in this room, keep the look balanced and fresh with plenty of white accents. Here, the white bedding, white bedside table and chair, and touches of white on the walls and lamps look fresh and clean.

    Along with the strong color on the walls, this room has extra interest from well-chosen accents. The wonderful mirror over the bed, the blue-and-white abstract pattern drapes and the antique trunk used as a footboard keep your eyes moving around the room, instead of focusing just on the indigo walls.

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    Blue Bedroom

    Blue Bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Homedit

    Here’s a blue bedroom that has a lot going on, yet it all works together to create a coolly soothing, peaceful space. The matching nightstands, lamps, headboard and footboard are quite formal, but the oversize, exuberant abstract floral above the bed sets the tone for the entire room, and adds a big dose of fun.

    There’s a lot of pattern here – the tufted, upholstered blue headboard and footboard, the gridline wallpaper, the gray carpet with interlocking diamonds, the floral picture – yet the look is harmonious and tranquil thanks to the skillful use of a subtle palette. Other than the colorful artwork, the entire room is soft blue, gray, white and tan, which keeps all that pattern under control.  

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    Green Bedroom

    Green Bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Top Home Design

    Here's a country charmer with a slightly tropical feel, thanks to the yellowish green on the walls, bedding and drapes. This isn't grandma's fussy, overly-cluttered country -- this is country brought into the present day by the strong, deep pink upholstered headboard, the bright walls, the lack of excessive knickknacks and artwork, and the large floral pattern on the drapes and bedding, instead of yesterday's small, fussy florals.

    The neutral carpet and lack of artwork on the walls helps balance the bold floral pattern throughout the room. Matching nightstands and lamps also keep things under control and prevent the look from being old-fashioned or cutesy. This is country done right.

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    Yellow Bedroom

    Yellow Bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Architecture Home Design

    Too much yellow in a room runs the risk of looking dated or fussy. While yellow is an undeniably cheerful color, it can also be a little dated if not done right. This bedroom is a beautiful example of yellow done to perfection -- not a bit of fussiness or out-of-date style here.

    Contrasting yellow with navy and white keeps things fresh and current, and is a palette that works well with styles from coastal to country to contemporary. Here, the look is very casual, with a dash of the coast added via the fish artwork above the bed, the seashells on the nightstands and the striped rug adding interest to the floor. There's little furniture in this room, but what IS there has a slightly country feel. Notice how the large, stick-framed mirror perfectly balances the window on the opposite wall.

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    Orange Bedroom

    Orange Bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of JoseMarcio

     While orange doesn't have to be retro, it certainly works well for that look. Here's a room with a lot of pop, a dash of retro and an overall Asian influence. It's not a look that's for everyone, but if you want color, interest, pattern and a dash of whimsy, here's a bedroom that pulls it off beautifully.

    Notice all the pattern and texture here -- the orange and white area rug, fuzzy throw blanket, embellished garden stool used as a nightstand, ornate throw pillows and the canvas floral pictures above the bed, as well as the patterned curtains. That's a lot of combined pattern, yet it works well here without being overwhelming or busy. That's because the palette is limited to orange, white and brown throughout the room. When you stick with just two or three colors, you can combine patterns freely.

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    Red Bedroom

    Red Bedroom
    Photo courtesy of House to Home

    The drama of red isn’t for everyone. Red walls are showstoppers, guaranteed to draw eyes first. Red is also a stimulating, exciting color, which is just the opposite of the mood you generally want to set in the bedroom. But if you love a room that says wow, red is your color.​

    Here, the red walls are freshened and toned down slightly by the use of neutrals. White ceiling and trim, white bedding and the large picture of the crow on a white background, combined with the neutral carpet and upholstery on the bed frame, add sophistication to the room. The checkered lampshades, simple stripes on the chairs and bed, crow motif and dotted bedding almost feel a little bit country – but the surprising touch of turquoise blue on the chair legs and bed frame add whimsy and contemporary zing.