25 Ways to Carve Out a Bedroom in Your Studio Apartment

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    Studio Apartment Ideas

    The fact is your studio apartment is just one room with no walls to separate the bedroom from the living room — So now your mattress pulls focus away from everything else making your pint-size abode feel more like a dorm room than a grown-up's apartment. What can you do? Plenty. 

    Even if you are not working with gobs of square footage, there are many tricks for creating distinct areas in a small place for sleeping, working, or just hanging out. For your inspiration, here are our favorite ideas for carving out a bedroom in a studio apartment.

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    Create a Larger Living Room

    This New York City apartment is a tiny, urban oasis brimming with style. Chiseling out separate spots for sleeping, working, and entertaining was the first order of business for the designers at LABLstudio.

    To accomplish their mission, they divided the single room apartment in half. Next, it was decided to sacrifice some of the bedroom square footage, which starts at the back of the apartment, to establish a larger living room with a small home office near the front windows. A wallpaper feature wall enhanced the sense of separation between the bedroom and living room.


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    Create Separation With Room Divider Curtains

    Room divider curtains conceal a queen-sized bed in this 450 square foot studio by Benjamin Hall Design and Build based in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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    Install Sliding Doors

    The smart designers at Facet 14 Studio turned a nook in this New York City studio apartment into a private bedroom by installing sliding doors that glide on a built-in track near the ceiling.

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    Build a Temporary Half Wall

    A temporary half wall divides the square footage in this Scandinavian studio apartment spotted on Alvhem Makleri. We think this is a particularly good idea if you live in a rental where building something permanent is prohibited.

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    Bespoke Room Divider

    The interior designers at The Brooklyn Home Company combined weathered wood with custom storage to create some privacy for a bedroom in this New York City studio apartment. The bespoke room divider adds rustic character to the shabby chic living room.

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    IKEA KALLAX Bookcase

    Blogger Jackie Claire from York Avenue used an IKEA KALLAX shelving unit to divide her tiny studio apartment into two distinct living areas. The best part, the smart piece of storage furniture cost less than $110.

    So that you know, many pieces from the KALLAX furniture collection can be easily customized to fit your unique taste and particular needs. Add on parts including drawers, baskets, and colorful storage boxes add personality while providing concealed storage.

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    Maximize Space With Transforming Furniture

    This smart, room-maximizing system created by ICOSA Design brought supersized function to a tiny condo in San Francisco. The unit combines a loft styled bedroom on top of a multifunctional room packed with transforming furniture. A favorite feature is the dining room table that folds into the built-in cabinetry. Notice the wall facing the woman? It conceals a full-size Murphy bed for houseguests. 

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    Space Saving Wall Bed and Secret Storage

    Most of the furniture cherry picked by interior design firm Black and Milk for this 270 square footage studio apartment has a space-saving superpower. A secret cabinet conceals a wall bed that pulls down over the sofa. The mirrored wall on the right is (surprise!) free-standing storage made up of five wardrobe cabinets lined up side by side. Not shown is a shallow console that opens up to a six-seat dining room table.

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    Plywood Platform Bed with Storage

    Plywood and a heaping dose of creativity turned this minuscule rental seen on Svenska Maklarhuset into a cozy, studio apartment. The lumber was used to construct the piece of platform furniture with built-in storage drawers on the left. The unit separates the bedroom from the living room by lifting the mattress nearly three feet above the floor. To boost the sense of separateness, we suggest hanging a floor to ceiling curtain.

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    This Room Divider Doubles as a Projection Screen

    To solve the problem that the living room is also the bedroom in this 450 square foot studio apartment, interior design consultant, Chris Nguyen from Analog Dialog, used a scrim to divide the space. The thick gauzy fabric also doubles as a giant projection screen for watching movies and shows.

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    This Room Divider Has a Built-in Trundle Bed

    Making room to plop down a mattress — not to mention a sofa, in a studio apartment that barely measures 129 square feet is nearly impossible without a phenomenal renovation like this one by Julie Nabucet Architectures.

    The feature that makes the most of the teensy square footage is a custom raised platform that doubles as a room divider. The clever unit conceals a full-size trundle bed. When partially extended, the mattress doubles as a sofa. When it is time to crash, just pull the bed entirely out.

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    Consider Two-Tone Walls

    Two-tone walls are one of the simplest and most affordable ways to create separation in a single room apartment. The bedroom in this Swedish studio seen on Alvhem Makleri was chiseled out using dove gray paint.

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    IKEA PAX Hack

    The couple who moved into this studio apartment features on IKEA Hackers could not bear the idea of having a bed in their bitsy living room. So they came up with an ingenious hack to conceal their mattress. Their project shares how to turn two PAX closet doors into a built-in room divider that glides across a ceiling track.

    Because they wanted their living room to be as big as possible, the bedroom nook has just enough space to fit the bed and a little storage for clothing. 

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    Install a Loft Bed Over the Kitchen

    Got high ceilings? Consider squeezing a loft bed over your kitchen. Doing so in this Swedish studio apartment featured on Fantastic Frank created space for a sizable living room. Notice the stairs? They double as storage drawers.

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    Small Space Furniture

    Furniture specifically designed for small spaces can help you maximize your skimpy square footage. Case in point, this 270 square foot studio apartment by Zukkini Interior Design. Living room furnishings include a shallow love seat and a small bistro set. A narrow bookcase on the left carves out a spot for a bed with a built-in headboard.

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    Desk That Doubles as a Room Divider

    London based architectural firm CIAO transformed this studio apartment with custom built-ins that smartly divide the open space. Here a raised platform and custom desk combo separates the bedroom from the central living area.


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    Use Furniture to Split Up an Open Floor Plant

    The interior designers at Laurel and Wolf used furniture to split up the open floor plan in this 600 square foot studio into three distinct sections.

    A beautiful wood slatted screen separates the bedroom from the kitchen, while a rug under the sofa creates a little separation between the living room and bedroom.

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    Divide Space Without Blocking Sunlight

    Here the interior designers at Homepolish used a large bookshelf to chisel out a bedroom in this studio apartment. We appreciate that the open design of the shelving unit divides the space without blocking sunlight.

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    Get Your Bed Off the Floor

    A bed perched above the sofa whips up floor space for a living room in this Swedish apartment features on My Scandinavian Home.

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    Pegboard Apartment

    The Pegboard Apartment is a super, tiny abode designed by Position Collective. Here a net typically used for tennis divides the micro dwelling into two distinct and separate rooms.

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    Double Duty Bed

    A bed that works double duty as a sofa adds more function to this itty-bitty studio apartment seen on Ludin Fastighetsbyra. The trick is adding decorative elements such as pillows as throws to make the mattress feel more like a sofa. 

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    This Desk Doubles as a Room Divider

    Patterned wallpaper and a glass top desk separate the bedroom from the living room in this chic, studio apartment by BAM Design Lab. Splashes of turquoise color unify the distinct spaces.

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    Put an Empty Nook to Work

    A deep recess created a spot to park a twin bed in this studio apartment seen on Bjurfors. Placing the mattress on a platform with built-in storage drawers makes the most of the little nook.

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    Floor to Ceiling Curtains

    The interior design team at Homepolish installed floor to ceiling sheer curtains to carve out a bedroom in this gorgeous studio apartment.

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    Build a Cubby for Your Bed

    A custom fabricated wood platform with built-in cabinetry by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture solved the challenge of what to do with the bed in this New York City studio apartment. On top of the piece of smart furniture is enough space for queen size mattress. Below is plenty of storage and an integrated ladder.

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