11 Bedroom Layout Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

michelle boudreau green bedroom

Michelle Boudreau Design

Think there's just one way to properly lay out furniture in a bedroom? Well, think again. There are a number of setups from which you can choose when designing a sleep space—the arrangement best suited for you all depends on your room's square footage, your daily habits, and, yes, how much stuff you own. We've rounded up 11 layout ideas below that you'll most definitely want to keep into account, whether you're revamping your current setup or moving into a new home.

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    Bedroom + Reading Nook

    reading nook in bedroom


    Many bookworms wish to retreat to their bedrooms for some quality reading time. "If the size of the room allows for it, it’s great to add a seating area with a chair, ottoman and/or side table," architect, designer, and developer Adam Meshberg says. "Place a comfortable chair and side table under or closest to a window for the natural light and views, if any."

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    Bedroom + Home Office

    bedroom workspace

    Becca Interiors

    Some bedroom layouts will naturally lend themselves to setting up a work station. "A writing desk tucked in a bay window creates a work zone and draws natural light to increase productivity," designer Michael Cox notes. However, a small office space can still be achieved in bedrooms with less square footage. Placing a desk beside the bed and allowing it to double as a nightstand is quite common in more petite bedrooms.

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    Bedroom + Getting-Ready Station

    vanity in bedroom


    Many bedrooms feature a vanity, which eliminates the need to travel back and forth to the bathroom in order to style hair or apply makeup. A vanity can be placed in an empty, light filled corner, but just as is the case with a desk, a vanity may be styled to also serve as a nightstand, if needed.

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    Bedroom + TV Viewing Seating

    bedroom and tv

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Those who enjoy watching television in the bedroom will want to design their space to maximize viewing pleasure—and those who wish to save laying in bed for nighttime will want alternative seating. As Cox states, "Having a pair of chairs or settee at the foot of the bed makes a cozy set up for TV entertainment."

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    Bedroom + Clothing Storage

    storage cabinets in bedroom


    Not all bedroom closets are sizable enough to accommodate a resident's entire wardrobe, particularly if two people are sharing a space. "Typically, with smaller primary rooms, closets tend to be on the smaller side as well, so residents can add armoires to the bedroom furniture to make up for that much needed storage space," Meshberg notes. "Lay the armoire against a blank wall that is off to the side of the bed instead of in front of it."

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    Nightstand Minimalism

    bedroom nightstands

    Michelle Berwick Design

    A bed flanked by two nightstands is an ultra common setup when space allows, given that the bedroom serves as a valuable storage space for everyday essentials. "Having bedside tables with storage is paramount," designer Lauren Piscione notes. "I need a place for books, a notebook and all the provisions needed for a good night's rest." Tuck your clothes into the closet and keep the rest of the space clear for a minimalist oasis.

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    Bedroom Fireplace

    fireplace in the bedroom

    Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

    When a bedroom features a fireplace—or even a nonworking mantel—you will want to station the bed so that it is facing this area. The mantel is a great area over which to mount a TV or lean a mirror or oversized artwork. Place a comfy chair next to the fire for a cozy spot to relax.

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    Bedroom With Two Beds

    two beds in bedroom


    If a bedroom features two beds but is on the smaller side, it is best to place a nightstand between the two beds. More spacious rooms can accommodate a nightstand to the left of the lefthand bed and to the right of the righthand bed. The middle space between the two beds can be left empty, or something smaller such as a basket or plant can sit in between.

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    Bed in Front of Windows

    bed in front of windows


    Sometimes, the only space in which a bed can fit is directly in front of the windows. Curtains then become a key component of the design—they must be well made to block out light streaming directly into the room and should also complement a room's aesthetics.

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    Studio Apartment Bedroom

    studio apartment bedroom

    Allie Provost for Meghan Donovan

    In a studio apartment, the bedroom may consist solely of a bed and maybe one nightstand. A chic room divider can serve as a means to section off a sleep space from the rest of the unit and will discourage guests from wandering into this sacred spot.

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    Bedroom + Social Space

    bedroom with accent chairs


    If you desire a bedroom that serves as a kid-free zone for you and your spouse to socialize, ample seating will be necessary. Positioning accent chairs so that they face toward the bed, and not away from it, makes a room designed for conversation (as opposed to TV-watching) feel more open.