9 Bedroom Organizing Tips to Use Right Now

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Organizing a room, such as a small bedroom, takes a little strategizing to make sure that every inch of space counts, including the walls and space under your bed. The benefits will be many, including visually streamlining the room, giving everything a home, and creating a serene, relaxing vibe. Use the following nine bedroom organization tips and tricks to focus on cutting clutter and organizing your small space.

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    Use Under-Bed Space

    under the bed storage box

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    Under the bed storage is great because it is not visible, but still easily accessible. You can choose to store just a few items like gift wrap, extra bed sheets, or books in a children's bedroom under there. Purchasing a rolling storage container keeps everything organized under the bed, freeing up space in your bedroom.

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    Put Artwork on Walls

    artwork on the wall

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    Especially if you have a small bedroom, put your artwork on the wall and not on your dresser, nightstand, or vanity. Keep these spaces clear and your bedroom will have a more streamlined look.

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    Organize the Room in Sections

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    Tackling the bedroom all at once can seem overwhelming. Instead, divide the room up based on the function of the space. Organize the closet as one project, then move on to armoires, dresser drawers, and wardrobes. This way you're decluttering and organizing storage space first.

    Next, organize flat areas like the tops of dressers and night tables, as well as any bookcases that may be in your bedroom. By leaving the under-the-bed area last, you'll know exactly what can and should be stored there.

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    Declutter Closets

    organized closet

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    While dividing and conquering organizing your bedroom, the closet can be a whole other problem. Even if your bedroom is spotless, if your closet is spiraling out of control, it will disrupt the calm, serene state of the bedroom. Plus, a cluttered closet translates to a longer time getting ready in the morning coupled with more frustration getting out the door and to work on time. Reduce the tension by tackling your clothes closet.

    First, tidy up your closet, either by doing a full closet organization or by doing a quick closet clutter sweep. Incorporate a storage system if needed. Once you go through your clothes, donate the unneeded items and revel in your newly serene space.

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    Store Blankets on a Rack

    blankets on a ladder

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    If you have a ton of blankets, throws, and quilts that you use regularly—and you have the floor space—consider a pretty blanket rack. You can find one in an antique or thrift store. This will make making the bed, and getting the bed ready at night ("turn down") easier. Plus, you won't be tempted to just throw everything on the floor.

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    Place Pillows in Baskets

    placing bed pillows in baskets

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    Throw pillows make a comfortable bed, so more throw pillows make a bed more comfortable, right? Well, that is until you have to find a place for them when it is time to actually use the bed at night. Use baskets to contain decorative pillows while you're using the bed, stripping the bed, and doing the wash.

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    Create a Functional, Clutter-Free Nightstand

    functional nightstand with storage

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    Rather than import a desk, choose a night table that suits your needs while taking up as little space as possible. A small dresser where you can store some clothing is a great space-saving trick that many professional organizers employ with clients who are living in tight quarters. if you don't have the room for a small dresser, try a slim night table with lots of drawers. 

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    Have a Place for Dirty Clothes


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    A hamper, either in the closet, next to the closet, or near the closet, will help clothes stay contained without spilling out all over your bedroom. You can choose one that blends in with your decor, or just use a basic hamper.

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    Have a Place for Trash

    trashcan next to a desk

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    A small attractive garbage pail kept in the bedroom provides you with a spot to throw tissues, scraps of paper, and all the other small pieces of trash that make their way into your bedroom. Look for a small bathroom-size trash can. Anything larger will be noticeable in a bedroom. The smaller the trash bin, the easier it is to stick it under a nightstand or discretely beside a dresser.

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