15 Bedroom Paint Colors For All Palettes

Scratching your head over bedroom paint colors? Here are ready-made palettes you can copy and use for your own house.

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    Rich, Poetic Blue For Classically Styled Bedroom

    Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue Bedroom Wall Color
    Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue Bedroom Wall Color. © Sherwin-Williams

    Want your bedroom blue without the blahs? This one, Smoky Blue from Sherwin-Williams, fits the bill.

    It is a moody, deep, even edgy blue, avoiding the shallowness of so many seaside blues that are more suited to kids' rooms than adults'.

    If you've always wanted (but may have been nervous about) putting blue in the bedroom, this color might just be your entry point.

    This color scheme lends a rich, classic look to your bedroom, evoking nostalgia for times past.

    Would this be a townhouse on a Savannah square? Waterfront home at Beaufort, South Carolina? A summer home in Maine?  It's all up to you and your imagination.

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    A Refreshing Dip in a Pool

    Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas and Pictures
    Valspar Spa Pool. © Valspar

    A striking sapphire blue evocative of the Mediterranean that chimes well with the rich, dark colors of the bed and nightstand.

    Did you know that these rich paint colors were used extensively in the early 19th century and even earlier?

    Use this color judiciously. If you're hesitant, you can always use it for an accent wall.

    This color is Spa Pool, 5002-6A, from Valspar.

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    Neutrals for a Stately Bedroom

    Bedroom Paint Colors
    Bedroom Paint Colors from Valspar. © Valspar

    Neutral isn't easy; you can't just splash any old gray on the walls and pronounce it done. Many decorators say that developing a good neutral palette is more difficult than working with strong colors.

    • Winter Calm, 4001-1B
    • Opal Slate, 4001-1C
    • Seafoam Storm, 5002-1C
    • Sharkfin, 4007-2A

    A bedroom paint color combination that is, admittedly, a bit of work. But it's worth it.  Brand:  Valspar.

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    Neutral, Green-Toned Bedroom Paint Color

    Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors
    Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors - A Palette That's Easy to Pull Off. © Valspar

    Want a neutral palette without all the work?

    For the walls, go for a light-gray called Green Tea Leaves, off-set by a darker gray (Lush Sage) for the chair rail. You say, "A chair rail in the bedroom? What's the point?" I say, "Where else would you put your Lush Sage?"

    These are Valspar colors that go on easy and give your bedroom a relaxed, elegant appearance.

    • Wall - Green Tea Leaves, #5004-1C
    • Chair Rail - Lush Sage, #5003-2B
    • Baseboard - Del Coronado Tequila, #3008-10C
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    Dangeous! This "Boy" Has Attitude

    Bedroom Paint Colors Orange
    Bedroom Paint Colors - Orange Anyone?. © Dutch Boy

    It is often said that bedroom paint colors should steer clear of the hot hues. Conventional wisdom says that reds and oranges keep you up at night, deter sleep.

    But if you want to throw clean living and a peaceful night's sleep out the window--in favor of more interesting activities--you might want to heat things up with spicy orange colors on your walls.

    Truthfully, you'll find that the actual paint colors are far more subdued than shown in this picture. Check out the Dutch Boy palette on-line, or better yet go into a paint retailer, to see the true shade.

    • Beloved, #B22-1
    • Pumpkin Pie Mousse, #B3-2
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    Green Band of Color Makes This a Boy's Room

    Bedroom Paint Colors Dutch Boy
    Dutch Boy Pronounces Your Bedroom Walls Green. © Dutch Boy

    This is a color that is not for everyone or every house. First, notice that we're showing you a room with extra-tall ceilings; this won't work as well in standard 8-foot tall rooms. Second, this is a boy's bedroom (but it could easily work in an office, den, etc., too).

    Raise the chair rail to six feet, install beadboard underneath. The great value of this--for a boy's room--is that beadboard better resists the inevitable wallboard dings and scratches and accidents that result from boys and their friends.

    Ah, boys. They are a blessing from heaven. But, but... Well, if you're a parent with a boy, I need ​say no more.

    • Wall Between Chair Rail and Crown - Conifer, #D15-1
    • Chair Rail and Crown- Northern Climb, #C14-2
    • Beadboard Below Chair Rail- Basketweave, #C14-3
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    Pink and Fuscia Paint Colors for a Girl's Bedroom

    Bedroom Paint Colors Pink
    Pink in the Bedroom. © Dutch Boy

    Is there any girl--or really, anyone who loves fuchsias and pinks--who would not love these vibrant bedroom colors from Dutch Boy?  

    • 50s Fad Fuchsia, #A23-2
    • Ultra White, #C4-4
    • Tutu Pink, A24-4
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    Bedroom Paint Colors for a Hemingway

    Bedroom Paint Colors Brown and Tan
    Bedroom Paint Colors - The Browns of the Savannah?. © Dutch Boy

    Masculine or just "traditional"? This bedroom paint color combination can go either way (just strip away those animal heads, Hemingway, and you're good to go).

    These Dutch Boy browns and tans make an ideal bedroom paint color palette. Rich and earthy, yet light enough to avoid gloominess.

    • Back Wall - African Sunset, #DT90
    • Front Wall- Elephant Watch, #DT89
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    Vibrant Color Palette for Your Bedroom

    Hep Green
    Image via Sherwin-Williams

    To some people, these colors may feel a bit like being at the circus. And it's true that any colors with names beginning in "zany" and "hep" are not for wallflowers.

    So, cut loose with your next bedroom paint scheme and enjoy life a little with these luminescent colors from Sherwin Williams' Techno Color series.

    • Gauntlet Gray SW 7019
    • Hep Green SW 6704
    • Zany Pink SW 6858
    • Ruby Shade SW 6572
    • Reflecting Pool SW 6486
    • Zircon SW 7667
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    Historic Paint Colors for Bedrooms: The Kids Will Never Know

    Bedroom Paint Colors for an Office
    Historic Colors. © Sherwin Williams

    Listen, the kids are only in that bedroom for, what, 18 years? You have that bedroom for the rest of your life. Why stoop to garish kids' sports team colors or pinks and fuchsias?

    The instant Junior ships off to college, drop his bed in the backyard and douse it with gasoline and light a match-- Okay, forget the bed-burning. Instead, be green and take the bed to Goodwill.

    Now's your chance to turn the room into that home office you've always been wanting. Kick off this adult-friendly bedroom paint design by toning the room down with Sherwin Williams' Historic Collection Colors.

    • Right Wall: Sheraton Sage #0014
    • Back Wall: Decorous Amber #0007
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    Space Age Orange Enlivens This Bedroom

    Blue wall color
    © Dutchy Boy

    Made by Dutch Boy, this smoky blue is the perfect sharp contrast for a bright red-orange bedspread:

    • Space Age
    • Rocket Bed
    • White C3-4
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    Big Sky Blue Bedroom

    Missoula Blue Bedroom Paint
    Missoula Blue Bedroom Paint Color. © Dutch Boy

    If you've ever visited it, you'll know that Montana really is the Big Sky State. So, why not bring the big sky into your bedroom with these painting ideas from Dutch Boy?

    From Dutch Boy:

    • Missoula Blue
    • Big Sky Blue
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    Smoky Lavender Bedroom Color: Girl's Room?

    Darlington Bedroom Paint Color
    Darlington Bedroom Paint Color. © Dutch Boy

    Here a nice painting idea for a girl's bedroom: easy-going lavender and a nice range of other toned-down colors, to make this a soft place for your princess.

    From Dutch Boy

    • Darlington
    • Honey Bear
    • Head for the Hills
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    Rich, Glowing Tans For Bedroom

    Gorgeous Glow from Dutch Boy
    Gorgeous Glow from Dutch Boy. © Dutch Boy

    Stately and mature, these majestic bedroom painting colors from Dutch Boy give your room the depth and richness it deserves.

    These colors are:

    • Glorious Glow
    • Majestic Grape
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    Neutral Berry Bedroom Color

    Ralph Lauren Natural Berry Bedroom Color
    Ralph Lauren Natural Berry Bedroom Color. © Ralph Lauren

    Here is a nice neutral from Ralph Lauren Paint that hardly looks mousy, and with just enough hue to enliven your bedroom environment.

    From Ralph Lauren Paint, this soft tone is called Natural Berry.