30 Bedroom Rug Ideas to Recreate in Your Home

bedroom rugs ideas

Reagen Taylor Photography

Rugs bring style, texture and warmth to any space, but these things are especially true of the bedroom. Adding a rug to your bedroom can tie it together and add in extra color and visual interest—plus, they can make your cold, unforgiving hardwood floor a little warmer too. Rugs can work in nearly any bedroom. Keep reading to learn about 30 ideas for bedroom rugs.

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    Place Rugs on Top of Carpet

    bedroom rugs ideas carpet

    Devon Grace Interiors

    Carpet in the bedroom doesn't mean you can't lay a rug on top. In fact, carpet can pair wonderfully with a rug, especially if it's in a neutral or complementary color.

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    Bring in Pattern

    bedroom rugs ideas pattern

    Erin Williamson

    Rugs can bring color, style, and texture, but they can also bring plenty of pattern to your bedroom. Look for a patterned rug for a bold statement in the bedroom, but don't stop with just one—bring other patterns into the bedroom too, like patterned duvets and wallpaper.

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    Go Natural

    bedroom rugs ideas natural fibers

    Emily Henderson

    Natural fibers like rattan make a great material choice for a bedroom rug. They're often durable and easy-to-clean, and they can make your space feel more woodsy and boho-inspired.

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    Learn How to Place Your Rug

    bedroom rugs ideas placement

    Erin Williamson

    Rug placement can be a tricky thing to master, but there are plenty of options to fit your space and style. If you're trying to place a smaller rectangular or square rug, lay it at the end of the bed, underneath the front two legs.

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    Use Rugs in Small Spaces

    bedroom rugs ideas small space

    Erin Williamson

    Rugs are great additions in even the smallest bedrooms. A rug adds another layer of style, and it's a soft place for your feet to land on chilly mornings.

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    Try a Gray Rug

    bedroom rugs ideas gray

    Gold A La Mode

    A simple gray rug will do the job nicely if you're not sure what type of rug to use in your bedroom. Pick one with a subtle, barely-there pattern to ensure the rug doesn't look too boring.

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    Add a Faded Rug

    faded bedroom rugs ideas

    Gold A La Mode

    Faded patterns are a popular choice in today's rug designs. And for a good reason too, as their soft color fits in just about anywhere, and their subtle pattern brings in a touch of style.

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    Use a Small White Rug

    bedroom rugs ideas small white rug

    Emily Henderson

    When you're struggling to add a rug to the bedroom (there is such a thing as too many choices), stick with what's worked before—nine times out of ten, a small white rug will do the job wonderfully.

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    Use Rugs as a Carpet Copycat

    bedroom rugs ideas carpet copycat

    Liljencrantz Design

    To get the look of carpet without having to actually install it, try using an oversized, low-pile rug in your bedroom, like Liljencrantz Design did above. It's an easy way to cover up flooring that needs a little TLC while you prepare to restore or replace it.

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    Add Chevron

    bedroom rugs ideas chevron

    Reagen Taylor Photography

    Chevron rug patterns are the perfect pick for playful bedrooms, as their bold color and stand-out patterns add whimsy to an oft-forgotten part of the bedroom—the floor.

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    Make It Monochrome

    bedroom rugs ideas monchrome

    Reagen Taylor Photography

    Bedroom rugs can be used to create or further amplify a monochrome look. Pick a white or cream rug for a bedroom that already has other pieces in this color for a cohesive, elegant, and relaxing bedroom look.

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    Bring in Pint-Sized Patterns

    bedroom rugs ideas mini pattern

    sarah fultz

    Rug patterns don't have to be oversized—they can be pint-sized too! Scaled-down rug patterns offer a way to bring texture and visual interest to the bedroom without distracting from the style of the rest of the space.

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    Add Furniture

    bedroom rugs ideas add furniture

    Emily Henderson

    If your rug is extra large, place additional furniture on it to ensure it doesn't feel too oversized. Try adding a chest or a sofa at the end of the bed, or add an armchair nearby.

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    Add Stripes

    bedroom rugs ideas stripes

    Mindy Gayer Design

    Stripes are a rug pattern that will never go out of style. It fits in well in traditionally-styled or farmhouse style bedrooms, and a more faded stripe looks at home in a more modern bedroom too.

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    Make Your Patterns Match

    bedroom rugs ideas match pattern color

    Mindy Gayer Design

    The best way to use multiple patterns in the same space is to ensure both patterns use the same colors, like Mindy Gayer Design did in the bedroom above with a gray and white rug and matching wallpaper.

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    Double Up

     double bedroom rugs ideas

    Emily Henderson

    If you like the look of a certain rug, but it doesn't come in the right size for your space, try doubling up. A pair of rugs underneath a bed can look just as a great as one large one.

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    Add Just a Peek

    bedroom rugs ideas peek out

    Becca Interiors

    Rugs don't need to dominate your bedroom floor. In fact, it's okay for them to just barely peek out. This works well in bedrooms where there's a lot of other items competing for your attention.

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    Coordinate With Your Furniture

    bedroom rugs ideas match furniture

    Becca Interiors

    Another way to make a bedroom rug fit right in is by matching it to the existing bed frame and bedroom furniture, like what Becca Interiors did in the bedroom above.

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    Bring in the Color

    bedroom rugs ideas accessories

    LeClair Decor

    When adding bedroom rugs that include color not found elsewhere in your space, try to bring in the color instead through accessories like throw pillows or blankets.

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    Cover the Front

    bedroom rugs ideas front leg placement

    LeClair Decor

    When placing an oversized rug that doesn't cover the entire floor space of the bed, prioritize covering the front two legs rather than back two legs of the bed. This will make the rug seem larger and leave the uncovered floor space closer to the wall, where it's less likely to be seen.

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    Go Soft and Cozy

    soft and plush sheepskin rug bedroom rugs ideas

    Emily Henderson

    If you find it hard to wake up in the mornings, make it easier by placing an extra-soft and plush rug next to your bed. Your cold feet will thank you.

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    Work With Your Wall Art

    bedroom rugs ideas wall art

    House of Harvee

    When adding in lots of colors through your bedroom rug, try to bring in similar colors with your wall art. This will bring style and flair to both the top and bottom of your space.

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    Go Geometric

    bedroom rugs ideas geometric

    Mindy Gayer Design

    If you're struggling to decide on a pattern for your bedroom rug, pick something geometric. It's a modern look that pairs well with other patterns and styles, and you can find geometric rugs in almost any color and size.

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    Use Floor Runners

    bedroom rugs ideas floor runner

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Giant rugs aren't the only type of floor covering that look great next to your bed. Narrow, floor runner rugs can also work well when placed parallel to the side of your bed. Small rugs like this are a helpful way to cut costs without sacrificing style.

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    Go Dark

    bedroom rugs ideas dark

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Want a darker look in the bedroom? Try pairing an almost-black rug with a navy bedspread for a put-together and elegant look.

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    Contrast Your Floor

    bedroom rugs ideas contrasts floor

    Thomas Guy Interiors

    Another way to narrow down your bedroom rug choices is by picking a rug that contrasts the color of your floor. For a dark mahogany hardwood, try a white rug. For light gray carpet, try a deep navy rug.

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    Match Your Floor

    bedroom rugs ideas match floor

    Thomas Guy Interiors

    Or, keep it similar by choosing a rug that's similar to the coloring of your floor, like Thomas Guy Interiors did in the bedroom above.

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    Use Rugs to Ground

    bedroom rugs ideas ground bedroom

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Neutral-colored rugs can act as a way to ground a bedroom that's full of bold color and pattern, and provide a calming contrast for those colors to reflect off. Consider adding a white or beige rug to your otherwise extra-colorful space.

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    Try a High Pile Rug

    bedroom rugs ideas high pile

    Emily Henderson

    High pile rugs may be more work to keep clean, but almost nothing is better at adding coziness to the bedroom. Add an oversized one to your bedroom and get ready to never leave your bedroom.

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    Add Polka Dots

    bedroom rugs ideas polka dot

    Emily Henderson

    Add some fun pattern to your bedroom with a polka-dotted rug. This works even better when paired with other polka dots in the bedroom.