20 Stylish and Functional Bedroom Shelving Ideas

shelf over headboard with art

Brittany Viklund

If your bedroom is lacking when it comes to storage, it's time to get a bit creative with your shelving solutions. These spaces below all feature excellent shelving setups that are equal parts functional and stylish. Whether you need a home for books, trinkets, accessories, or something else, these setups are sure to inspire. Get ready to get nice and organized.

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    Make the Most of an Empty Corner

    wall shelves in corner

    Cate St Hill

    If your bedroom features an indented corner like the one pictured here, why not make the most of this architectural feature? Hang some wooden shelves and use them to store books, trinkets, or whatever else strikes your fancy. To ensure the shelving fits your space perfectly, we suggest heading to the hardware store and getting some pieces of wood custom cut.

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    Add Shelving to the Kids' Room

    wall shelving in kids room

    Louis Duncan-He

    Wall shelves always look wonderful in children's spaces. Here, a shelf is used to house art and some other small objects.

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    Use Shelves to House Books

    wall shelving with books

    Victoria Bell Design

    In this kid's bedroom, wall shelves shine above a sofa, where they hold books that are organized in rainbow order. This setup will make it easy for little ones to point and quickly select the reads that are calling their name.

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    Give Green Friends a Prime Spot

    plant shelf in bedroom

    Cara Newhart

    Plant lovers, you know you're always looking for new, innovative ways to display your green friends. We can't get enough of this fun plant shelf contraption. It's not only a great way to keep your plant pots off the ground and near the window, but it also adds lots of color and charm to an otherwise empty corner.

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    Easily Swap Out Art Leaning on a Shelf

    shelf over headboard with art

    Brittany Viklund

    If you like to swap out your art prints often, you may enjoy placing them on a shelf so as to eliminate the number of nail holes you make in the wall. Each time you're craving some change, simply grab a frame off the shelf and replace it with a new one—so easy.

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    Try a DIY Shelf For Your Books

    leaning wooden bookshelf

    Brittany Viklund

    How cool is this unique take on a bookshelf? It's a fun way to showcase your favorite titles of the moment; pick ones with vibrant covers if you're looking to add a bit of color to your space. Something like this is easy to build with scrap wood from the hardware store.

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    Jazz Up the Nursery

    wall shelves above crib

    Brittany Viklund

    This shelf adds personality to a nursery—just be mindful as to what you're displaying once your child begins to get more mobile. We like the idea of using it to hold stuffed animals.

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    Deck Out Your Desk

    wood shelf above desk

    Brittni Melhoff

    Just because your bedroom doubles as your home office doesn't mean you can't create a stylish mini work station. Hang a shelf above your desk and fill it with art, small plants, or other items so that you always have something to admire as you plug away on your laptop.

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    Try a Small Scale Nightstand

    floating bedside shelf

    Rita Joy

    If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you may wish to eliminate the need for standard nightstands by mounting a floating shelf to the wall and turning that into your bedside table. This one has space to hold a few books, a plant, and more. It's simple and ultra efficient.

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    Make Your Bookshelf Multipurpose

    bookshelves for shoes

    Jess Kirby

    Don't forget about the power of a standard bookshelf in the bedroom. If you can't fill it up entirely with novels, consider using it to hold other essentials—like shoes, for example. A shelf like this one would also be great for tucking away handbags.

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    Use Cubbies for Everything

    wall and cubby shelves

    Jude Green

    Wall shelves and cubbies add plenty of storage to this child's room. Cubby shelves with baskets or plastic containers are useful for the young and old alike, whether you're looking to store extra cosmetics, art supplies, clutches, baseball hats, and so much more.

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    Stash Books on the Nightstand

    nightstand bookshelf

    @kristisnarksy / Instagram

    If you're going to purchase a full sized nightstand, you're going to want to select a piece that accommodates your needs. So if you have trinkets or books to display, you'll want to choose something with shelves. This nightstand eliminates the need for a traditional bookcase.

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    Try a Modular Setup

    wall shelf system

    @salsjustlife / Instagram

    The more shelves, the merrier. Everything has a home in this bedroom, yet still, the space doesn't look at all cluttered.

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    Hang Your Accessories

    wooden wall shelves

    @jadeholyk / Instagram

    How sweet are the small hangers attached to these wall shelves? This is a smart solution for displaying baby clothes, but you could also sub in smaller hooks and hang up belts, necklaces, and more in a grownup bedroom.

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    Keep One Shelf Open

    open cubbies next to closet

    @oh_my_maison / Instagram

    Having hidden storage is always useful, but keeping a few compartments of your closet open will let you showcase your personality and keep your favorite, every day accessories within reach.

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    Lean With It

    shelves above desk

    @semi_in_suburbia / Instagram

    If you like to keep notepads and binders nearby as you work but don't like the feeling of a cluttered desk top, try a hanging small shelf like this one above your desk. You can lean your work or school notebooks there when you aren't flipping through them.

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    Go Vintage

    cabinet with books

    @merryfieldpottingshed / Instagram

    Add some vintage flair to your bedroom by repurposing an antique cabinet and turning it into a bookshelf. This setup is wonderful for small bedrooms and will add lots of character to any space.

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    Try a Vanity With a Twist

    vanity wall shelf

    @that_berry_house / Instagram

    As an alternative to a standard vanity, why not hang up a beautiful mirror with a shelf and some drawers attached and turn that into your own mini getting ready station? This eliminates the need for a clunky piece taking up square footage in your bedroom but still lets you feel ultra glam as you get ready for the day.

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    Think Creatively

    shelf next to bed

    Studio Peake

    Use this image as a reminder that even the smallest amounts of space can serve a key storage purpose. This small nook next to a daybed becomes the perfect little bookshelf and makes it easy to snuggle up and easily grab one read after another.

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    Embrace the Side Shelf

    shelf below tv

    Alvin Wayne

    Shelves don't necessarily need to go above your desk; they can be installed off to the side, too. If your desk faces a window, there's no need to move it—go on and keep enjoying that outstanding view. This setup is truly the best of both worlds.