8 Bedroom Styles That are Hot Right Now

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    Eight Decorating Styles that are Hot Right Now

    Contemporary style tends to be casual and clean.
    Photo courtesy of Decoist

    Some of these styles are relative newcomers to the decorating scene; some have been around for decades. While each has its own vibe, what they share in common is a lack of cookie-cutter rules or rigidity. Maybe that’s why these eight interior decorating themes are currently riding high in popularity. Check out the rooms featured here -- perhaps one is destined to become your new favorite style.

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    Modern Farmhouse

    Modern farmhouse bedroom with canopy.
    Photo courtesy of Love Grows Wild

    This isn’t the country-cutesy look of the 1990s, nor is it the rough farmhouse where your Grandma grew up. This is modern farmhouse style, and while it shows off plenty of traditional elements of classic country– metal beds, distressed wood on floors and furniture, and painted wood-clad walls – it also incorporates touches of contemporary style, such as a lack of clutter, a soft color scheme and even some modern-day accessories such as the industrial desk lamp shown in this lovely room decorated...MORE by Liz of Love Grows Wild.

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    Romantic Scandinavian bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of DigsDigs

    While Scandinavian decorating style covers a lot of ground, what it all has in common is a casual, simple, clean vibe, along with a heavy emphasis on white. If you shop at Ikea, you’re familiar with this look; it’s functional, it’s uncluttered, it uses lots of texture to add warmth, and it’s without excessive trim, adornment or curved lines. Yet it’s not cold or sterile; rather, it’s welcoming, cozy and even a little bit romantic.

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    Industrial decorating style is pure energy.
    Photo courtesy of Decoist

    Whether you really live in a converted warehouse, or you just want to pretend you do, the industrial decorating style is for you. This is a look that celebrates raw energy, youthful excitement and “I make my own rules” individuality. One of the key elements of this style – out of necessity in an actual warehouse or inner-city loft, out of preference just about anywhere else – is exposed construction elements, such as water pipes, heating vents, concrete floors and brick walls. While typically...MORE the industrial palette leans towards gray, black and other dark hues, there’s plenty of room to add color through artwork or accessories.

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    Hollywood Regency

    Hollywood regency is all about glamour.
    Photo courtesy of Michael Amini

    It’s a look born during Hollywood’s glamorous heyday of the 1930s, and full of the glitz, opulence and expensive sensibilities of the period. Hollywood regency isn’t a look for the timid or reserved – this is all-out glamour. You’ll find lots of luxurious fabrics, such as velvet, silk, satin or brocade, along with fur, lace and suede. Lacquered or mirrored furniture is an essential part of the look, as are oversized upholstered headboards, lots of mirrors, beaded lampshades, chandeliers and...MORE cushy, thick area rugs. Love the bedroom set shown here? It’s called Hollywood Swank, and it’s from Michael Amini.

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    Midcentury Modern

    Midcentury modern decorating style is hot again.
    Photo courtesy of Decoist

    If you’re of a “certain age,” this is probably the decorating style of your childhood. Midcentury modern started as a breakaway from the early 20th century’s ornate and formal look, but rose to its highest popularity during the 1950s through 1970s. Long, low furniture with thin legs, clean lines and a streamlined appearance are hallmarks of this style, along with “modern” elements such as molded plastic, chrome and pops of bright color and geometric patterns. The overall look is uncluttered (no...MORE collections of tchotchkes on the dresser top, for example), but large pieces of colorful artwork on the walls is a must.

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    Rustic bedroom with beautiful bed.
    Photo courtesy of DigsDigs

    Rustic is not necessarily easy to define, and is just as much a feeling as a style. Basically, it comes down to natural materials in an unprocessed state, or materials that are returning to their natural state through age and use. Distressed wood, a palette of natural and neutral tones, touches of fur or stone, textured fabrics, primitive accessories and an overall casual, easy feel are key to this style. Despite that, rustic doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable or without any contemporary or even...MORE luxurious touches – feel free to pile your bed with thick coverlets and soft sheets and add contemporary lighting like the sconces shown here, for example. Or simply add a few rustic pieces to an otherwise traditional room.

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    Decorate a bedroom with vintage finds.
    Photo courtesy of Decoholic

    While technically, vintage means anything made more than 20 years ago but less than 100, in the decorating world it generally refers to styles popular during the 1940s and 1950s. That obviously still covers a lot of ground, but most people decorating with vintage finds focus on the feminine and romantic looks shown here. Wrought iron beds, vintage bedding, mint green or white painted furniture, curved lines and ornate trim are all common to this look. Often, vintage pieces are added to other...MORE styles, such as shabby chic or eclectic rooms.

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    Zen decor is tranquil and uncluttered.
    Photo courtesy of Home Design Lover

    While not technically a decorating style, Zen is an Asian-influenced look that is very simple, clean and tranquil. Along with the obvious Asian designs in the furnishings and artwork, you’ll find an emphasis on airy, open space; few (if any) collectibles or clutter; and a soft, nature-infused palette and overall vibe. Natural fabrics and materials, minimal window coverings and houseplants are further must-haves in this theme.