25 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

abstract fabric wall hanging

Erin Williamson Design

Wondering just exactly what to do about the empty space above your bed or how to jazz up that blank wall opposite your windows? If selecting bedroom art has proved to be too challenging in the past, we're here to make the process simple for you. We've rounded up 25 fabulous ideas that will have you looking to grab a hammer and nails in no time so that you can finally bring that blank wall to life with art that speaks to you.

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    Go Big With a Gallery Wall

    maximalist bedroom

    Twelve15 Design Studio

    Why not go big with a gallery wall? Here, a smaller grouping of pictures is paired with larger abstract pieces, resulting in a wow-worthy setup. If you have tall ceilings, use them to your advantage by hanging pictures nice and high up in order to make the most of this extra space.

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    Try a Small Frame

    small hanging frame

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Perhaps a simple picture hanging by your nightstand is more your style. If you cannot find an art print that speaks to you, consider framing a favorite greeting card, family photo, or fabric sample—this approach is not only affordable but is also unique.

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    Install a Mural

    mural in bedroom

    Louis Duncan-He

    Make your walls truly shine with a mural like this one! Even if you do not wish to paint the walls, there are many mural-like wallpapers that you can adhere (and remove when you're ready for a new look) that will result in a similar effect.

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    Keep It Classic With a Mirror

    mirror over bed

    Victoria Bell Design

    Mirrors can function as art, too! Choose one that complements your wall color and bedding and watch it reflect sunlight and make your room appear a bit larger—mirrors are always winners.

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    Think Big and Abstract

    large horizontal abstract art

    Interior Impressions

    Not sure what to do with that large, empty wall? This is where oversized abstract art is often an excellent option. Whether you DIY a piece or purchase one from a favorite artist, don't be afraid to go big and bold.

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    Make it Soothing

    abstract nature art

    Interior Impressions

    Abstract pieces also look beautiful hanging over the bed. This one resembles the ocean and has an extra soothing quality about it, which is perfect for a sleep space.

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    Try an Art Trio

    painting trio above bed

    Erin Williamson Design

    Gallery walls don't need to be gigantic to be impactful. Choose three favorite pieces and hang them in an artful formation over your bed, desk, or dresser. Do not feel pressured to cover every empty inch of wall space; just a few thoughtfully selected paintings or drawings will surely stand out.

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    Camouflage a TV in Style

    black and white family photos

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Many people enjoy installing televisions in the bedroom but are worried that a large black box will be an eyesore. Make your TV look less severe by surrounding it with art or photos, as we see here. That way, even when you're not watching anything, you'll have something to admire.

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    Display All Your Favorites

    bedroom gallery wall

    Louis Duncan-He

    If your house is absolutely overflowing with art and you can't pick just a few favorite pieces, go ahead and hang a gallery wall! For a more cohesive look, place pictures in matching frames of various sizes.

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    Pick a Piece That Pops

    bright orange art against blue wall

    Mary Patton Design

    Pick an art piece in a contrasting color to whatever is on your walls, and hang it so that it really pops. Again, just a few pieces of art will go a long way if you prefer to keep things somewhat simple.

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    Lean Art on Shelves

    art on open shelving

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    Keep in mind that art can look just as nice leaning as it does nailed into the wall. If your bedroom features open shelving or a bookshelf, don't be afraid to display a few pieces of art there, too. Plus, this tactic makes it easy to rearrange and rotate out pieces as often as you wish without worrying about nail holes.

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    Make a Timeless Design Choice

    boys room with truck art

    Studio KT

    Fill the space over a queen or king bed with a series of three art prints that all go together for a sophisticated, timeless look.

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    Get Ready in Style

    gallery wall with mirror

    Twelve15 Design Studio

    Just as you can install a gallery wall around your TV, you can also do so around a mirror. Getting ready is way more fun when you're surrounded by some of your favorite works and photos!

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    Mix and Match

    portrait art in bedroom

    Erin Williamson Design

    Go ahead and mix and match mediums and subjects in your bedroom if you wish. Why not hang a portrait full of personality in one corner and a nature scene in another, as is the case in this sleep space?

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    Let Children Weigh in

    gallery wall in girls room

    Kate Marker Interiors

    In a child's room, art should be playful and contain pops of color. Older children may wish to play a role in selecting art pieces for their space, so be sure to allow them to voice their opinions during the decorating process.

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    Bust Out a Basket

    woven baskets above bed

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    As an alternative to the traditional framed photo, try placing woven baskets above the bed instead. These pieces add welcome texture and visual interest to any sleep space.

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    Stick to a Theme

    nautical boys bedroom

    Kate Marker Interiors

    We're all for a theme! Here, nautical art shines in a blue and white bedroom. Think outside the box with your frames and try a finish such as burlwood, which is always chic.

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    Tie in Nearby Hues

    abstract art over bed

    Louis Duncan-He

    A long, thin abstract piece fits the width of this bed and draws in the blues, whites, and tans that are scattered throughout the room.

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    Go Bold

    colorful floral art

    Alvin Wayne

    Perhaps you own neutral furnishings but are looking to embrace your colorful side through art. Don't hold back: A bright and cheerful piece like this one makes a splash in an otherwise black and white bedroom.

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    Try a Tapestry

    tapestry above bed

    Erin Williamson Design

    This isn't the tapestry you had hanging in your dorm room, that's for sure. Hanging textiles can make for lovely additions to any bedroom; perhaps you have a favorite tapestry or quilt from your travels that deserves a spot on the wall.

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    Go Vintage

    black and white photography

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Black and white photography makes any space look luxe. Here, photographs of vintage cars look right at home in a little boy's room.

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    Monogram It

    monogram decal above bed

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    You know what they say: If it isn't moving, monogram it! Make your child's space truly feel like their own by hanging a monogram decal above the bed.

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    Showcase Your Personality

    three photos framed above bed

    Jessica Nelson Design

    While we love a good triptych, it's more than ok to mix different types of art and hang them together as a set of three. Your art should reflect your personality and aesthetic, after all.

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    Stock Up on Sketches

    framed sketches on wall

    Mary Patton Design

    Framed sketches hang on either side of the bed and add some warmth to this airy, feminine space. Flea markets and vintage stores are great places to search for figure sketches of this nature.

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    Love That Neon

    neon abstract wall art

    Mary Patton Design

    A bold, modern piece takes this gray bedroom to the next level. Who doesn't love a little bit of neon?