Bedroom Wall Lights Ideas

wall lighting with cord covers

Design: Thomas Guy / Photo: Jen Burner

Looking to make your bedroom truly shine? Settling for solely an overhead light fixture and nothing else in your bedroom just won't cut it—after all, you'll want to ensure that your space features a range of lighting options! Today's bedrooms are multipurpose spaces, and having multiple light fixtures will allow you to fully maximize your room's potential. That way, you'll have bright light for reading and working but can dim fixtures when it's time to relax and unwind after a long day.

So where should all of this extra lighting go? Before you head out to buy a bunch of table and floor lamps, note that wall lighting is quite popular in the bedroom, with many people opting to hang wall sconces on either side of the bed or in another location within this space. Sconces provide additional brightness without taking up much room and come in so many different colors and styles, meaning that there's truly a style for everyone. Plus, they just look so chic and add a sophisticated, fancy hotel-like vibe to any room.

Below, we're sharing 15 spaces with excellent wall lighting setups. Read on and get inspired!

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    Hang See-Through Sconces to Let Wallpaper Shine Through

    clear sconces on wallpaper

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Wall sconces are a popular solution in the bedroom, given that they can make a space feel more elevated (like a luxe hotel) and eliminate the need for bedside lamps, freeing up room on a nightstand. Keep in mind that there are so many different types of sconces to choose from, so you'll surely be able to find a style that complements your desired room aesthetic. Here, see-through glass sconces allow the wallpaper to be the star of the show.

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    Try a Double-Pronged Sconce for Some Added Oomph

    double sconce in middle of wall

    @third_floor_left / Instagram

    A double-pronged sconce provides twice the light and can be hung in the middle of the room as seen above. A sconce like this is an excellent way to add some mid-century modern flair to any space. One could opt to hang some art on either side of it or keep the walls otherwise blank as shown above.

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    Add Character With Modern, Oversized Sconces

    oversized modern sconces

    @designbyanais / Instagram

    Sconces like these are also modern looking and add lots of character to a bedroom. Note that these particular sconces are plug-in, making them a wonderful option for renters who do not wish to bring in an electrician to make permanent changes to their space!

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    Opt for a More Petite Option That's Just As Artful

    sculptural gold wall sconces

    @higbydesign / Instagram

    On the other hand, maybe something a bit smaller and more subtle speaks to you instead. These petite brass sconces do the job without taking up much wall space.

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    Try Adding a Touch of Vintage With Brass Globe Sconces

    globe light sconces

    @l.h_home / Instagram

    Globe-shaped sconces are a great way to bring a touch of vintage style to the bedroom. Here, the brass color really pops in an otherwise muted space.

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    Make the Most of an Unconventional Layout Like This One

    sconce on recessed wall

    Design: Cheryl Bafford and Company / Photo: Abigail Jackson

    If your bed is recessed and fits into a small nook like this one, use this architectural feature to your advantage when hanging sconces. Here, they hang on the walls opposite the bed, proving that there is a way to make use of every inch of space available!

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    Remember That Sconces Don't Have to Go By the Bed

    sconce on wall next to window

    Design: Jessie Tobias / Photo: Sarah Szwajkos

    Note that sconces do not need to be positioned by the bed. Perhaps you are accustomed to bedside lamps and do not wish to part with yours but still appreciate the look of sconces and could use a bit of brightness in another section of your bedroom. Why not hang up a small sconce like this one in a corner reading nook?

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    Cover Unsightly Cords With Special Covers

    sconces with cord covers

    Design: Thomas Guy / Photo: Jen Burner

    If you opt for plug-in sconces but are bothered by the look of dangling cords, note that you can purchase sleek cord covers that will help streamline your space. The ones shown above are brass and camouflage cords flawlessly, but there are also white options if that better matches your wall coloring.

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    Position Sconces Next to a Daybed or Reading Chair

    sconces above daybed

    Design: Thomas Guy / Photo: Jen Burner

    Note that sconces can look lovely when positioned next to a daybed or reading nook within the bedroom, too. Here, white shades pair wonderfully with the white tufted cushion in the space.

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    Have Fun With Artful Sconces Like These

    artful sculptural wall sconce

    @home_ec_op / Instagram

    Note that sconces can practically double as art if you opt for sculptural pieces like these. Even when they're not lit, they'll add character and personality to this eclectic chic bedroom.

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    Incorporate a Sconce Directly Onto Your Headboard

    sconce on headboard

    Design: Darci Goodman / Photo: Molly Rose

    If your bedroom features an elongated, oversized headboard like this one, you may be at a loss as to where to install your sconces. Note that you can work them into the overall design scheme easily, as modeled by the setup here, where sconces simply adhere to the fabric bed.

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    Place a Sconce Perpendicular to the Bed

    sconce on side of ewall

    Design: Darci Goodman / Photo: Molly Rose

    Not much wall space next to the bed? Try a different approach with your lighting. A sconce placed perpendicular to this bottom bunk bed is still easy to access and utilize.

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    Make It a Double

    sconce with two bulbs

    Louis Duncan-He

    A double sconce provides twice the light and twice the whimsy! This mid-century modern style piece is right at home above a wooden nightstand of the same aesthetic. Selecting options from the same era will ensure that your sleep space appears more cohesive and intentionally designed.

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    Camouflage Your Sconce

    black sconce on black bedroom wall

    Design: CAROLYNLEONA / Photo: Abigail Jackson

    Many people enjoy using sconces to add pep to a space, but perhaps you would rather keep your lighting a bit more subdued. If you'd rather your sconces blend in rather than stand out, select pieces that directly match your wall color. Black sconces are barely there in this moody bedroom.

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    Brighten Up a Small Nook

    sconce next to reading nook

    Design: Mary Patton / Photo: Molly Culver

    Add some cheer to a bedroom seating area by hanging a sconce on the wall to brighten up the space. A corner setup like this one is great for answering emails or getting lost in a pile of magazines before bed,