50 Bedrooms Teenage Girls Will Love

Side view of a teenage girl's bedroom with jute rug, macrame wall hanging, and pink accents

The Spruce / Alyssa Vela

When your kid enters their teenage years, they are juggling a lot more in their life than they did as a kid —from schoolwork to sports to socializing, teenage years are a pivotal time in life for expressing their individuality and their personal style. One way they can express themselves is through their bedroom design. It's an area in the home they can call their own and will most likely spend a lot of time in.

We share our favorite teen girl bedroom ideas, whether you're making it over from a little girl's room, if your older teen just needs a small bedroom refresh, and even ideas for if they share a room with a brother or sister. These functional and stylish makeover ideas will be something they love as they grow older or transition from a tween to teen.

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    Girl's Best Friend

    A bedroom wall in a teen girl's bedroom with dog portrait plate decor hanging on the wall.

    Lucy Gleeson Interiors

    Your daughter's room is a place for them to express themselves and display the things they love. If their dog is their best friend or they love animals in general, they can express that with quirky artwork like these dog portrait plates that are unconventional and add color to the room.

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    A Colorful Loft Bedroom

    A teen girl's loft bedroom with brightly-patterned wallpaper.

    Andrea Pietrangeli / Blakely Interior Design

    Even if your teen's bedroom is a small loft space, it can still pack a lot of personality and style. Here, Blakely Interior Design brings color and interest to the small space with a patterned, colorful wallpaper and bedding and furniture in complementary colors.

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    A Creative Space

    A teen girl's bedroom with a large tassel chandelier, a homework area and an armchair with a yin yang pillow.

    Gold a la Mode

    Whether your teen girl needs a place to study or a place to get her creative juices flowing, she will need an area in her room to inspire her to create. This office area features one-of-a-kind furniture, pink accents and cute furnishings like the yin yang pillow that together create a place that's just as stylish and creative as it is functional.

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    A Dreamy Wall Mural

    A teenage girl's bedroom with a cloud wall mural, and light pink accents including a small sofa in front of the windows.

    raquellangworthy.photo / design by Britt Design Studio

    A wall mural is a great way to make a big design statement in a bedroom with minimal skill and budget required. Here, Britt Design Studio added a wallpaper cloud mural behind the bed that pairs well with the ballet pink and blue color palette. If you have basic drawing skills, you can even paint a mural using a projector to display an image and stencil onto the wall.

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    An Urban Loft Design

    A teen girl's bedroom with a faux white brick wall and a dramatic upholstered headboard.

    Michelle Berwick Design

    This bedroom looks like it's in a hip downtown loft, but the white brick wall is actually wallpaper that definitely ups the cool factor in this teen's bedroom. Designer Michelle Berwick transformed this room from a little girl's space to a cool teen hangout complete with sleek furniture and a bold, navy upholstered headboard.

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    A Secret Garden Mural

    A teen girl's bedroom with a floral accent wall, daybed and knit pouf.

    arnalphotography / design by Michelle Berwick Design

    Wouldn't it be a dream to wake up in this bedroom that resembles a secret garden? Designer Michelle Berwick decorated this accent wall with a garden decal for a dreamy look that any teen girl (and even adult) would love. The rest of the room decorated minimally to help make this small attic room feel more open.

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    A Little French Flair

    A soft blue teenage girl's bedroom with gold accent lighting, a hanging gold starburst mirror and faux fur bean bag chair in the corner.

    mackenzie_merrill / design by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    If your teen loves all things French, their room should reflect that with French-inspired details like the blue and gold color palette in this bedroom design. The intricate French trellis-inspired headboard and French accessories and furnishings like the "Amour" bed pillow elevate the French design. This design is something that will grow with your teen and can even be a guest bedroom when it's time for your daughter to move out of the house.

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    Bold + Bright

    A teenage girl's bedroom with a bright pink accent wall, a pink faux fur blanket and floral Roman shades.

    arnalphotography / design by Michelle Berwick Design

    If your daughter has a bright, bold personality, they deserve to have a room that matches that. This bold pink accent wall is a budget-friendly and easy way for a girl with a large personality to feel like her room reflects her personality. The rest of the room is softened with white furnishings and floral Roman shades that really help the bold accent wall shine even more.

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    Butterfly Wall Art

    A teen girl's bedroom with a light blue velvet headboard, 3D butterfly mural wall and a nightstand with tassel drawer pulls.

    Marie Flanigan Interiors / Instagram

    If one of your daughter's favorite insects is a butterfly, they'll love a display of butterflies in their room. This gold 3D butterfly art looks great with the soft blues, greens and bold pinks in this sophisticated girl's bedroom.

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    Pineapple Paradise

    A colorful teen girl's bedroom with a pink and white pineapple wallpaper and neon yellow canopy bed.

    Mary Patton Design

    Your teen's bedroom should be just as creative and artistic as they are. This bedroom design by Mary Patton Design features color and flair in every corner, from the Andy Warhol-esque pineapple wallpaper to the playful cloud pillows and bright yellow canopy bed. A bedroom design with a variety of decor elements will create a space that's as unique as your teenage daughter is.

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    A Quick Makeover on a Budget

    Large floral print wallpaper in muted gray and pink tones in a teen girl's bedroom.

    Lucky Plot 13 / Instagram

    If you're limited on budget and time, sometimes a simple wallpaper accent wall can completely transform the look of a room. Here, Lucky Plot 13 installed a beautiful floral wallpaper in her daughter's room and paired it with complementary bedding and furniture for a dramatic makeover that was easy and low budget.

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    Pretty in Pink

    A teen girl's bedroom with a pink headboard and bedding and a large round pendant light hanging above the bed.

     Photo by Vanessa Lentine / Design by Mindy Gayer

    Every detail of this pink teen's bedroom adds design value, from the polka dot pink wallpaper to the dramatic globe pendant lighting. The pink accents paired with white bedding and furniture, along with the natural Roman shades, soften the look.

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    Sunrise Design

    A bright and cheery bedroom with a bright yellow circle on the wall, a yellow bed and bedding and a bubble chandelier.

    Dazey Den / Instagram

    Whether your teen is an early bird or prefers a beautiful sunset, this sunshine yellow accent wall will surely brighten up their day. Even though this design takes a small amount of paint, it provides a big visual aesthetic. The bedroom's design proves that a monochrome color palette doesn't have to be boring and dull.

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    A Bedroom Design Fit for a Grown-Up

    A teen girl's bedroom all in pink with a homework area and a floral pillow on the bed.

    stylishproductions / design by Britt Design Studio

    You would never guess that this bedroom is for a young teen with its beautiful floral accents and neutral, elegant furnishings, but the Lucite chair and beaded chandelier add a touch of playfulness. The combination of sophisticated and modern creates the perfect bedroom design for a teen that can't wait to grow up but is still young at heart.

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    Contrasting Hangout Nook

    A teen hangout nook in a loft space painted blue and furnished with a built in bench and an assortment of sofa pillows.

    Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photog / design by JLV Creative

    An easy, budget-friendly way to separate an area in a room is to paint it in a contrasting color. In this teen's bedroom, JLV Creative painted a hangout nook in a deep blue color that contrasts with the white room. Patterned pillows and blankets enhance the style and provide a comfortable spot any teen will love to relax in.

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    A Boho-Style Dream

    A boho-inspired teen bedroom with a floral wall, a bamboo bed and soft muted colors.

    House of Harvee / Instagram

    The soft and whimsical wallpaper pattern and textures in the bed pillows and bamboo headboard add a big dose of visual appeal to this teen's room. The muted tones in the artwork and bedding provide a boho design-inspired look that really anchor the space.

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    A Variety of Storage

    A nook in a teen girl's bedroom with a ladder shelf, a white dresser and an ornate mirror.

    kirstenrfrancis / design by JLA Designs

    Implementing different types of storage can enhance a room's design. Here, JLA Designs added a large dresser as well as a ladder shelf in the same finish for a look that's cohesive yet adds a variety of heights and visual appeal. The shelf displays items that are precious to this teen girl, while the dresser conceals clothing and other items. A large, ornate mirror brings a grand and feminine touch.

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    Floral Accent Wall

    A teen girl's bedroom with large blue floral print wallpaper, a large name art on the wall and a black wire twin bed.

    House of Hanes / Instagram

    A wallpaper accent wall can immediately elevate a room when on a budget. This indigo floral accent wall, paired with gold furniture, name art and shibori-dye furnishings, makes a big statement in this otherwise unassuming teen's bedroom.

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    A Place for Hanging Out

    A bed hanging from rope in a teen girl's bedroom with hanging wood slices as end tables.

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    Even though this bed looks like it's hanging from the ceiling, it's actually just rope decor that gives the illusion that the bed is floating. This bedroom design by Ashley Webb has an airy, relaxing feel, and the matching hanging wood slices acts as a one-of-a-kind alternative to a nightstand.

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    Breezy Bedroom

    A bedroom with light blue walls, a hanging rattan egg chair and white bedding.

    stylishproductions / design by Britt Design Studio

    If laying next to the ocean is your teen's favorite pastime, they can bring the look and feel of the beach into their bedroom with the right color palette and design. We love the breezy blue tones and the hanging egg chair in this bedroom design by Britt Design Studio that's reminiscent of swinging by the ocean while reading a good book.

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    Homework Haven

    A built-in desk area in a teen girl's bedroom.

    Photo by Vanessa Lentine / Design by Mindy Gayer

    It's no secret homework is no fun, but you can create a homework space for your teen that is a place she will want to spend time in. Here, Mindy Gayer created a refreshing, organized homework area that even has a daybed for when your teen needs a break from studying.

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    A Corner for Swinging

    A swing hanging in a girl's bedroom with a floral ceiling and soft blue walls.

    raquellangworthy.photo / design by JK Interior Living

    A fun spot to listen to music, a podcast or read a good book is exactly how a teenage girl likes to spend her time. Here, JK Interior Living used minimal materials to make a swing and installed it in the corner of her daughter's bedroom to give her a place to relax. We love the addition of feminine floral touches on the ceiling mural and the fresh flowers that match.

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    Double the Fun

    A lake-inspired teen bedroom with two beds with black and white checkred bedding and pillows with lake sayings.

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A shared teen bedroom can be limited on space, but there is always room to pack in a variety of design elements. This lake-themed bedroom features matching checkered bedding, lake-inspired bed pillows and even intricate details like the rope sconces and distressed wood headboards.

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    A Bedroom for an Older Teen

    A sophisticated teen bedroom with neutral colors, a hanging white ukelele and a grand upholstered bed.

    Ashley Webb

    This teen bedroom may be understated but it features many beautiful elements, from the grand upholstered bed to the textured white bed pillows. The white walls and minimal furniture make this room provide a great backdrop and make the room feel more open and roomy.

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    Peachy + Minty Hues

    A teen girl's bedroom with peach and mint hued walls, a pink upholstered bed and a gold and blue chandelier.

    hugoslavic / design by Brophy Interiors

    The ombre wall in this teen's bedroom is Instagram-worthy with its pretty peach and mint hues against the black-framed windows. The color combination ties the whole room's design together and will transition with your teen as she gets older.

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    A Little Privacy

    A sweet teen girl's bedroom with pink curtains hanging from a canopy bed.

    Ashley Webb

    Every teen loves their privacy when talking to friends, listening to music or reading their favorite book. These stunning pink curtains hanging from the white canopy bed can easily be closed for privacy, as well as providing a dark place to sleep. The white canopy bed and cute potted plant light add a girly touch to the room.

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    Words of Affirmation

    A pink teen girl's bedroom with a gold canopy bed and words of affirmation on the all.

    mackenzie_merrill / design by Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions

    A gallery wall of artwork featuring words of affirmation is a great way to encourage a teen to be confident in themselves while adding style to their room. This gallery wall design by Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions matches the pink, gold and black color scheme of this teen's bedroom and is adjacent to the desk area for when your teen needs to take a break from their homework to remind themselves why they're so great.

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    Fit for a Princess

    A princess-style teen girl's bedroom with a green gingham crown canopy bed curtain and pink accents.

    mollyculverphotography / design by Mary Patton Design

    Sweet botanical patterns and a crown canopy bed adorned in green gingham curtains make this room design by Mary Patton fit for a princess. The pink and green color combination is a timeless palette that pairs well with silver or gold metallic accents.

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    California Cool

    A teen bedroom with a rainbow accent wall and neutral green and white colors.

    House of Hanes / Instagram

    When Ashley of House of Hanes designed her girl's bedroom, she wanted to keep with her California-cool style while creating a functional space—and all on a budget. Many of the design elements in this room are DIY projects (including the floating bench and rainbow wall), while the layout adds both function and style.

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    Homework Hideaway

    A private homework area in a teen girl's bedroom with floor to ceiling pink curtains and a shiplap wall.

    Marie Flanigan Interiors / Instagram

    This closet space was turned into an inspiring place to sketch, write in a diary or do some homework. Designer Marie Flanigan added color to the room with the grand pink curtains and a framed painting, and she softened the look with a white shiplap accent wall and white furniture.

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    Subtly Sweet

    A teen girl's bedroom with a crown canopy bed with white curtains and white bedding with pink trim.

    Mary Patton Design

    This girl's room designed by Mary Patton has a sweet, subtle design with its metal canopy bed, sheer white curtains, and framed sketch artwork. The leopard pattern on the ceiling brings a little touch of sassiness to the room and draws the eye up.

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    The Perfect Balance

    A shared teen bedroom with two twin beds, a lamp in the middle and neutral furnishings.

    Chelius House of Design

    Designing a shared room for a 14 year-old and seven year-old girls is difficult, but Chelius House of Design was up for the challenge. The neutral color palette provides a good base to work with, and each side of the room features slightly different design elements that reflect each girl's personality.

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    Full of Personality

    A boho-inspired teen bedroom with watercolor walls, a large paper fan, a daybed and a hanging tassel planter.

    House of Harvee / Instagram

    A teen girl's bedroom isn't always adorned in pink or princess style - the key to a perfect teen bedroom design is that it should reflect your teen's personality. Here, House of Harvee's daughter's room features boho-inspired colors, one-of-kind wall art and a gorgeous large paper fan that adds a vintage vibe.

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    Mixing Patterns

    A teen girl's bedroom with blue patterned walls, a blue upholstered bed and patterned Roman shades.

    JLA Designs

    The key to mixing patterns seamlessly is finding a common color to tie the patterns together. Here, JLA Designs mixed a leopard-print rug in a gray color that is also seen in the tie-dye patterned window shades and bed pillow. The refreshing blue color in the headboard and on the walls anchor the room and complement both patterns to help complete the space.

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    Subtle Pink Bedroom Design

    A teen girl's bedroom with a distressed wood canopy bed, a white bench at the foot of the bed and stuffed animals.

    Ashley Webb

    The distressed wood canopy bed and weathered white lantern pendant light bring a touch of shabby chic to this subtly pink bedroom design by Ashley Webb. Bunny artwork and stuffed animals are a nod to this girl's favorite animal.

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    Sweet + Minimalistic

    A tween girl's bedroom with a ten in the corner, a pink upholstered bed and a large macrame hanging above the bed.

    JK Interior Living

    This bedroom, perfect for a young teen or even tween, features an adorable hanging tent for a spot to relax and soft pastel furniture and furnishings for a sweet, delicate look. The large macrame wall hanging resembles a dream catcher and is the focal point of this minimalistic room.

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    A Cozy Nook

    A bed nook in a teen girl's bedroom with a hanging egg chair and twinkle lights above the bed.

    Ashley Webb

    This bed nook is the coziest spot for a teenage girl to sleep or spend time in. The wall light and string lights make this nook a great place to read a good book and study, while the shiplap walls and natural window shades provide a nice backdrop for the patterned bedding and hanging artwork. The hanging egg chair not only enhances the room's style but it also provides another area for your teen to hang out.

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    Dresser Decor

    A nook in a teen girl's bedroom with a gallery wall, a white dresser and artwork.

    mackenzie_merrill / design by Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions

    The wall above a dresser is a blank canvas for your teen to express their personality and interests. This vignette design by Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions features beautiful turquoise-colored decor, state artwork and words of affirmation that spruce up the simple white dresser.

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    A Place for Productivity

    A blue and white homework area in a teen girl's bedroom with an upholstered chair, wood desk and a hanging memo board.

    Chelius House of Design

    One way to motivate a teen girl to do her homework is by providing her a designated spot to help organize her books, supplies and even display a memo board to hold important notes and pictures with her friends. This little homework corner designed by Chelius House of Design, features a comfortable chair, a large desk and soft colors for a relaxing spot to be productive.

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    A Sophisticated Shared Room

    A shared teen girl bedroom with two white beds with pink accents and artwork on the wall.

    Mary Patton Design

    Older teens can share a space and integrate sophisticated design at the same time. This mostly white room features bright pops of color through patterned bedding and some eye-catching photo artwork.

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    For the Glam Girl

    A makeup area in a teen girl's bedroom with a heart-shaped chair, mirror with lighting, a white desk and a leaning guitar.

    mattiabettinelliph / design by Maite Granda

    A teenage girl who is all about glam needs a place to put on her makeup and do her hair. This makeup vanity area features a lighted mirror, a vanity to hold makeup and hair accessories and is complete with a heart-shaped, cushioned chair. It's an Instagram-worthy spot in her room that's perfect for taking selfies.

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    Rattan Details

    A boho-inspired teen girl's bedroom with rattan furniture and lighting, a macrame hanging and white bedding.

    Mary Patton Design

    If your teen girl is a hippie at heart, this bedroom design would be a dream look for her. From the macrame wall hanging to the rattan chair and pendant light, your teen will love spending hours in her own space that reflects her style.

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    Bunking in Style

    A shared teen girl's bedroom with bunk beds and coordinating bedding in pink and blue.

    jessicajalexander / design by Chelius House of Design

    This shared teen bedroom may be small in size, but it's definitely not small on style. The coordinating coral and navy color palette perfectly balances with the white bunk beds. Textures and patterns in the bedding and artwork add just the right amount of visual appeal.

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    For a Future Plant Lady

    A nook in a teen girl's bedroom with hanging greenery, a round mirror, white buffet table and fresh plants and florals

    Cathie Hong

    Potted plants and flowers bring color to this all-white space in this teen girl's bedroom designed by Cathie Hong. The sleek buffet table and round mirror keep things simple, while a hanging copper pipe intertwined with vines draws the eye up and makes the room feel larger.

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    Dynamic Duo

    A shared boy and girl teen bedroom with two twin beds that each have different stuffed animals and bedding.

    christyqphoto / design by Cathie Hong

    Even if your teen girl has to share a room with her brother, they can each still express their own style with different color schemes and furnishings. Here, Cathie Hong created a symmetrical design so each kid could have their own side to furnish with their favorite items and colors.

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    A Seat for Two

    A sitting area in a teen girl's bedroom with a two person papasan chair and a black dog sitting on it.

    House of Harvee / Instagram

    If your teen has a dog they're attached to, their room should have a designated spot for their furry friend. This double papasan chair has just enough room for your teen and her pup to cuddle and relax together and even makes the perfect little dog bed for overnight stays.

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    Rattan + Watercolor Combo

    A sweet teen girl's bedroom with a watercolor floral wall, rattan furniture and a hanging rattan hot air balloon sculpture.

    House of Chais / Instagram

    The design elements in this sweet girl's bedroom are anything but cookie cutter style. From the rattan furniture to the watercolor floral accent wall, this bedroom design by House of Chais will inspire any girl to dream big.

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    Privacy Bunks

    A teen sleepover area with white built-in bunk beds, a ladder and a bamboo arm chair.

    Marie Flanigan Interiors / Instagram

    Your teen girls may or may not love bunking together, but adding privacy curtains like Marie Flanigan did here allows each girl to feel like they have the whole room to themselves. A bunk-style room is also great for a teen that often has friends sleeping over.

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    Natural Elements

    A neutral teen girl's bedroom with a hanging canopy tent in the corner, a woven twin bed and white bedding and stuffed animals.

    M Starr Design

    The beautiful woven bed is the main focal point of this girl's bedroom. You can see the natural look of the bed carried through to the furniture and furnishings for a cohesive look, while the dark sheer curtains add a contrasting look. A hanging tent and plush toys add a homey, nostalgic feel to the room.

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    One-of-a-Kind Artwork

    Two pieces of zebra artwork in a pink teen girl's bedroom.

    JLA Designs

    Not only is the furniture and room layout key when it comes to designing your teen girl's room, but the right artwork is just as important. You can find one-of-a-kind artwork online or at estate sales that coordinate with your teen's favorite color palette and design aesthetic. This zebra-print artwork fits with the pink theme of this teen girl's bedroom and is a quirky and fun addition to the room.