A Designer's Guide To Beds and Bedding Of All Kinds

A Designer's Guide To Beds and Bedding Of All Kinds
Elements of Style

Does anyone really get all the sleep they're supposed to? Studies show that an adult functions better, stays in better shape, and works more efficiently after getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep. Wouldn't that be a luxury?

The first step toward a comfortable sleep is to have a great bed, comfortable linens, and a quiet space. We've gathered together lots of information about beds. Read about improving your sleep environment then find a great bed and linens to make your bedroom a haven.

  • Caring for Bedding
    • How to Care for Bed Linens
      If you wash, store, fold, and care for your linens, they'll last a long time.
    • How to Care for Bed Pillows
      Learn how to clean, store, and protect your pillow whether it's feather or faux.
    • How To Care for Duvet Covers
      Learn about duvets, duvet covers, and how to keep them clean and fresh.
    • How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
      Do you get tangled up in a fitted sheet when you try to put it away? Learn how to fold a fitted sheet so that it will go neatly in a closet and go onto the bed neatly.
  • Special Beds