Drink Recipes Using Beer

Mixing with Beer, Ginger Beer, and Root Beer

Black and Tan Beer Drink
Tired of the same old beer? Mix it up into one of these great drinks... Beertails for everyone!. John Svoboda / Photolibrary / Getty Images

Drinks made with beer are not technically cocktails because a cocktail is defined as having a distilled spirit as a base (among other 'requirements'). So most of these are more appropriately called beer mixed drinks, or beertails. Many of these like the layered beers are also popular bar drinks, so it is best that bartenders learn what goes into them. They're often some of the easiest drinks you will mix and are always a nice alternative to simply cracking a bottle.

Also, the bottom list includes drinks with ginger beer, root beer, and other non-alcoholic "beers."

Beer Mixed Drink Recipes:

Non-alcoholic "Beer" Recipes:

The following list includes those drinks that use ginger beer, root beer, and other 'beer' mixers.

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