11 Before and After Dining Room Makeovers

Get inspired with these DIY dining room transformations

Dining room with dark blue accent wall and large window bay.

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The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the dining room is where great food memories are made. And on the path to a dining room that’s cute, comfortable, and conversation-worthy, a little DIY can go a long way.

We’ve gathered inspiration from some of our favorite home and lifestyle bloggers, with “before” and “after” dining room makeovers that will have you ready to entirely change up your space. So whether you’re embarking on a dining room remodel or just appreciate stellar design as much as we do, scroll down for 11 examples of stunning DIY dining room transformations. 

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    Before: Bare Walls

    All white dining room with wall of built-ins.

    Bigger Than the Three Of Us

    Ashley Mayes, founder of lifestyle blog Bigger Than the Three of Us, liked—but didn’t love—the original dining room in her 3,800 square foot fixer upper. And having done a cursory re-do after moving in, it was finally time to complete the look. 

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    After: Pops of Color

    updated dining room with wood floors, blue and white wallpaper, and wall of built-ins.

    Bigger Than the Three Of Us

    Ashley swapped out carpet for hardwood to create a better sense of flow from the kitchen to the dining room. She also maximized the use of color and texture in the space with shibori wallpaper from Milton & King. Our favorite part has to be those built-ins though, which Ashley thankfully maintained throughout her various DIY endeavors. 

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    Before: Gray on Gray

    Dining room with gray walls, white wain scoting, and large picture on wall.

    Live Pretty on a Penny

    We love how Erin Marshall of Live Pretty on a Penny can fully transform any room on a limited budget. For her dining room, she set out to bring in a bit more brightness—and find a more reasonable seating solution for the tight space. 

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    After: Purple Accents

    Updated dining room with bench seat and dog laying on rug.

    Live Pretty on a Penny

    The built-in bench was the jumping off point for this pretty, budget-friendly DIY makeover, bringing in more seating without the need for more square feet. Erin followed it up with tasteful accents and a more contemporary look, all for less than $500. (Cute pup just a bonus.)

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    Before: Wasted Space

    Dining room with wood floors, large chandelier, and large clock on wall.

    Finding Silver Linings


    Mindy Parisi of the blog Finding Silver Linings wasn’t too fond of the bump-out in her dining room, which offered more space without more functionality. If you can’t get rid of it, may as well use it though, right? 

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    After: Full and Functional

    Dining room after makeover, with built in shelving and farmhouse details.

    Finding Silver Linings

    The solution to Mindy’s dining room woes: farmhouse-style shelving that makes use of the bump-out and brings more grandeur to the space. Her existing chandelier looks right at home in the updated room, which she finished up with a few charming pieces of decor for a space where every inch is now put to good use. 

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    Before: Muted and Neutral

    Dining room with beige walls, crown molding, and large crystal chandelier.

    Thistlewood Farms

    The original dining room in the home of KariAnne Wood, who runs the décor blog Thistlewood Farms, was well-styled but basic, with too much of a rustic feel for KariAnne’s taste.  

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    After: Dark and Dramatic

    Dining room with dark blue walls and large bouquets of flowers on the table.

    Thistlewood Farms

    KariAnne used Naval, the 2020 Sherwin William Color of the Year, to update her previously neutral walls—a bold change that gave the entire space a more contemporary look. And to keep costs down, she sold her existing dining room set to fund her new one, which includes that pretty $40 dining room table she found at a local thrift store. 

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    Before: Pretty (But Dated) in Pink

    Empty dining room with light peach walls and white track lighting.

    The House Diaries

    There was a lot that wasn’t working in Nicole Cvetkov’s dining room. So Nicole, founder of The House Diaries, took on a major DIY project that involved reworking the entire original footprint of the space.

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    After: Contemporary Stunner

    Updated dining room with two stairs leading up to it and colorful, contemporary feel.

    The House Diaries

    Hard to believe it’s the same room, right? This makeover involved moving around some walls and adding in another window (repurposed from Nicole’s bedroom-turned-laundry room) for a result that raises the bar on what’s possible with a little bit of creativity and a lot of hard work. 

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    Before: Too Traditional

    Empty, traditional dining room with brass chandelier.

    Lows to Luxe

    Shaheen Khan runs the blog Lows to Luxe, where, among many other impressive DIY makeovers, she shared the transformation she undertook with this ultra-traditional dining room. 

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    After: Luxury Finds

    Dining room with black wallpapered walls and brass chandelier.

    Lows to Luxe

    Shaheen’s newly spruced up dining room is totally luxurious, with dark textured grasscloth wallpaper from York Wallcovering and a covet-worthy dining room set. Other touches throughout the room included painting the interior doors and bringing in décor from Craiglist, CB2, H&M, and other affordable retailers. 

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    Before: Beige and Brown

    Small traditional dining room with circular dining table in dark wood.

    Sand and Sisal

    Walk into the “before” dining room of Kim Wilson, founder of the blog Sand & Sisal, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any of the inviting coastal inspiration that’s behind the other rooms in her home. 

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    After: Coastal Chic

    Coastal-inspired dining room with white walls and round farmhouse table.

    Sand and Sisal

    Kim brought her signature by-the-shore look to this DIY dining room makeover, complete with clean white walls, a coat of paint to her dining room set, and refinished weathered oak floors. She describes the new color palette as providing an “illuminating effect, like turning on a light switch,” and we’re keen to agree. 

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    Before: Un-styled

    Bare and modern dining room with just table, chairs, and light fixture.

    Lemon Thistle

    Colleen Pastoor of Lemon Thistle had one goal with her dining room: to bring in some personality. Check out what she achieved with one weekend and some well-curated décor. 

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    After: Oh-So-Stylish

    Modern dining room after makeover, with large print on wall and black and white seating.

    Lemon Thistle

    Here’s some proof that it doesn’t take much for a complete dining room makeover. Colleen worked with what she had—including her modern dining room set and light fixture—and simply added to the overall look with a few smart additions, including some height-boosting window treatments. 

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    Before: Cluttered

    Small open concept dining room with clutter on the table.

    The Flip House

    Kristine Franklin of The Flip House didn’t have much differentiating her dining room space from the rest of her open-planned main living area. 

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    After: Streamlined

    Small open concept dining room with modern farmhouse feel.

    The Flip House

    This room is now all its own—and a lot less busy, too. Working with her existing flooring, Kristine managed to update pretty much every other inch of the space, with smart choices like adding in a modern farmhouse dining room set and taking away those garish window blinds.

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    Before: Uninspired

    Traditional dining room with dark wood table and chairs.

    Erin Spain

    When she moved into her home, Erin Spain of the Erin Spain blog found the dining room to be usable, though lacking in much charm. 

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    After: DIY Success

    Updated traditional dining room with slate blue walls, white paneling, and dark wood furniture.

    Erin Spain

    Erin brought some slate to this room with Benjamin Moore paint in “Nocturnal Gray,” and then furthered her mission for a more modern space with thoughtful art pieces and accessories. Like those map prints in the back? To make them, Erin bought some IKEA frames and filled them with map printouts downloaded from the Library of Congress. 

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    Before: Simple and Formal

    Traditional dining room with farmhouse touches.

    Worthing Court

    After moving into her home, Suzy Handgraaf of the Worthing Court blog took on other projects before tackling this too-formal space. 

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    After: Farmhouse Fresh

    Updated farmhouse dining room.

    Worthing Court

    Suzy brought lots of cozy touches to her redesigned dining room, such as lightened up walls and country-inspired furniture pieces. The new table and chairs were achieved using her original dining room set, illustrating just how much potential there is in reusing the items you already have on hand.