10 Must-See Before and After Bedroom Makeovers

Remodeled black and white theme bedroom
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    Before: Blank Slate

    When you're bursting with home design ambition yet living in a rental apartment, compromises must be made. That's how home blogger Medina Grillo at Grillo Designs felt when dealing with her plain apartment in Birmingham, England. Except for painting the lower half of the walls, no major changes could be made to the room. Because Medina's "normally chill husband," as she says, held firm about keeping their king-size bed in their small bedroom, she had to work around it. But worst of all, a "built-in ugly melamine wardrobe we weren’t allowed to get rid of" loomed over the room.

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    After: Magic Happens

    Turning a difficult space with numerous obstacles into an utterly enchanting bedroom was a major achievement for Medina. She began by painting the bottom half of the walls black, maintaining a straight and true line with a laser level and painter's tape. She dip-dyed the mid-century modern dresser, and this became the room's focal point. The wall was turned into a gallery wall of asymmetrically arranged curios and fun objects. And, as the coup de grace, Medina was allowed to tame that beast in the room: the melamine wardrobe. She painted the melamine and also wallpapered the inside with a beautiful Moroccan-inspired tile effect paper.

    Modern Vintage Small Bedroom Makeover from Grillo Designs

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    Before: Gray and Dreary

    Who wouldn't love a bedroom makeover that finishes up in less than one day? Chris and Julia of the popular blog Chris Loves Julia were tasked with remaking a bedroom that looked pretty good but not great, and it all had to be done before the end of the day. The bedroom's gray walls were dreary and the ceiling light picked up too much of the popcorn ceiling texture. This bedroom was a prime candidate for a quick refresher.

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    After: Love and Light

    To control costs, major elements such as carpeting couldn't be changed out. So one solution to the dreary carpeting woes was to add a colorful area rug on top of the carpeting. Walls were painted with a slightly lighter gray with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray.

    Chris and Julia's brilliant solution to the ceiling problem was to install a new, lower light fixture. The different angle of the new ceiling light picks up less of the peaks and valleys found on a textured popcorn ceiling.

    One-Day Master Bedroom Quick Makeover from Chris Loves Julia

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    Before: Flat and Cold

    Her master bedroom felt lifeless and flat, according to lifestyle blogger Jenna, of Jenna Kate at Home. The paint scheme was cold and nothing about it was cozy. Most importantly, the bedroom needed to be lightened up.

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    After: Serene Space

    Now Jenna adores her transformed master bedroom. By sticking to a palette of pale gray and white with touches of taupe, she invited the light to come in and stay for ​a while. Pretty pillows adorn the bed, and bamboo shades give the room a warmer, more natural feeling.

    Small Master Bedroom Makeover from Jenna Kate at Home

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    Before: Blank Canvas

    One overriding theme of bedroom makeovers: add color. Mandi, over at the lifestyle blog Vintage Revivals, knew just that. So for her daughter Ivie's bedroom, she realized that this plain white box with one dresser needed more flavor.

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    After: Color Splash

    Now, a cheery Southwestern-inspired pattern graces the walls of daughter Ivie's bedroom. Long shelves provide plenty of storage for everything that a kid wants to show off. And a single swing hammock chair ensures that Ivie will have a dreamy place to read books and play with friends.

    Ivie's Bedroom Remake from Vintage Revivals

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    Before: Zero Storage, No Personality

    When Kristi of the popular lifestyle blog Addicted 2 Decorating first moved into her condo, the bedrooms were anything but appealing. She describes them as "old dingy carpet, textured walls with glossy white paint, white metal mini blinds, and popcorn ceilings with old white ceiling fans." And worst of all, storage was non-existent.

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    After: Show-Stopping

    Kristi's small bedroom makeover is nothing short of a miracle. She added instant storage space by building two standalone closets flanking the bed. A floral headboard, new curtains, and a sunburst mirror are a few of the additions that enliven this small bedroom.

    Small Condo Bedroom Makeover from Addicted 2 Decorating 

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    Before: Tired and Plain

    Worn and weary, this bedroom was in serious need of a style intervention. But the budget was razor-thin. Interior designer Brittany Hayes of the home blog Addison's Wonderland was just the person to revamp this bedroom on a strict budget.

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    After: Surprise Party

    Doesn't this ultra-inexpensive bedroom makeover just take your breath away? Budget boho chic was the order of the day when Brittany and her friends made over this bedroom as an anniversary surprise for friends. The Urban Outfitters tapestry softens the vacuous room with its high ceilings and provides a much-needed color pop. A new comforter, fur rug, and wicker basket complete the look.

    Budget Boho Chic Bedroom Makeover from Addison's Wonderland

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    Before: Small Room, Big Challenge

    Small and dark, this small bedroom makeover would be a big job for Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room. Add in the fact that she wanted to place a queen-size bed in the room, and she had her work cut out for her.

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    After: Relaxing Retreat

    Isn't this just the best? Imagine luxuriating in this bedroom on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a good book. This relaxing retreat pulls together a palette of calming colors. Traditionally styled pieces give the room a feeling of quiet permanency.

    Small Bedroom Makeover from The Inspired Room

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    Before: Time for a Change

    It was a neglected bedroom, and Cami from the lifestyle blog TIDBITS knew that things had to change. Everything was too stuffy, cluttered, and dark. So she sprung into action and took on a bedroom makeover that would make this neglected space a place of beauty.

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    After: Timeless

    Boasting a giant bay window, this bedroom's makeover would be a little easier, since lack of light wasn't an issue. Even so, Cami decided to paint the dark upper half of her walls. After scoring tons of fantastic buys at thrift stores, she was able to completely re-furnish her room for next to nothing. Result: a timeless, traditional bedroom.

    Master Bedroom Redo from TIDBITS

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    Before: Too Yellow

    Bold yellow paint has its place, but this particular yellow was anything but mellow. A bedroom makeover was urgently needed, and Tamara at Provident Home Design knew just what to do.

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    After: Tranquil

    Tamara retained the yellow walls with her friend Polly's bedroom makeover but toned it way, way down with help from Behr Butter, found at Home Depot. A tired brass chandelier got spray-painted a soothing silver. A bedsheet was recruited into service for drapery. And best of all was the feature wall constructed from scratch out of inexpensive MDF board.

    Master Bedroom Makeover from Provident Home Design

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    Before: Devoid of Personality

    The bedroom was a dimly lit box. It had no flavor, no personality, no zest. Yet it was intended as a bedroom for a ​nine-year-old girl named Riley who was battling brain cancer. Megan, from the blog Balancing Home, who has four children of her own, decided that this girl needed a fun, pretty bedroom to call her own.

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    After: Heart's Desire

    After the makeover, the bedroom has been completely transformed into an inviting, charming folktale forest styled paradise for a girl to dream, relax, and play. All pieces were donated by Megan, friends, and family, and by companies that Megan recruited into action, such as Wayfair and The Land of Nod (now Crate & Barrel's branch Crate & Kids).

    Woodland Forest Girl's Bedroom Makeover from Balancing Home