Amazing Before and After Kitchen Remodels

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    Before: Itching for an Update

    Kitchen Remodel with Island Before
    Murray Lampert

    This San Diego kitchen already had a lot going for it when Murray Lampert was tasked with the job of remodeling it. The space was generous, and the kitchen had an island and cove ceiling and plenty of room for counter-depth appliances.  

    But the kitchen was on the verge of becoming worn out and cosmetically outdated.

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    After: Let There Be Light

    Kitchen Remodel with Breakfast Bar After
    Murray Lampert

    Can you believe it? Murray Lampert utterly and fantastically transformed the kitchen and brought it up to date, by turning the island into a fully-functioning breakfast bar, stripping away the mid-2000's pendant lights, and adding glass mosaic tiles as backsplashes.

    The result: a bright, colorful and highly functional kitchen that integrates with the rest of the house.

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    Before: Drab to Fab

    Kitchen Remodel Ski Slopes Before
    Karr Bick Kitchens & Bath

    It's no mistake that kitchen designer Jenny Rausch at Brentwood, MO's Karr Bick felt connected to this project. "This project was extra special for me," she says, "as I played in this kitchen when I was a kid!"

    She knew the clients wanted a major change in this kitchen, which still retained the oak-trimmed white melamine cabinets from decades past.

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    After: Lofty Inspirations

    Kitchen Remodel Ski Slopes After
    Karr Bick Kitchens & Bath

    Cozy comfort rules this kitchen's fantastic all-over change, informed by the client's love for vacationing on the ski slopes. Rausch added premium-quality kitchen cabinets, a relaxing earthen paint scheme, and installed a unique countertop that mimics the striations found in sandstone.

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    Before: Falling Apart

    Non Functional Kitchen Rehab Before
    Lemon Thistle

    Unattractive? Yes. But what drove Lemon & Thistle's Colleen Pastoor to take up the hammer wasn't so much the cosmetics as it was the kitchen's non-functionality.

    With a non-working stove, a fridge smaller than even an apartment fridge, and no dishwasher, it was time to take action.

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    After: Modern Farmhouse Chic

    Non Functional Kitchen Rehab After
    Lemon Thistle

    Don't you just love this kitchen's new chic farmhouse style? IKEA Ramsjos cabinets and super HD graphic Formica 180fx Soapstone Sequoia form the basis for this kitchen's fresh new look.

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    Before: Heavy and Dreary

    Kitchen Sprucing Before
    Love & Olive Oil

    Maple cabinets and "dreaded black countertops" made food blogger Lindsay's kitchen a "dreary" place that was no fun to cook in. On top of that, the massive kitchen island was "heavy" and way too big for the space.

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    After: Chef's Delight

    Kitchen Sprucing After
    Love & Olive Oil

    What's not to love about this gloriously spruced up kitchen? Lindsay sanded down the battered floors and stained them a rich walnut color, replaced those maple cabinets with sparkling new white ones, ripped out that too-big island and moved the sink under the window. Now Lindsay and husband Taylor have the perfect environment for their culinary creations.

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    Before: No Excuses

    Carla Aston's Kitchen Remodel Before
    Carla Aston

    Designer Carla Aston flipped the script with this one. Usually, when you remodel your kitchen, you can blame the design faux pas on previous homeowners. Carla came right out and said she had no one to blame but herself. She had originally designed it. She found the wall treatment the most offensive, saying it "was something I did right after we moved in, around 2001? Lots of uggo texture and glazing... That’s my excuse and I'm sticking to it!"

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    After: High Contrast

    Carla Aston's Kitchen Remodel After
    Carla Aston

    Isn't this just the absolute best? Carla Aston infused her kitchen remodel with light, vibrancy, and pop by introducing the design concept she loves the most: contrast. Leather finish Marron Cohiba granite counters balance out the creamy white cabinets and sleekly polished nickel cabinet pulls.

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    Before: Kitchen Intervention

    Subway Tile Kitchen Remodel Before
    Chris Loves Julia

    This small 45 square foot kitchen space in Pittsburgh offered up many challenges for designers Chris and Julia: poor electrical system, radiator in​ the corner, insufficient counter room. Adding to the challenge: the kitchen belonged to Julia's aunt and uncle. This one had to be done right!

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    After: Sleek & Professional

    Subway Tile Kitchen Remodel After
    Chris Loves Julia

    Doesn't this transformation just take your breath away? The subway tile remains, but so much is markedly different. From the Frigidaire Professional appliances to the sleek gray Shaker-style cabinets, now it's the "professional-grade cooking and entertaining environment" they were dreaming of. And it took only six days.

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    Before: Guilty As Charged

    Makerista Kitchen Before
    Makerista/Gwen Hefner

    Way too many takeout meals and so much late night planning dogged Gwen Hefner before she finally pulled the trigger on her kitchen remodel. Reading out the list of charges against her old kitchen, Gwen states succinctly, "Worn and tired, lacking storage, and missing function." Case closed.

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    After: High-End Style, Low-End Price

    Makerista Kitchen After
    Justin Salem Meyer/Makerista

    This show-stopping kitchen rehab is unbelievable, especially since it was done on a budget (a "high-end look at a home improvement store price," as Gwen puts it).

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    Before: In Need of a Facelift

    Hi Sugar Plum Kitchen Before
    Hi Sugarplum

    What to do when a kitchen has the right "bones" but the wrong face? ​Cassie was faced with the dilemma of making largely cosmetic changes in a functional kitchen. As she puts it, "Remodel isn't quite the word..."

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    After: Bold Statement

    Hi Sugar Plum Kitchen After
    Hi Sugarplum

    Aren't you just in love with the transformation she made? And all without relocating a single appliance or replacing countertops or cabinets.

    The star of the show is the ​statement tile, Merola Twenties Classic 7 3/4-inch by 7 3/4-inch ceramic tile.

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    Before: No View

    Kristi's Kitchen Before Remodel
    Addicted 2 Decorating

    Kitchen windows are lovely when they bring in all of that natural light and charming views. 

    Then again, when the kitchen window looks onto nothingness (in this case, a sun porch), you've got a serious kitchen deficit.  

    This was just one of the problems that home blogger Kristi at Addicted 2 Decorating was desperate to tackle with her remodel.

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    After: Hacker Heaven

    Kristi's Kitchen After Remodel
    Addicted 2 Decorating

    Would you believe these gorgeous kitchen cabinets are all stock, off-the-shelf oak cabinets from Home Depot? As the uber DIYer Kristi hacked them to the hilt with "decorative columns, furniture feet, lots of trim and crown molding, glass inserts in four of the doors, paint, gold leaf, pretty hardware, corbels, and sconces."

    This entire kitchen's worth of cabinets came in at well under $2,500!

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    Before: Hardly Spectacular

    Centsational Girl Kitchen Before Remodel
    Centsational Girl

    Design blogger Kate, who goes by the moniker Centsational Girl, felt that her kitchen was far from sensational. From the floral wallpaper and gigantic fluorescent ceiling light to the outdated oak cabinets and creaky appliances, this kitchen just had to be redone.

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    After: Truly Sensational

    Centsational Girl Kitchen After Remodel
    Centsational Girl

    Now her kitchen shimmers and dances with light from the hexagon pattern tile (Oceanside Tile) and Caesarstone quartz in Pure White. CliqStudios cabinetry was painted in a calming blue-gray, with the insides painted the same color for continuity.​