Before You Choose Wedding Flowers

The bride-to-be can set the mood for her wedding with a myriad of flower choices and arrangement styles; in fact, the bride can feel bewildered when considering the selections. Before the engaged couple meets with the florist, they must decide which aspects of their wedding day require the vibrancy and fragrance of flowers.

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    Bridal Bouquet

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    The bridal bouquet is the arrangement that receives the most attention on the wedding day. It should be a sturdy arrangement, as it may receive admiring touches from the wedding party and many guests. If you want to preserve your bridal bouquet, ask the florist for some flower choices that stand up to preservation.

    Although the color theme of the wedding predetermines the colors in the bouquet, the bride should consider her gown when choosing the size and shape of the bouquet. An elaborate...MORE cascading bouquet can overwhelm a gown with clean lines.

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    Wedding Ceremony Flower Decorations

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    The purpose of the ceremony decorations is to provide a few tasteful accents that let the guests know that the wedding site has transformed for this special day, not to create a floral spectacle that will distract from the proceedings. It’s essential to work with a florist who will visit your ceremony site before making flower recommendations.

    The architectural style of the church or synagogue will influence the flower arrangements for the ceremony. The couple should also speak with the wedding...MORE officiate to learn of any restrictions or regulations on décor.

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    Groom's Boutonniere

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    The groom’s boutonniere often mirrors the colors and style of the bridal bouquet, but grooms can add a whimsical touch to their buttonhole piece. If desired, the florist can add complementary pieces to the boutonniere that give a nod to the groom’s interests, like a fishing lure or sport charm.

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    Bridesmaid Bouquet

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    The bridesmaids and maid of honor can carry bouquets that resemble the bridal bouquet in style and color. The bride can distinguish the maid of honor by making her bouquet slightly larger, or by including a special flower that has a symbolic meaning according to Victorian custom, such as a pansy for fond memories.

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    Wedding Guest Corsages

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    It’s up to the bride to decide which guests of honor should wear corsages or boutonnieres, but tradition states that the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom usually wear a corsage. If the honored guests don’t want to mar their apparel with pin-on corsages, they can wear a wrist corsage. Florists can even design corsages for hats and purses.

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    Flower Girl Ideas

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    The flower girl basket doesn’t need to be fancy to draw a lot of “aws” from the crowd. The traditional flower girl basket contains rose petals that she will scatter down the aisle, but the florist can add a floral embellishment to the basket’s handle. Why not design a wearable headband or wreath for the flower girl, to make her feel all grown up?

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    In addition to coordinating with the wedding colors, the florist should match the reception flowers to the tablecloths and napkins. The wedding reception isn’t the place to utilize fragrant flowers that can clash with the aroma of the food, but you can ask the florist about adding decorative fruits to the arrangements, like pomegranates or figs.

    Reception flowers can take up a large part of the wedding flower budget, depending on how many guest tables require arrangements. The couple can save...MORE money by putting the flower focus on the head table and buffet table, and decorating the guest tables with greenery and color-themed ribbons.